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Dhanush Paramesh

29 March 2019

You know you're at a great gym when you absolutely hate not being able to make it to the gym. My fitness and technique have improved so much in a short time. Excellent coaching team. Gavin is one of the best trainers I've ever encountered. The place is friendly, fun, and absolutely pushes you to be the best you. More...


Mason T

29 March 2019

amazing gym and community! i’ve been coming here for the past two months. they’ve made muay thai incredibly fun and accessible. they pay an incredible amount of individual attention to help you in your development whether it’s with martial arts or strength training. highly recommended. More...


Kurt Henningsen

27 February 2019

What a great place to train!Visiting from out of town for some BJJ mat time and they made me feel like it was my home gym. Bunch of straight killers that want nothing more than to make you feel like a straight killer too! First class or 500th, they will get everything out of you that you have to give and you won’t feel overwhelmed for one second.Catch Sandy’s BJJ class for some super-technical training. The guy’s a stud and every bit of what a BJJ black belt should strive to be! More...


Brendan Garrone

27 February 2019

Great experience training at PCC all around, positive and inclusive environment with no egos.


Hannah Huffman

27 February 2019

Came in having taken maybe two fitness focused boxing classes and zero knowledge of martial arts. 9 months later I have fallen in love with BJJ and after a little coaxing from Gavin with muay thai as well. I think the gym has cultivated a great community of regulars and a safe space to make mistakes and learn. All the trainers are patient, thoughtful, and ready and willing to take the time to help you understand what you're doing and why. More...


brenda delgado

27 February 2019

I’ve been going to Pcc since August. It’s 100% transformed the way I view movement. The classes are fun and energized. As a woman I was very intimated going to a martial art setting but I was welcomed and respected by all members. I would highly recommend going to this gym if you are looking for a fun work out and a community. More...


Sam Emery

27 February 2019

PCC is an amazing martial arts gym for new or seasonal fighters. Whether you’re trying to fight, learn self defense, or just stay fit, PCC is the place to do it. Coaches and staff are patient but will also push you to be your best. More...


Brian Audley

27 February 2019

The coaching staff has created a very welcoming environment for anyone interested in martial arts or fitness to learn and improve themselves. I've been training here for 2+ years and am proud to be a part of the impressive community PCC has built. More...


Trace Thompson

27 February 2019

PCC is such a great place. The coaching is fantastic and the classes are suitable for all levels. Would recommend this gym to anyone from beginners to experienced fighters.


Sergiy Mount

27 February 2019

The staff and members relationship is amazing, warm and clean place that focuses on technique and safety. Perfect for long-term training!


Jorge Rodriguez

13 December 2017

Great place to train, excellent experienced trainers that make feel home!!


Christopher Williams

17 October 2017

I just moved to NY and wanted to find a gym with all areas of martial arts ..bjj ..muay..boxing ...for a good price ...this is the place . i will definetly be back nov1 st. Thanks guys and they have military deals also . More...


Laurence OfNYC

27 February 2017



Bo Ram Kim

2 December 2016

Best gym I have trained so far. Nicely equipped and coaches are friendly. Tell them what is your goal and they will build perfect training program for you.


James Dillon

27 May 2016

Awesome mma gym. Definitely check it out!


Christina Ta

31 July 2015

I've been training with Gavin for years. I've trained at several different Muay Thai gyms in NYC, and Gavin's programs is one of my favorites. He and his crew provide a holistic training approach that is ultra effective. His constant evolution of the curriculum keeps the sessions/classes interesting. I definitely recommend checking PCC out — don't be surprised if you get hooked! More...