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From an early age I realized that my gift is the art of photography, my passion is to share this with you.

I started taking pictures in elementary school, encouraged by my father, an avid photographer himself, and helped by a teacher also an avid photographer and ran the Photography Club.


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Piya Ro

6 February 2019

อาหารอร่อยมากๆๆค่ะเจ้าของร้านและผู้ร่วมงานเอาใจใส่ อย่างดี. Good thai food. No 1


Ui Ratsomjit

6 February 2019

Mike has taken great photos for both my family and my business...I recommend him to anyone wanting high quality photography and great service.


Jenn Spencer

6 February 2019

Mike did a 50th wedding anniversary shoot for my parents... they were initially a little bit shy and maybe even reluctant subjects. Mike's relaxed, fun approach had them say afterwards that they enjoyed the experience! And the images are fantastic. So grateful to have these special pictures of my parents. More...


Umar Khan

6 February 2019

I worked with Mike on a modelling photoshoot and let me say, this man knows exactly what he is doing! He's a fun guy who makes you feel relaxed throughout the shoot with his wit and humour, but also knowing that you're in good hands. He has a tonne of experience and what he can do with a camera is phenomenal. He does a plethora of styles of photography, so whether its modelling or weddings, Mike is the guy to go to because the pictures turn out phenomenal and he makes the process so easy. I'll definitely be working with him again! More...


In my years of experience I have found that the secret to capturing a great image is knowing my client. As I mentioned earlier, anyone can stake a snapshot, I capture a feeling, an instant in time, reflections of emotion to engage the viewer and draw them into the image and reveal your story..

Simple, I want to get to know them, even simple headshot sessions start with a coffee and chat. I want to know who they are, what motivates them, what makes them happy, what makes them laugh. Only then can I begin to capture their personality with my camera.

I love it when my client's see their images and smile, sometimes even cry (in a good way). Then I have achieved my goal of sharing my skills to capture the real person within a fraction of a second with an image that can be looked at for hours.

Top 7 Reasons Why to Choose Photographic Manoeuvres

1. You get your images fast. Within days of a portrait session or only 4 weeks of a wedding or large event.
2. We bring back up equipment in case of failure. Ensuring nothing gets in the way of capturing your great images.
3. You will have a private online portal, web page, where you can view our correspondence, and images at anytime.
4. I have over 30 years of experience. Nothing will happen that I haven't successfully dealt with before.
5. I personally edit your images, they are not done by a junior staff member, or overseas country.
6. Only the best printing companies are used. You chose me for great images, I'm not going to use a cheap low quality printing company for your printed products.
7. My team is very experienced, each has shot a minimum of 150 Church, Indian and various religious weddings and events, rest assured, your event will not be used as a training ground.

We spend time getting to know YOU so that each image and video we capture reflects your style and personality. We take the time to carefully plan and craft the best strategy for capturing every perfect moment of your wedding events.