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Picture Kidz Photography

Rancho Rinconada, California


Picture Kidz Photography

Rancho Rinconada, California


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Karen L.

16 March 2019

I have never seen someone or interacted with anyone so patient with toddlers and newborns. Shirley is beyond amazing and I'm glad we hired her to do our newborn and sibling photoshoot. My two daughters are 15 months and 12 days old and Shirley did such a great job capturing the cutest photos.  Not only was she patient, but she was also very kind and easy to work with.She is also really good with kids. My husband and I were very worried our 15 month daughter would not behave and fidgety, but Shirley was able to make her laugh and smile for the camera. She also brings a lot of props for you to choose from, a portable heater to keep baby warm, and white noise to keep baby from being fussy.I highly recommend her if you are considering a photographer! You won't be disappointed! More...


Kim C.

16 January 2019

It's an amazing experience to work with Shirley. She took newborn photos for our first daughter 2.5 years ago and just recently for our second daughter. Throughout the process both times, she was extremely responsive and flexible. We had anxiety handing our newborn over to get put into so many different positions the first time around, but Shirley was an expert and very professional that we felt at ease immediately. She tries her best to get all the shots discussed and to never disappoint. The photos turned out beautiful. We couldn't be happier with the results. Shirley is really wonderful, and I would not hesitate in booking her again. More...


Tanty U.

30 March 2018

When looking for a newborn photographer, we received 10+ recommendations from our friends (many of whom are children or family photographer, not newborn!). I feel newborn photography is a unique art requiring special skills and most importantly insuring the safety of my newborn.Shirley was recommended by a photographer friend who calls her the baby whisperer and we knew she is the perfect photographer after our emails exchange. She is professional, personable, punctual and came to our home with all her props. Shirley is truly gifted and amazing with newborns. She makes taking newborn photos look easy. We received our previews in just a few days followed by all the proofs. Selecting 20 photos out of the many photos from our proofs was the only hard decision we had to make from the entire experience.Thank you Shirley for capturing beautiful photos of our baby. We will forever cherish the experience and the photos. More...


Alexandria E.

21 November 2017

We just got our gallery of newborn photos and we couldn't be more thrilled!  Shirley was incredible working with our baby (who was a preemie and still a week before her original due date at the time of the photo shoot).  She was so calm and patient, and it definitely transferred to our baby, who I was convinced would not be able to stay sleepy enough for all those darling poses - Shirley was a true baby whisperer.  It was very convenient having Shirley come to our home for the photos - she brought a space heater, a heartbeat app, all of the props we had requested (and then some).  She spent as much time as was needed to get the poses we wanted (which often were a bit of a process) and proactively suggested when to feed / change our baby to minimize any fussiness.  It was a wonderful experience working with her before, during and after the photo shoot, and the turnout of photos is better than we hoped for.  Highly recommend her! More...


TruthBeTol D.

14 May 2017

Shirley is absolutely amazing. She has incredible patience and a lot of talent. She was so great with our little one and kept her calm the entire shoot despite many hours of changing and picture taking. I don't know how she does it. In addition to being great with the baby, she is so creative and was able to bring all of our ideas to life. She was great to work with and I would highly recommend her!! She is incredibly sweet and upbeat and has an enormous selection of props to chose from. I would use her again any time!! More...


Tatiana Z.

17 April 2017

Shirley is a baby whisperer! We had her take pictures of our newborn when she was a month old and worried our baby wouldn't cooperate. Shirley took all of our worries away. She is wonderful with babies and we loved how much passion she has for what she does. She is easy to work with and really works with you to insure you're happy with every picture she takes. The convenience and professionalism Shirley has is top class, we recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great experience with their newborn. We LOVE our pictures of our baby girl! More...


Sush R.

