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Photos by J Blue specializes in intimate weddings (under 100 guests), family events, and newborn photography.

I love capturing the special moments to remind you of years to come, what it was like at that moment of your life.


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I have always loved taking photos. It doesn't feel like a job when you are enjoying yourself.

It sorta just happened...

I was taking photos at an event which I have done many times before, but this time I thought I should get some liability insurance, just in case.

As a person who worked in the insurance field, I know how important it is to be covered for the unexpected loss. It was the next natural step to take to protect myself and my photo subjects.

I can relax and know I am property covered, licensed with the state and my town, running a legal business.

I am an established mature individual with several years experience of taking photos as a parent and a photographer. .

Clients who want an easygoing photo opportunity while having a great time.

I am not a photographer who performs all day 10-hour weddings, videography, and drone shots. If this is your type of wedding, pick someone who will do this for you.

Church or barn weddings, smaller intimate setting, it doesn't matter.