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Monica B.

21 July 2019

I had a great class today with Felicia. She gave us a great workout and is very welcoming and knowledgeable. I will definitely Take another class next time I'm in town.


Jacquelyn H.

16 May 2019

This place is amazing!  The location is perfect because of easy parking and next door to Greenleaf for those that like to reward their workouts with a healthy treat.  What makes this place a standout?  The instructors, without a doubt!  Darci was the first impression I had upon visiting through ClassPass and her patient, confident and comfortable manner got me back.  I was fortunate enough today (my birthday ;) to get Skye all to myself since it was a rainy morning and no one else showed.  This was certainly a gift because like her colleague, she also is well-trained and a fantastic listener.  I'm new to the whole Pilates world and neither made me feel lame which is much appreciated.  Their enthusiasm--Skye disclosed she's been termed the "Tony Robbins of Pilates" and I can see why--is infectious but it's their high level of care to ensure safety (especially for neck & lower back health) while they are instructing a neophyte like myself was greatly appreciated.  I'll definitely be coming back and recommending!!! More...


Alison Y.

21 January 2019

Highly recommend Darci of Pilates on Purpose. She is kind, patient and so much fun to learn Pilates from. Thank you Darci for sharing your love and knowledge of Pilates with me and my daughter.


Suz Annah

9 August 2018

Amazing class and Darci was so attentive & knowledgeable!


Allison S. Lee

9 August 2018

It's my first time to pilates but Darcy's been very helpful and patient! Great private setting.


Barbara Lee

9 August 2018

Darcie is patient and kind. Helped me recover from hip injury. Took a few privates and now really understand the benefits of pilates. Excellent studio. Thank you Darcie !! More...


Andrea Johnson

9 August 2018

Darci is amazing, she has helped with my recovery from breaking my arm and is getting my body in shape!


Valerie Johnson

9 August 2018

Pilates on Purpose is a wonderful studio. It does not get any better than this!


Lee Ann Marienthal

9 August 2018

My new favorite place to be. Darci and Deva are excellent instructors. They've been helping me with a shoulder injury. Super positive and encouraging! I'm feeling so much stronger.


Brittney H.

27 January 2018

Darci is amazing. This was my very first Pilates class & I was so excited to learn how to use the reformer machine but I have partial numbness in my lower right leg, so I knew I'd have some limitations. Darci was extremely attentive and helpful, she made me feel confident in what I was able to do and helped me make adjustments where necessary. She has 17+ years of experience in rehabilitation, so this was an uncanny match for me. I'd love to continue learning from her! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend! More...


Nora V.

29 November 2017

My first experience with Pilates reforming at another place was many years ago in Vegas, and it pushed me away so much I didn't go back for about ten years...I mean, the machines was super intimidating. Then the instructor, who went really fast. Then who gave me ambiguous instructions...and I'm the kind of person who needs very clear instructions (a visual and even a helping hand...I'm that clueless with this kind of thing!) and so I've been looking for more of an intimate setting for pilates training for a long time. I'm not into large classes where I get lost and don't get anything of value. On the other hand, I don't want private lessons either...because 1. it's super expensive and 2. being one on one is even more intimidating bc I have no one to look at to copy. So voila, Pilates on Purpose is that perfect in between. My first session with Deva and a small class was amazing, and for some reason I didn't break much of a sweat but my legs and upper back are really sore today - and not in a backbreaking way. I'm so thrilled to have found this boutique pilates practice. I'll be coming back a lot! If I had one thing to say, it's that the delicious smell of food wafting in from the restaurant next door is super distracting! More...


Michelle G.

5 October 2017

What a great studio! This was my first true experience with pilates- and being close to 50 I was a little concerned I wouldn't be able to catch on. Stacy and Deva were fantastic !!!  They both helped me keep up with the class- and modified along the way. My other experience with pilates was not positive- this was awesome. I felt in each class I got a full body workout. Even though I was in a class with more advanced students- Stacy and Deva made sure I was able to learn core Pilates moves and have a great workout.The studio is filled with high end equipment. It is clean and wonderfully decorated. If you haven't tried Pilates- try Pilates on Purpose! It will be a great experience . More...


Hye jin L.

29 September 2017

This studio is very cozy and i love it here.And they are very nice and gentle.If i have a chance, i want to join classes again.


Dana W.