18 March 2017

We had Shirley take pictures of our 6 month old recently. She is hands down one of the most patient and caring people I've ever met. She works with natural light, which we love, no studios, so our baby was happy to be in the comfort of his home. Her props are gorgeous. She is so patient with the parents and the baby. Giving us breaks to feed the baby, letting him rest, and not once rushing us. During our shoot we just happened to mention to her that we like some particular theme, and she actually messaged back later in the week to say she has props for it and drove all the way back to our house to take more photos! All this for no extra charge. I also imagined since this was unplanned she would probably do a quick shoot, say 20min, but she stayed for over an hour. We were simply amazed by how dedicated she is! She also shares some quick previews of the pictures while we're waiting for the actual set. Shirley you rock! More...


Brandon K.

24 February 2017

Shirley did an absolutely amazing job with our newborn photos!  She was a pleasure to work with, incredibly patient and caring toward our daughter, and the final product was everything we could have hoped for. The grandparents are thrilled and love showing them off as well. We will be ordering canvas prints, thank you cards, calendars, and more. Don't hesitate to book her if her prices are in your budget! P.S. She used to be a wedding photographer, so she knows how to capture flattering shots of mom and dad too (if doing family portraits). More...


Tammy W.

30 July 2016

My son had his newborn photos taken 1 week after he was born.  Shirley was very professional and her pictures were absolutely perfect! I loved that she came to our home amd brought all the props we loved.  Her price was also very reasonable.  I'm expecting my second child and expect to use her again! More...


Rea S.

14 July 2016

Shirley, her talent, and work is absolutely perfect!! I HIGHLY recommend her!! To be a newborn photographer is definitely ART after my experience with her. She was very accommodating and responded quickly to all my emails and texts. The minute she came to our house for the newborn photo shoot, we felt her positive vibe and new it was going to be a GREAT shoot. She was so comfortable with my baby and was able to engage our mini poodle in the photos. I love all her props, staging, and extra accessories to calm the baby during the photo shoot (heater, sound machine, etc). Her comfort measures and techniques were AMAZING... I actually now use her methods. My husband had a last minute travel trip and had to miss her newborn shoot, Shirley was so nice and sent my husband some pictures so he could be a part of our day. No photographer that I have met would have done that. Before we wrapped up our photo shoot, she made sure she hit every detail we requested and reviewed all the pictures with me to make sure we did not miss anything. I cannot say any negative thing about Shirley and her work!! I will definitely hire her for our baby's next photo shoot. More...


Maryam Z.

28 June 2016

Shirley is the best!!! She is super friendly, professional, and good with newborns. She brought so many different props to our home, and took a lot of photos. We proposed some additional poses and she happily took more photos of us. Within a few days, she sent over a couple of retouched photos - they looked amazing! It became difficult to wait to see all the other ones. If you go with Shirley for newborn photography, you'll get: 1) Awesome props and unique fabrics with vibrant colors.2) Multiple poses -  baskets, airplanes, outdoors, stuffed animals, etc.3) Interesting angles - both for baby as well as composition.4) Beautiful retouching - just the right amount to make everything look fabulous!I highly recommend Shirley and would ask her to do more photo shoots if we have more babies in the future! More...


Rowena F.

17 June 2016

Shirley is amazing! I highly recommend her. I have used many photographers ( her being my 2nd newborn photographer) and she tops them all! She is like the baby/toddler whisperer. I also felt so calm and comfortable around her. Like we had known eahother for years. I wasn't worried about getting good shots. She brings a space heater, a white noise machine and her magic. She feeds and changes the baby and keeps the baby nice and calm. She was especially great with my 3 year old son who can be a real monster sometimes. It is rare that he every sits still for a photo or sits at all. She got him to cooperate, sit still and gives us some great smiles. I received my photos for my announcements sooner than expected and the retouching of those were great! She even re created a picture from my first sons photo shoot. For a backdrop she had a black blanket against the couch, I was worried about the final photo but the finish photos were perfect! Her techniques are so simple you would think the photos were done in a studio and not your living room.Shirley is easy to reach and responds in a timely manner. Book her! More...


