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PHYST (pronounced "fist") PT provides mobile physical therapy services to individuals who are not able to get to a clinic, or who would prefer receiving care in the comfort of their home and/or office. Services provided include stretching, strengthening, balance training, massage, pain relief. Insurance and/or private pay accepted.


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Getting people excited about life again by helping them to restore the gift of pain-free movement.

Time is a very precious & valuable commodity and I wanted to control how I used mine. Though challenging at times, starting and managing my own business allows me to do that.

1. Patient satisfactory is our #1 priority
2. Only physical therapy clinic that provides mobile services
3. Proudly African-American owned


Natural, painless, hands-on techniques that treat the nerve through which you feel pain.

Personalized program that focuses on optimizing the functionality of the 3 systems that normalize balance and prevent falls.

4-6 week all-inclusive joint replacement rehab program specifically designed for faster recovery. Treatment includes but is not limited to stretching, strengthening, massage, nutrition coaching, and biomechanics training.

Professional, full body stretching to specifically target small, "hard to stretch" muscles that significantly affect proper movement and performance.