22 September 2017

The studio is in a beautiful, tranquil setting, and is pleasant and cozy inside. The real treasure, though, is the owner, Darci. She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and very effective as a Pilates instructor. I've had a couple of private sessions so far, and she has customized the exercises for my particular goals and limitations. While I have engaged in many other types of exercise, including yoga and ballet, working on the reformer has been a new and interesting experience. I'm very grateful for Darci's careful and mindful instruction. More...


Denise O.

24 August 2017

Love, love, love this studio.  Small and intimate, but with all the equipment you could want.  I find some studios run their reformer classes too much like a spin class - all GO GO GO and not much focus on proper alignment and flexibility.  This studio isn't like that at all, you work hard, but do it right.  I recommend it to anyone who will listen! More...


Mahira D.

25 July 2017

Darci is awesome as is her studio! The space is intimate, clean and the equipment is top notch. Located in a charming accessible space in Costa Mesa with plenty of parking. Darci is as sweet and caring as she is a wonderful teacher. I love Pilates and love her studio. More...


Jessica H.

24 July 2017

Amazing Pilates studio with top notch instructors. Darci is wonderful and caring. Took a private class with my husband and daughter and she was able to give us each specialized attention.  Hands down the best Pilates studio I have ever been too. More...


Susan B.

6 July 2017

Darci and 'Pilates on Purpose' could be your Body's New Best Friend!  I started May 2017 with Darci's private sessions, (recommended) and in short order...got hooked. A highly accredited Pilates Studio, Pilates on Purpose offers a plethora of classes within an impeccably tranquil studio setting that's well equipped, pristine and ideally located with lots of parking. This is a studio where you'll feel welcomed immediately upon entering. Darci and her Instructors, Veronica, Stacey, Tina, are all top notch, accomplished in their craft and v e r y patient with newbies, such as myself.  I can't believe the work out I get, how good I'm feeling and how ecstatic I am becoming more attuned to the improvements in my physical and mental self. LOVIN' THE POP! More...


Cheryl B.

15 June 2017

I've tried many Pilates studios in Newport Beach area and this one is awesome. The owner and instructors are so nice and give you personal attention. The reformers are also the highest end and are so quite you can't hear the springs. More...


Kimberly R.

9 June 2017

Darci is a great mix of motivational and peaceful.  She will tailor her pilate's instruction to meet you wherever you may be on your fitness journey.  Her incredible knowledge extends beyond pilates to nutrition, muscle balance and overall health.  I strongly encourage you to sign up and try it out.  The facility is clean, easy to get to and in a quiet retail/office complex.  Go now; you'll thank yourself for doing it! More...


amy a.

20 May 2017

As a beginner, pilates was a bit intimidating with the whole setup.  Luckily, the few sessions I had at this place so far were with Darci who is tentative, patient and knowledgable. A few notes on the facility & the classes:- Sufficient parking in the rear parking lot- Quiet retail/office complex, quaint & relaxing- Online or phone sign-up before class required, though much easier doing it online or on the app- Class can hold about 5 people I think, but I haven't been to one that was full.  - Recommend wearing grippy or toeless socks which are also sold thereWill go back! More...


Laura C.

8 April 2017

Darcy has created an amazing community that feels almost like you're taking a private. Teachers are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience. Perfect place to go get zipped up!


Robin S.

28 March 2017

Love this gem of a studio...Darci Veronica and Daiyse are all phenomenal instructors...I truly receive an outstanding workout every time!


Tejsah T.

8 March 2017

I came here last year and it was amazing!! Stacy was my instructor.  She is the best!! I tried a few other places, and their room just doesn't feel zen and open and calming as Pilates on Purpose. As a beginner, Stacy corrected my pilates posture and techniques showing me the correct way to do certain exercise, and she always made me feel comfortable.  She took time to help you and explain to you without making you feel insecure because there's other women around you who are a usual at this and you can easily get lost at doing this.  I could only take the last evening class due to work and that was a more advanced class so Stacy was the only instructor that I knew here and since day one it felt great being here.  Her attitude and presence just made you want to take this class with her. I miss you Stacy!! So being new to pilates starting at an advanced class was the only option and being new at this, Stacy said I was really good.  She made me feel like a million bucks lol.  I wanted to join again but  I just checked out the schedule and I don't see her name on the classes.  Can anyone tell me if she is still teaching? Thanks Pilates on Purpose! More...


Chip H.

23 February 2017

Been a client for years. Great people great facility would encourage anyone to try it for themselves.


Lien N.

18 February 2017

The studio provides a warm and cozy feeling, so you can relax and focus on your workout.  Also, both Darci and Stacy were great instructors.