Darya A.

25 March 2016

The best baby photographer you can find. Let me just start with that. I honestly can't speak highly enough of Shirley and her work. She is an incredibly talented photographer who does magic in her shoots. She is also something of a baby whisperer, so your baby is going to cooperate and take gorgeous pictures. Her pricing is good. And Shirely as a person? The nicest lady. I can't say enough good things about her! I will always recommend her if someone is looking for an excellent photographer. You won't be disappointed. There's a reason she has 5 stars. More...


Miki E.

22 February 2016

Shirley is the best photographer I ever worked with. She's amazing with babies for one and a true artists and a visionary.She came to our house with the cutest props and really made me feel like my baby is the most beautiful thing and even engaged my six year old! As a tired mom what could have been a stressful event turned out,thanks to shirley , into a binding experience for my family and will never forget this session. I got reactions of awe from friends and family to our pictures , they look like they came out of a fairy tale and a magazine.I will use her again and again she's AMAZING attentive and a very sweet person! Recommended !!!! Oh and she's using amazing white noise and heart beat sounds to soothe the baby and we all got pretty relaxed (: More...


cindy w.

2 February 2016

Shirley is AMAZING!!! I called her very last minute to do a photo shot for my son. It was reaching past that magical 30 day mark and was unsure if we will be able to get newborn photos. She was so INCREDIBLY patient with my son. Every time he fussed, she fed and lulled him back to sleep and re-position him for the next photo.  I have never seen a photography with so much patience and willingness to work with babies. She's a baby whisperer.  The pictures turned out absolutely PERFECT!!! We couldn't have been more happy with the final results.  We will definitely be using her for future photo shots. More...


Ashley B.

1 January 2016

I knew we wanted newborn pictures of my daughter, but when she got a cold at just a week old we realized we would need to wait for her to recover before doing a photo shoot. Finally, weeks later, I contacted Shirley right before Christmas. She was super responsive and sweet, and amazingly squeezed us in for a shoot right after Christmas. Her turn around time and flexibility was super impressive.Shirley was very punctual and arrived with a ton of props and options for the shoot. It was clear from the start that she knew how to work with little ones - she kept my daughter calm, and she was incredibly patient - someone else mentioned that she is a baby whisperer. Totally true! She got my five week old daughter to maintain some lovely poses and took gorgeous pictures of her. She takes her job seriously and has a lot of fun in the process. I highly recommend her - hoping we can book her again in the future when we have baby #2! More...


Krissy C.

15 October 2015

A week after coming home from the hospital my husband and I decided to get our newborn baby girl's photos taken while she's tiny as babies grow big really quick. We contacted Shirley and she responded immediately. Despite her busy schedule, she managed to fit us in since my husband will be leaving overseas the following week which was a plus to us. Shirley was very professional , she let us know what to expect and prepare ahead of time to make the session easy and smooth for both her and baby. She comes to the comfort of your own home with props , crates, backdrops , and accessories. My only regret was not using some of my own props as it did not come to mind so make sure you add some of your own spice to the photos! Now the most important part... was how patient and loving she was with our daughter. Her warmth vibe really calmed our daughter and made her comfortable she was sound asleep the whole time. Shirley is AMAZING. She is honestly the baby whisperer. Shirley knew exactly how to wrap and position her in the most adorable ways. She even knew when a smile was coming. I am also happy the fact she included my other daughter for one last shoot with her baby sister so she doesn't feel left out. How I wish I knew about newborn photography with my first child I would've had her.I am very pleased with how the pictures came out. They were all so beautiful, breathtaking and so very cute! The only problem we had were picking which ones we wanted. Thank you Shirley for capturing photos we will cherish forever. I hope to do more shoots with you  in the future! I definitely recommend Shirley for your newborn photography. You won't be disappointed! More...


Erica O.

