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Picture New Mexico

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Sandoval

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Picture New Mexico

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Sandoval


We have been providing professional photography for over 20 years. We have photographed over 500 models, hundreds of events, hundreds of homes. and many personal projects such as landscape photography. We can put your photos online for you to order prints and other items as well as share the pictures with friends, family, or clients.


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The main thing with photography is the light. Either knowing how to use ambient light or providing artificial light with the proper modifiers to create the look you want. Nothing like experience can help you get the right shot in the right situation, or sometimes, the wrong situation and being able to deal with it.

The key things we need to know are the style of pictures they want, the setting they would like them shot in, how many people are involved, and how much time there is to shoot.

Meeting people is the best part of a photo assignment as I am a people person. The better you know the subject, the better job you can do. You want a clear picture of what is wanted so you can meet the client's expectations.

People had seen my pictures and suggested I try to make some money at it. Being able to do paid shoots helps pay for all the expensive equipment.

Since I am semi-retired and have a home-based business, I can provide professional photography at an affordable price. Because I have shot so many styles over so many years, I am prepared from an experience and equipment standpoint to shoot anything my customers would want.



Portraits can be shot in a natural setting, in the studio, or on location. Individuals or groups.

Panoramic 360X180 degree images, landscapes, real estate and corporate photography

Have covered events from small groups up to thousands. Private parties, birthdays, weddings, and large corporate events.

By use of our 360 degree and ultra-wide angle lenses we are able to shoot all kinds of landscape settings.