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Stephanie Welber

7 January 2019

Great products, great service, very knowledgeable and helpful staff. They went out of their way to provide good service and assistance. Very user friendly software products, very practical and easy to use. More...


Natasha Zuskolava

26 July 2018

I met the staff at the booth at the ISA show in Houston and was very impressed with the products.


Steve Devictor

26 July 2018

PiControl training and software is excellent. Very practical and great for control room and academic environment. My colleagues and I have taken PID100, APC200 and MON300 courses and were very pleased.


Steve Howes

26 July 2018

PiControl Solutions LLC's software is very modern, very practical and is superior to any and all competitors. I have been to many plants and have been able to make substantial improvements in process control quality because of PiControl technology, especially PITOPS, SIMCET, APROMON and PiProMaster.


Tenkorang Evans

26 July 2018

I knew absolutely nothing in process control before getting to know PiControl Solutions. However, their excellent simple to understand training coupled with practical simulation softwares gave me the knowledge that I earnestly sought for as well as confidence in facing my world.

I have successfully completed PID 100, APC 200 and OPC 500 courses and will recommend it to anyone who seeks training in process control. It is indeed the best place to be.

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