21 May 2015

We have now had two newborn photo sessions with Shirley.First of all I want to say that Shirley immediately responded to my inquiry about her services. She was very friendly and I had seen her work previously and wanted to do something similar with my daughter. (I had no idea about these kind of pictures with my first child.) After dealing with her the first time I made sure I contacted her when I was 6 months pregnant this time around because it was a great experience!Both times I contacted her while in the hospital letting her know that I had given birth to my child and I wanted to schedule an appointment because I know she has a certain time frame she likes to do the pictures. She responded immediately, told us her availability and after we couldn't wait until our appointment!Shirley was on time both times, but the second time I asked her at the last minute for some special props. She took the time out to drive back home and get them before coming and she was STILL on time. I really appreciated that she wanted to make our session special. She brings all the props unless you have something special you want to add thats unique. Shirley knows how to wrap newborns in ways you wouldn't even think of and position them so perfectly!Shirley is seriously the baby whisperer. She has so much patience and I can't believe she manages to get the babies in these amazing positions. Not only was I thrilled about the pictures she was taking of my newborns, but she got GREAT family pictures and GREAT pictures of just my kids. I can't even begin to express how happy I am with her work.If I have anymore children I will definitely be back. She is worth every single penny i've ever given her. I am always happy with the outcome. More...


Sanam A.

19 May 2015

This review is for two photo shoots we had with Shirley. The first one was in 2012 and she came to our home with all her equipment which was very clean. She was so patient and kind that our daughter did not wake up the whole session. The pictures were amazing and people still talk about our birth announcement card.The second photo shoot was done with my 11 day old son and 2.5 year old daughter. Shirley was so good with my daughter that she asked if she was coming back for more pictures a week later. My son slept through the entire shoot :)The pictures came out amazing and really captured everything we were looking for. I love not having to take my newborn out to a studio and doing the shoot in the privacy of my own home. Her prices are worth every penny and she gets the pictures back in a week. The hardest part is picking your favorites. If I ever need more pictures taken... Shirley is the only person I would trust to do the best job. Thank you Shirley!!! More...


Tiffany M.

25 January 2015

Words can not express how great -full I am with the beautiful pictures Shirley took of my newborn daughter. I was very nervous starting out with the photo shoot because my daughter was fussy and wouldn't  fall asleep. How ever Shirley knew exactly what she was doing. She is the baby whisperer, she had so much patience and was so calm and rocked and soothed and allowed for time outs for her to breastfeed. She was so gentle and caring with my daughter. She has beautiful props and wraps and knows how to pose the baby so beautifully. She stayed at my house for 3.5 hours until she got all the pictures that I requested. She is amazing at what she does and her pictures are so good they deserve to be in a magazine. She is one of the best photgraphers out there and is a true artist. She is passionate about what she does and she cared as much as I did to get the perfect photos. I can not thank her enough for all the beautiful photos that I will cherish for a life time.                                                                               Tiffany Medina More...


Heidi D.

4 December 2014

We loved our photography session with Shirley. She was completely relaxed. I liked that she was very loving and gentle with my newborn. We did a family session with our newborn as well and the pictures came out gorgeous!The whole session was mellow and didn't feel stressful at all considering we also had our five year old being photographed.  She knew exactly how to talk to him to make him relax and his smiles came out natural and not forced, which totally surprised me.Super excited to do another shoot with her in the future. More...


sunshine l.

6 October 2014

I had a wonderful experience with Shirley. She is a true professional - passionate about her work and it is reflects in her photography. We had to reschedule due to rainy weather on our originally scheduled date, but Shirley remained flexible by offering dates the same week. My initial thoughts on infant photography session somewhat mixed as I was unsure if a 3-hour photo shoot would stress my newborn baby. But boy, was I wrong! Shirley knew exactly how to soothe and handle my baby whom she had literally just met and the little one seemed to enjoy her company. Communication with Shirley was efficient & effortless via email, phone, and text. She had abundance of props with her on the day of the photo shoot, and I was satisfied with the choice of color scheme. Working with infants requires patience. Well, lots of it. And Shirley's "baby whisperer" quality definitely helped get us through the session. I was in awe the whole time how patient she was with my little one. I would recommend Shirley to my friends solely based on how she interacted with my child and my family. We had so much fun working with her, not to mention her photography is just plain beautiful. Thank you Shirley! More...


