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I Help Ordinary Everyday People Overcome Ordinary Everyday Issues
Using Advanced Hypnosis,
Neuro Linguistic Programming,
The Swan Protocol,
IEMT, EFT, Havening,
In the Fastest Safest Possible Way for them
The Majority of Clients Achieve Their Desired Outcome in 3 to 4 Sessions


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25 January 2020

good initial conversation on telephone

3 November 2019

It was great working with Phill. He helped me to be smoke free after 23 years. I couldn’t thank him enough!

17 July 2019

Phil’s hypnosis was outstanding. 11 years ago he hypnotised me to stop smoking and I haven’t smoked since. I’ve enjoyed an athletic, healthy life since and I give him a lot of credit for it.
All the best Phil, I hope work is going well!

20 August 2017

From the start i felt very comfortable working with phill he made me feel really relaxed and confident that this was a step forward in my recovery . I trust him totally as my improvements have been endless . I feel more happy in my life and i would highly recommend phil and his partner sue to anyone needing some help in their own journey. I will be continuing to work woth phill and sue in the future and even my son 14 has had fantastic experiences with them and hes so much more content now. Id like to praise phill for his on gowing achivements and success . More...

20 August 2017

It's been 9 weeks now or so since I had my last cigarette and with Phills ongoing support it has been easy! He's been with me every step of the way. Would highly recommend!

18 August 2017

Phil is a true professional and clearly very gifted and educated in his field.
He helped my wife overcome her fears of driving on dual carriageways and motorways. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. More...

Thank you for your review Gary, it was my pleasure to help Mrs T out she's an absolute star one session job done ????

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I love being able to help clients achieve their desired outcomes in the fastest safest possible way for them
Many of these outcomes they'd put on the impossible list
Or in a lot of cases they've seen doctors, consultants, psychologists and psychiatrists before as a last resort trying Hypnosis
Some have been to hypnotherapists and not got their desired outcomes
Quite a few of them being told that they can't be hypnotised Lol!
If anyone tells you that all hypnosis is self hypnosis? Trust me walk away!
Why? Because if that was the case we could all hypnotise our selves and fix our own issues.
(Most people have a few )

Seeing and experiencing the power of Hypnosis first hand

Because I have invested many thousands of hours and pounds to train with the very best in the world over the years and I use real Hypnosis and other techniques to enable rapid change for my clients in the fastest safest possible way for them

I do not do relaxotherapy!
i. e. Relax your knees, relax your toes Lol!
I do not do rinse and repeat therapy
i. e. You need 10 sessions of hypnoanalysis!
The majority of my clients achieve thier desired outcomes in 3 to 4 sessions