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Angelique Todesco

31 July 2017

Mrs Wong is a wonderful teacher and has completely ignited my son's passion for the piano. She has a good way of working out what will grab the student's interest and works with that. He is coming on in leaps and bounds. More...


Claire Baumgardt

31 July 2017

Alice is an incredibly talented teacher who has enabled my son (who struggles academically) to progress quickly during his short time learning piano, her nurturing manner, patience and disciplined approach has given him confidence and boosted his self esteem. His lessons with Alice have promoted skills that he is taking back in to school and his passion for music is growing. He always looks forward to 'piano days'. More...


Vanessa Thompson

31 July 2017

My daughter has been having piano lessons with Alice since September 2016. Being a complete beginner she was very nervous but has grown in confidence as her ability and knowledge has progressed. This is all down to Alice, her patience and commitment to her students is amazing, she continues to work with my daughters shyness, not against it, and the results are great. Cannot recommend her highly enough. More...


Christopher Mafico

31 July 2017

Alice is a reliable, professional piano tutor with good attention to detail. She gave me a good understanding and grounding on music theory. Reading sheet music is a dry and not an easy subject to learn. More...


Pauline Elliott

31 July 2017

I have been having singing lessons with Alice since January 2017. I have never sung before except to myself at home. Alice is a very approachable and encouraging person. She gets to know you quickly, is able to work out the best method for you to learn which helps build your confidence. She is able to adapt her teaching to meet my needs and get the best from me so I have been able to progress. This approach has made me want to try something new and I have found that I usually manage to do it. Alice is able to see the potential in me and will encourage me to sing different songs and parts but will patiently guide me so I become more confident in my ability. She does not give up on me but with gentle persuasion and support will give me the confidence to achieve many things which is such a boost to my self esteem.Since taking singing lessons with Alice I have been amazed at what I can sing! She is someone who you look forward to having lessons with as she makes learning so enjoyable and relaxed. More...


Freya Braddock

31 July 2017

Alice is very professional in the way she teaches and the lessons are very rewarding as each lesson you accomplish a lot. I have been having piano and singing lessons with Alice for nearly a year now. When I first started I was not very confident as I had taken a short break from music. I also could not sight-read for piano. Alice makes the lessons very enjoyable and I have definitely improved over the year. Alice has helped develop my skills for piano as well as build my singing confidence and ability. I have also learnt a lot of music theory through her lessons which I had previously struggled with. I am now working towards grade 5 piano. I definitely recommend lessons with Alice. More...


Rick Ives

29 May 2015

Best piano teacher around!