Melissa S.

2 September 2014

Shirley is an amazing photographer, we were very impressed with our newborn photography session. She is extremely professional and was so patient with our little one. She never made us feel rushed during our session, especially when our son needed to stop and nurse multiple times during our session.Shirley has so many wonderful props to choose from and the pictures turned out amazing. It was difficult to choose our favorites for our announcement.I will definitely use Shirley again and would recommend her to anyone for a newborn session. More...


Eliane D.

7 July 2014

Shirley is an amazing photographer, We had such a great experience with her.She came to our house with such a big smile and good mood, equipped with endless amount of props for the shooting. it was hard to decide what to choose as all where great. our session was very long, we had to do lots of breaks to feed and calm our newborn, but Shirley didn't loose any of her patient and encourage us to do so. She was insisted in doing more and more photos. She treated our baby with lots of love and patient. The results speaks for themselves could ask for more. It was so hard to choose our favorites as they all beautiful. I'm so happy we chose Shirley, we have such a great souvenir. I highly recommend Shirley for any kids/baby photos.Thank you Shirley!!! More...


Jyoti C.

15 April 2014

I did not think ahead of time of a newborn photo shoot for our baby while I was pregnant. When our lil one arrived, 2 weeks flew by in a blink of an eye. I couldn't get an appointment with some of the other photographers within the 14 day recommended time frame for our newborn. I kept making calls and Shirley called back within a few hours of leaving her a voice message.She was more than happy to accommodate us in week 3 of my baby. She also asked questions like how much he weighed, to plan on what newborn positions could be possible with our baby. I think that impressed me the most, cos it told me she was going to be very thorough with the photo shoot. We were sent instructions and tips for the photo shoot. Also, we were able to pick out few of our favorite props and looks so she could come prepared with them.Shirley is hands down the most patient and tolerant person I have ever met. I must have been the most unprepared client she must have encountered in terms of following her instructions for our Newborn's photo shoot. Being a first time Mom, I melted away by the fact that my baby was sound asleep and did not feed him in time for the shoot. But, she accepted the situation and worked with us and our 3 week old baby without getting anxious or annoyed. She had the props and set everything up in less than 15 minutes, while I nursed my little one. Our baby did cooperate with getting some sleepy pictures, but most of the time he was wide awake. Shirley did an awesome job by rocking him and put him down for the pictures. She has small space heaters, white noise app and her own charm and patience to make the baby feel sleepy. She was so gentle, that we were in complete awe of how well she handled our baby.The entire experience was out of the world. We are so happy to have met her and seen her work. It was difficult but she was graceful and warm. I would never want any other photographer to handle my baby or his future sibling. And next time I'll surely be better prepared.The images are just drop dead gorgeous and we will treasure them for the rest of our lives. Bottom line..Hire Shirley, you won't regret it one bit!!! More...


jo p.

4 March 2014

We asked Shirley to do the newborn photo shoot for our second daughter. If that isn't a recommendation, I don't know what is! She is such an expert in making the photo shoot a successful and enjoyable experience for everyone, from bringing a heater to keep our newborn comfortable to being very understanding and patient about nursing sessions (and how to time everything so your newborn is peaceful and content for the photos!). We enjoyed the huge variety of props and accessories she brought along. She was also great about letting us know what to expect and how to prepare ahead of time. We loved working with her again and, more than anything, appreciate her comfortable, warm, and sweet personality. More...


Vilma F.

26 January 2014

Shirley is the best photographer I've encountered! She did a newborn shoot of my 5 wk old baby, although not the ideal time to photograph a baby since he was too alert and not so flexible. However Shirley did an amazing job and she made me feel so relaxed and I didn't see her get frustrated that my baby wouldn't stay asleep for long! Shirley was able to get amazing photos of the baby and our family. You will be very satisfied and happy with the outcome! More...