Michelle K.

26 November 2016

Darci is an amazing Pilates instructor and the studio is always clean with fully functional machines. I encourage anyone looking for Pilates to give her a try! Tip: socks are required for class but available for purchase if you don't own a pair or forget to bring yours. More...


Lauren S.

2 November 2016

The best Pilates studio in CM. The staff and instructors cannot be beat. My experience here has truly been life changing and I am forever grateful for having come across this amazing place. I highly recommend a membership package and making it a part of your fitness routine. More...


Peter P.

12 July 2016

Beautiful workout studio.  Very thoughtful and courteous staff.  Best of all: being here feels like working out at home with your friends, not like being in a cold, corporate gym environment.  I really like this place and appreciate their willingness to work with clients at all levels of fitness, including those who have injuries.  Thank you, Darci!!! More...


Linda W.

27 May 2016

Went to my first class today and I am so happy about it!I'll be honest. I am out of shape. I was never in shape. The thought of exercise overwhelms me. I'm always very hesitant to go to a class/group setting because it makes me feel uncomfortable for fear of judgement or 'doing it wrong'. Fear not at Pilates on Purpose. There really is no judgement: not from the instructor nor from the fellow students. Darci was so kind to this newbie and guided me to correct form. The workout is definitely customizable to your own ability. The other women in class were also very kind. Conveniently located next to Green Leaf too. Get a good workout in and pop over for a healthy bite to eat!Highly recommend. I will be returning for sure. More...


Mia H.

17 May 2016

The instructors are amazing! Darci helps you target muscle groups, and Monique is upbeat and gives you a through workout. Both instructors cater amazingly to any specials needs you may have. Love this place!


Dawn C.

17 May 2016

Just took a class with Monique, teaching Tuesday mornings. Great workout! She's high energy and fun! She stretches you out, works your muscles, and targets your core. Feels amazing after! The studio is clean and inviting as well. Very boutique. More...


Tarry N.

10 May 2016

I just took my first class here and cannot say enough great things about this studio! Darci, the owner, is so kind and so hands on with every client. I was a bit nervous, but she quickly put all my uneasiness at rest as she is so calming and positive. The studio itself is wonderful, set in a lovely courtyard and very clean and well kept. I will defiantly be back! Wonderful class!! More...


Carolyn R.

5 May 2016

Wish I could give Pilates On Purpose more stars!  Darci is fabulous.  She is great at motivating you to achieve your personal fitness goals.  The studio is welcoming and friendly...no intimidation factor here.  Give POP a try, you will be glad you did. More...


Michelle G.

11 April 2016

My first visit to the studio was fantastic. Darci the instructor was so attentive and friendly. It was a challenging it yet fun workout. Would highly recommend this studio. More...


Nichie N.

5 April 2016

This studio is perfect for all levels. I've been to a couple of reformer pilates studios and as trendy as some of the studios have been, I really appreciated the fact that this was a more intimate setting where Darci thoroughly explained why we were doing each movement. She also took into account the fact that my friend and I had been working out like crazy all week (hello spring break & class pass trial!) and modified the positions to really help us stretch through the soreness. We really enjoyed the pace of this class :). More...


Kris B.

13 December 2015

The quality of the teaching and the culture Darci has created at her new location is amazing! Try one of her classes, you will not be disappointed. I have taken classes from Darci and Tina and each time I go I learn something new. Though there may be clients at different levels, Darci and Tina make the necessary adjustments so you feel you've gotten a good workout. It's been less than a month and I already feel and see a difference. Thank you Darci and Tina! More...


Lisa J.

8 October 2015

Awesome Pilates Studio! Pilates On Purpose has a calm, beautiful atmosphere - High ceilings, wooden beams, beautiful light and music all contribute to a serene yet energetic vibe -- Owner Darci, an expert in Pilates, teaches with compassion and insight - She seemed to intuitively know just what I needed to reduce my back pain - I feel amazing after my sessions with Darci - I will be a Pilates On Purpose client for life!


Lauren M.

22 September 2015

Darci is a pro! I have been searching for a great studio in Costa Mesa for months and have found my home. Darci has a deep understanding of the human body and is able to see any injuries or imbalances in your body without having to ask. She will lead you through a flow that truly makes you practice with purpose. More...


Andrea H.

30 July 2015

If you are looking for intimate classes with special attention paid, Pilates on Purpose is the studio for you. Darci is an incredible instructor with an extensive background in rehab and Pilates.  She has spent extra time showing me exercises I can do at home to help with my hip/hamstring/back 'issues' to help heal them.  Tina and Monique are also really great instructors.  Easy sign up process online and no frills.  Normal people, normal Pilates studio! Check it out! More...


