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Physical Preparation is the ultimate in personalisation. Your first session is a full assessment of what your body can and can’t do, looking at range of motion, stability and strength. From there we build an incredibly personal program to achieve your aesthetic and performance goals, while also improve how your body works and feels at the same time.


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Hayley Rayner

22 June 2018

Me and My housemate have been training with Mike for just over 3 months now and now can’t imagine training with anyone else! Not only has he help us lose 13% body fat between us. He has also helped with problems with my knee that have caused me anxiety when it comes to exercising for years. He is always happy to listen and really knows his stuff. Along with being super friendly and motivating without the feared personal trainer style of shouting commands at you. Couldn’t recommend Mike enough More...


Tom Claykens

7 February 2018

I had the pleasure of working with Mike for a little while and experienced first hand his passion, skill and knowledge. He's generous in sharing all of this and I couldn't recommend him more. It's refreshing in this day and age to see a personal trainer who cares more about the quality of information shared than to post pseudo motivating pictures without a top on. More...


Paul Kerr

16 December 2017

Following a personal recommendation, I took Mike’s 8 week course, after he assured me he could
mostly fix my knees which have pointed inwards for decades, well longer than I can remember (which is a long time). After a couple of sessions he upgraded his assessment and said we could get them all the way. The use of WE in the previous sentence, is deliberate Mike shows you the way but YOU need to do the ‘homework’ he gives you, it’s not much, under 10 minutes twice a day and you don’t need any special equipment, I only had to buy a child’s ball £1.99 which most people would probably have lying around the house anyway. During the 8 weeks Mike explained what we were doing and why, his knowledge of how all the parts of the body are connected is extensive. All through he was supportive and encouraging without being overbearing.The cost for me was something I had to think twice about, but after 3 or 4 weeks I wish I’d done this years ago, it was well worth the cost. After 6 weeks the ski instructor at @snowtraxuk commented on how much my skiing had improved, which was the main reason for seeing Mike. More...


Matt Stokes

7 November 2017

Mike knows his stuff. The development in knowledge of exercise physiology and nutrition since I studied Sports Science has been huge and Mike's knowledge and ability to apply it in a bespoke and prescribed manner is incredible. There is no denying it he is getting consistent and honest results well above normal expectations. More...


Debbie Spiers

15 October 2017

Challenging without breaking you. Mike is very knowledgable and friendly. Varied programs. We love it and go 3 times a week.


Rob Marshall

19 September 2017

I had sufferred with pain and discomfort in my neck and hip for well over 10 years and I had tried virtually every kind of therapy. From chiropractics to accupuncturists and several physiotherapists along the way, it was always the same cycle of 30 minutes treatment followed by short term pain relief, followed by another treatment 3 weeks later. So, as you can imagine, I was more than a little sceptical when Mike told me he could get me pain free within 6 to 8 weeks! 8 weeks later, I now have good posture and I am virtually pain free. I have also acquired all the tools I need to keep me pain free for life. Each session with Mike lasts 90 minutes on a weekly basis, along with "homework" exercises during the week. So be prepared for some fairly intense work. There are no gimmicks or miracle cures involved in this treatment. Mike works on muscle imbalances throughout your whole body and prepares sets of exercises which develop as you progress. You take a video recording of each exercise, to play back at home. These videos are invaluable as each exercise is tailored to your personal needs. From my first meeting with Mike it was clear to me that he was an anatomy "genius". Combine this with the enthusiasm he has for what he does and a passion for achieving your pain free goals with you, I could not give Mike any higher recommendation. More...


Andrea Scott-Lewis

24 August 2017

I came to Mike suffering with a bad back that I'd put up with for several months. I'd been wearing orthotics for four years to help me when I'm on my feet all day at work. I have to confess that his massage treatment was occasionally very painful but the relief that followed made it worth the agony! I was given exercises to do at home between sessions to get my muscles working properly and in six weeks I'm pain free, out of my orthotics and feeling in great shape now, so much so that I've been able to increase my exercise regime! Thank you for helping me even if you made me suffer while doing it! More...


Debbie Farley

30 July 2017

I have SO much love for this company! Mike has helped me a couple of times over the last 2 years. Firstly for 8 weeks 2 years ago to flatten my stomach and build strength and now over the last 10 weeks to further reduce my body fat percentage, build on the definition and get even stronger. Mike is SO patient, knowledgable and encouraging- there's absolutely no doubt that he knows what he's talking about �. I wouldn't go anywhere else, purely because with Mike there's no pretentiousness or any of that rubbish; you'll get a program, tailored to you and if you put the work in you'll get incredible results. Simple. �� More...


Kenny Dryden

10 March 2017

I started seeing Mike to help with an injury as I was training for a marathon but ever since then I've been seeing him 2-3 times a week for about 4 years now and have managed to run yet another marathon since. He sat me down asking me what I want to achieve and writes a program to help me. Since then I have become a lot stronger and got a few PBs under my belt in bench press, weighted squats and deadlift, it's just a shame that I have to move away but will still be keeping fit with videos that Mike is sending me with exercises and techniques to help me. � thank you Mike. More...


Adrian Stephenson

30 May 2016

As a senior vet triathlete my body is high maintenance, but after working with Mike for 3 months he has taught me how to overcome my lack of flexibility and keep injury-free. Top guy, and thoroughly recommended! More...


Isabella Lőrincz

13 May 2016

I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past 3 years and I couldn’t get any results, but for the past 4 months, I’ve been getting my ass kicked by Mike and the results exceeded all my expectations. Mike really knows what he’s doing, he is incredible skilled, knowledgeable and fun. I’ve started to like doing exercises, learning new techniques and started to motivated myself to push even harder. Mike has an incredible eye for details (there is no way of cheating with him) and he constantly made me sweat which is worth it. More...


It’s all about personal programming and having fun really. The best program is the one you can stick, and that really comes down to how much you enjoy it. That’s why we have our sessions take place in small groups around 4-6. You still have your own personal program but the group atmosphere is so much fun and you get an extra level of support you can’t get in a 1-2-1 session.

It’s fun and consistancy, it’s simple but it’s true. You could have the best training and nutrition program in the world, but if it’s not something you can follow, stick to and enjoy; it won’t work.

I love seeing the look on a people’s faces when they achieve something they never thought they would, and seeing people who previously ‘hated’ exercise have a great time in our sessions.

As cheesy as it sounds I love helping people, and the human body is fascinating. On top of that there is a huge amount of misinformation in the fitness and nutrition industries, that I really enjoy uncovering. It really is simple when you know what to do.

You’ll have fun and achieve more than you ever thought was possible. We take the time to learn what success really means to you and never make assumptions. I’m looking forward to meeting you and having some fun with your training.


In groups of 4-6 you train in our specialised studio, with a personalised plan that will get you to your goal. You will train 2-3 times p/week, your call for just £165 p/Month.

Our incredible program, based on the subconscious decision we make regarding food and allows you to lose fat and tone up while never restricting you.