Victoria F.

5 September 2013

Shirley is an amazing newborn photographer.  She was patient and knew exactly how to handle my baby.  Capturing pictures of your newborn in the first few days is so special and at the same time - STRESSFUL!  You want to get that perfect shot, yet at the same time you want to know that your baby is at ease and not stressed.  She made us feel like we were the best parents ever and that our baby was the most beautiful baby in this world!  On top of it all, she captured the most amazing photos ever!  She even got my 1.5 year old to pose beautifully with my newborn. :) More...


Shwetha W.

30 May 2013

We got our newborn's photo shoot done when she was 14 days old. Shirley arrived before time and set up the baskets, crates, props and backdrops in our living room. She was very gentle while handling our baby and knew exactly what to do to calm her down. Shirley came prepared with a room heater, several heat pads to keep the baby warm and a white noise app on her phone to soothe her. For the photographs, Shirley asked us what kind of portraits we were interested in. She did a great job creating the artsy portraits and the pics do look like they are from Anne Geddes album :) I'm so glad we hired Shirley for this photo shoot! The photo session took 4.5 hours including a couple of 30 min breaks for our baby to feed. We didnt feel rushed even one bit during the breaks. We got 3 retouched images from Shirley the same night (expedited for birth announcement). We are impressed with her work and would definitely hire her again for future photo shoots. More...


Manal A.

29 April 2013

Shirley came to our house last week to take pictures of our newborn. What can i say?- AMAZING! First, it was also so easy to set up an appointment, she was easily reachable, responsive, and flexible when I needed to reschedule.Then the day of the shoot, Shirley was just awesome with our baby girl, extremely patient, you could tell it was more important to her to get the baby posed just right, as opposed to just snapping any photos in an effort to be done with the session. She also has the most adorable props and things for baby to dress in and takes time to make sure you're choosing the colors, etc.She did her thing with the baby, requiring little involvement from me, which was nice. I definitely would recommend Shirley to anyone looking for a someone to do their newborn photos, and look forward to booking her again in the future. More...


Nita S.

19 March 2013

My husband and I are so happy we went with Shirley for our son's one year photo shoot. We found Shirley to be an incredibly warm, accommodating and patient person who has a gift for not only taking breathtaking pictures, but making both babies and their parents feel comfortable and at ease as well.I was especially impressed with Shirley's ability to make my son laugh, smile and stay focused throughout our photo session. She understood exactly what we were looking for - delivering pictures of priceless and precious moments with my baby boy that my family will treasure forever. I look forward to working with Shirley again -- she is someone I trust to the best job in capturing my family's personal and special milestones. More...


Tina S.

1 March 2013

We had Shirley come do our newborns photography 10 days after he was born. She was on time, which is great because she came from Santa Cruz, and was full of energy! She was extremely patient and spent extra time with us because our newborn was just really fussy that morning and wouldn't really cooperate. The reason I am giving her 4 stars instead of 5 is that she didn't tell me that I needed to let her know which pictures I wanted rush ordered for his announcements. I had to email her and then she told me to mark the ones I wanted for retouching. I felt she should have told me that when she left the shoot. It was in the contract, but as a new mom, I wasn't thinking about picking the photos and telling her. Instead, I expected all of the pictures and then I was going to choose from the final product, but that wasn't the case. She also spent about 10 minutes posing my son in a certain position and after all that, never even snapped the picture in that pose. We also had 3 props we wanted to use: a dinosaur, a frisbee, and a jersey. She only used the dinosaur so we were kind of disappointed. I was in and out of the shoot because I was eating and didn't realize it until the pictures were done.The photos are really great! She is extremely kind and very patient. She washes all of her props in Dreft so your baby is getting clean items on his/her body. I would recommend her for shoots because she does a good job, but make sure you are getting everything you are expecting and ask questions if you don't see your props being used! More...