Just M.

19 July 2015

Updating my comments from June 2015.  Still 5+ stars for both the studio and Darci.  I've lost 20 pounds and buying clothes is soooooo much easier.  I'm able to walk into any store and find stylish, modern, up to date clothes.  Wearing a size 8 almost a 6!  Come see Darci and let her get you moving. More...


Alicia F.

9 June 2015

Hands down, best Pilates studio in the OC!I had the good fortune of discovering Pilates on Purpose through a Groupon. Darci Brawley (the founder & owner) is one of the most knowledgeable and interesting people with whom I've had the pleasure of meeting; she is extremely passionate about her craft and it shows in her business. Tina is an absolute joy and her classes are as challenging as they are fun. The new location (in Plaza Serrano on 17th Street, next to Greenleaf Chopshop) is a charming garden oasis that gives this studio the growth potential it deserves. I would highly recommend Pilates on Purpose, even if you've never taken a Pilates class. I'm really looking forward to the future of this incredible place! More...


Anne F.

5 June 2015

This is a boutique very small class size facility . Darci not only explains the core reformer moves she makes subtle adjustments to your body and positioning that make all the difference in how you are performing the exercises. She really helps you visualize the movements and is extremely patient in her approach. The studio is expanding and offering new programs so well worth checking it out. More...


Me M.

3 June 2015

This is a great place.  I have been training with Darci over the past 3 months.  I've lost over 11 pounds and I can really see the difference in my body.  I'm shopping for smaller clothes!  On a recent shopping trip for workout clothes, I was surprised and extremely pleased to have to buy a much smaller size than I would have a couple of months back.  Darci listens to what you want and works to help you get there.  She's consistently asking how you feel.  She really wants to make sure the workout is right for you.  This is a smaller studio but so welcoming and comfortable that you feel right at home right away. More...


S S.

27 March 2015

10-stars also! Re-started pilates after 7-8 years and found Pilates on Purpose studio. Darci is a fabulous teacher very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I was embarrassed and intimidated to attend a class but felt completely at ease in this studio. Darci took the extra time to give  me several encouraging tips to help me with my weight loss and body toning journey.The prices are affordable, the location and parking (in the back of the building)are awesome!Thank you Pilates on Purpose!! More...


Shannon A.

23 March 2015

10 STARS!!! The OC is a mecca of fitness facilities & seekers... I have worked out at many gyms where I have "killed-it!" Pilates on Purpose stands in stark contrast to all of the others. One of the OC's best kept secrets, I have found Pilates On Purpose to be an oasis dedicated to body  & mind transformation.It is not hyperbole when I say that Darci at Pilates on Purpose has helped transform my life. Her consistent guidance and gently phrased suggestions helped me take an objective look at the choices I was making in order to conquer my lifelong struggle with weightloss and body image.My workouts included a mix of cardio, strength training & pilates and were tailored to prevent exacerbating previous injuries. Darci helped me achieve my goal weight which has enabled me to fill my closet full of the clothes I previously could only dream of wearing. I found much more than a gym or a workout at Pilates on Purpose. I found a coach, cheerleader & friend as well as the life/body I had only hoped I would have. I am forever grateful. She is absolutely priceless!! More...


Mia t.

20 March 2015

Darci and Tina are wonderful instructors. If your'e new to pilates like I was, they really help you master the moves and feel comfortable. They tailor workout outs to each person's ability. They are also very knowledgeable about the practice. I would recommend them a hundred times over! Thanks ladies. More...


S E.

24 July 2013

This is a great studio with a fabulous instructor. This is not just a Pilates studio, Darci tailored my workouts specifically for me. We do combination of things (weights, cardio, yoga, vibration) and my workout changes every week. I love that I can go in get a great workout and I don't have to worry about my workout clothes ( I wear real work out clothes no cute stuff ) and I don't feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Darci is wealth of knowledge (nutrition, physical therapy, fitness) and she is willing to share it all so you can reach your goals. More...


Rose B.

16 April 2012

Have been going for years to Darci the owner of Pilates on Purpose.  The personal attention really makes the difference.  I have had low back issues in the past but now have become stronger form the core work that I have done at Pilates on Purpose.  Darci the owner is very knowledgeable when it comes to sports injures and knows how to direct your body to strengthen it. More...

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