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Pillar Mate Communications (PTY) LTD logo

Pillar Mate Communications (PTY) LTD

Kempton Park, Gauteng

Pillar Mate Communications (PTY) LTD logo

Pillar Mate Communications (PTY) LTD

Kempton Park, Gauteng


We Offer:
Media Buying Services: Print, Broadcast and Electronic Media

Public Relations: Press Releases and Face to Face

Designing and Developing Marketing Strategies


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Intuitive Design, Visuals, Podcasts and the overall Content

What is the end-goal of this project? In other words what would you like to achieve?

Preparation >> Incubation >> Illumination >> Evaluation >> I?mplementation >> Monitoring and Evaluation >> Feedback

1. What's the objective or business goals of the project?
2. What's the deadline? Are there any key mile stones along the way?
3. How will we measure success of the project?
4. Who are the stakeholders involved?
5. What's the communication process?

We get to tap our creative juices, bringing the client's concepts and ideas to life.
But most importantly doing what we love and dreamed about since childhood.

Ambition, Freedom, Risk, Failure and Success

South Africa has high rate of unemployment and not enough income generators. I always believe that every problem presents an opportunity for a solution. The combination of these two statements plus my own personal ambition and drive led me to start my own company.

I love the stories of great men and women who created lasting legacies. Stories of how they came from an impossible circumstances to building empires and overcoming the odds to succeed. I feel like anyone not driven to do likewise will miss out on life!

Pillar Mate Communications is an exciting marketing agency with a remarkable ability to execute high quality work in fast turnaround times and competitive prices. We are a dynamic team who put our customers first.