Michelle L.

9 September 2012

LOVE!! Three weeks after I gave birth, I realized I forgot to have my son taken in for newborn photos. I was scrambling to find a photographer who would be available the following weekend and NO ONE was available. I finally found Shirley and she immediately said she would do it the very next Saturday and she would come to MY place to do the shoot, which was PERFECT! Once she got to my place, she was very nice (I am extremely shy) and I felt comfortable with her right away. She was very patient with my then three week old and my family and we had a lot of fun. The pictures came out GREAT! I LOVE them all, she is very good at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone looking for newborn photography! More...


Melody L.

8 August 2012

Shirley photographer one of my child's friends first birthday party.  We loved how she got involved in the party and was very involved and good pictures.  We decided to use her for our daughter's first birthday party too.  It was great!  We didn't have to worry about anything.  She was independent and took snapshots of everything needed for the party.  She was very detail and remembered which guests we had and hadn't take photos of.  She is really easy going and really friendly.  it was a pleasure to work with her.  We got a great photo of all 3 of us smiling (baby, and mommies, which is hard and rare.)  She even caught the moment our daughter raised one on her finger to symbolize she was one.  She caught the best photos to commemorate my daughter's first birthday.  I look to hire her to do some swimming photos of my daughter.  And she will definitely be invited to our next 2nd year birthday party to take more photos.   Also getting the digital photos were great.  She gave a few photos right after.  And then a few weeks later, gave us a site to download all the photos.  Really easy process. Highly recommend her! More...


Jenny M.

8 August 2012

Shirley is the one your looking for!  She did (2) shoots for me.  We did a maternity/family shoot while I held my 3rd child.  Then we did his newborn shoot, which I wanted specific type of pictures.  She did exactly what I was looking for.  My pictures came out stunning.  I couldnt have asked for anything more beautiful.  She knows location, she knows color, she knows how to handle a baby and children in such a gentle way.   You can tell she loves what she does and is good at it.  She came prepared with everything we would need.  One shoot being at a beautiful park, another her coming to my home.  When I origianally put out on facebook I was looking for a photographer, I got a lot of people sending me links, but  when my friend April sent me Shirleys links, well, as you can tell I ended up picking her and I am so glad I did.  Her prices were very reasonable, especially with what type of professional, life long memories your getting. I am know Shirley and I will work together again, and I would recommend her to any of my friends and family.  Hire her!Cheers, Jenny More...


Megan D.

25 January 2012

1-23-12: Shirley did a newborn photo shoot for my 10 day old son and did an absolutely amazing job!  My son was not an easy baby to shoot but Shirley was very patient and helped calm him down to capture the most adorable photos.  She was not only patient, she is also very sweet and makes the shoot such a fun experience.  The photos she captured are pictures I will cherish forever, I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!  We will definitely be using Shirley in the future :)Update 7-14-12:I had Shirley come out for my sons 6 month shoot, and again she was perfect!  She was so patient with him and so creative!  I couldn't be happier with the shoot, and photos!  I wouldn't want anyone else taking his photos but Shirley!Update 3-14-14:Shirley has continued to capture the precious moments of my sons life.  She did a wonderful job at his first and second birthday.  He is not easy to work with, and she is so patient and understanding.  It is absolutely amazing to see how with such a busy baby she is still able to capture incredible images.  I am always so humbled when I try to take pictures of him, it never turns out like Shirley's do!  I am so thankful we found her -- and cannot wait to have her take pictures of my daughters newborn shoot! More...


Rachel D.

5 January 2012

Shirley took photos of our newborn twins when they were 2 weeks old. She is not only a phenomenal photographer but also an absolute pleasure to work with! She was timely, professional, very sweet and very creative. She has lots of props and ideas to make the shoot interesting and fun.Everyone who saw her photos was absolutely amazed at them!I plan on working with her for all the professional pics of the kids from now on. I highly recommend her! More...


Alana L.

27 May 2011

If you're looking for a photographer for your family, Shirley really is The One. She's exuberant, has a charming personality and lovely presence with young kids. Last month, she came to our house and did a maternity/one-year old photoshoot with me, my husband, and son. The images are gorgeous and I'm so happy we did this =) What I appreciate most about Shirley is her enthusiasm, which is infectious, and she took series after series of wonderful shots. She also has a very keen sense of when to capture candid toddler smiles versus set up a posed shot. We got our photogallery of proofs very quickly and have lots of wonderful family photos thanks to Shirley. Highly, highly recommended!! More...


Emilie C.

25 May 2011

We LOVE Shirley. :) She is the best. We have been working with her for my daughter and my son. We took the package with both of them, and I'm so glad we did. Shirley took great pictures of them at different age. Our families are super happy to have these pictures. She is a very talented photographer and she is as well very flexible and patient (which is very important with the kiddos).She always take time to make the kids comfortable and laugh.She as great ideas on what to do or where take pictures.I highly recommend her, she is THE BEST. Shirley is truly gifted. More...


James H.

9 May 2011

Shirley recently took newborn pictures of our daughter a few weeks ago.  She is a phenomenal photographer and the pictures were outstanding.  She has the unique ability to work with newborns and made our daughter confortable and happy during the shoot.  In the last few weeks, we've been showing our pictures to our friends and family and we've received extremely warm feedback.  In fact, her photos were so emotion-evoking, my mother shed tears of happiness while seeing the photos for the first time.  She really captured a life-changing moment  for me and my family.I cannot say enough good things about Shirley's work product and her overall professionalism.  I encourage any and all parents in the bay area to try a photoshoot with Shirley. More...


Mary C.

6 May 2011

Hi highly recommend Shirley Henderson.  We've been working with her for about 3 years now.  She came to our home and took photos of our newborn son, and then proceeded to take several more sessions for family portraits and our new daughter.  Shirley is very warm, friendly, and patient- which shows through her work when she's taking pictures of babies!She's very flexible and makes the entire photo taking experience fun.  And, she's fantastic with editing the photos and getting them to you on a CD so you can print the pictures out yourself.  Not many photographers allow you to have the actual photo files- they make you order the prints.  But she gives everything to you on a CD at a very reasonable price.Shirley is our family photographer for life!  So glad we found her. More...


Elsa R.

6 May 2011

Move aside Anne Geddes! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Shirley!! She photographed a close friend's newborn baby boy and the pictures were breathtaking! I hired Shirley to do a birthday shoot for my daughter's 1st Birthday and the photos were BEYOND beautiful! I cried when I first viewed the amazing DVD slideshow she put together. This will be one of the best keepsakes of my baby girl. I will definitely be using Shirley for my daughter's 2nd birthday shoot as well as a family shoot in the next couple months! More...


H D.

4 May 2011

Shirley Henderson is a FANTASTIC photographer, and I am really really picky about photographers. She has done our family photos for 3 years now, and we are thrilled to have found her. She is excellent and patient in working with babies and young children - I'm talking Anne Geddes quality - and she brings her studio to you if you need. We have chosen this option, and it is great because we can do multiple outfit changes, and it makes the experience so much less stressful than hauling out to a studio somewhere.  She does not rush the experience, and she brings props (classy props like small garden benches or radio flyer wagons, not cheesy props like bright foam cubes). She has also done my professional headshots for a magazine publication, and her work is better than any corporate headshots I've had in the past.Although we have not used her for wedding photography, I really wish she was around when we got married!!! (We used a well-known local photographer with a storefront in Palo Alto,12 years ago when we got married, and sad to say, our wedding photos sucked).  If we renew our wedding vows for our next anniversary, I'm calling Shirley!!!Her rates are very reasonable, there are often seasonal promotions (e.g. for holidays), and her service is OUTSTANDING. More...