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Birmingham, West Midlands

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Birmingham, West Midlands



Phase is a unique freelance Birmingham based graphic design agency with a wealth of design experience and a passion for what we do. We work hard to offer a cost-effective design service aimed to help your business grow. Producing stunning designs that give your business that professional edge is our speciality.


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Mark Braviner

31 August 2018

Chris at Phase is fantastic, even after it has been years since he completed my fantastic website he still continues to help me. Thanks Chris.


Kim Gavin

25 July 2017

The Phase team created an outstanding re-brand of our exisiting logo, along with a stunning design for our new website.
Not only were the concept designs exactly what we were looking for, but they really did have the patience of a saint when dealing with our many requests. Would throughly recommend the Phase team for all design and website design needs, lovely people with amazing design skills! More...


Sandy Ameer-Beg

25 July 2017

Excellent service, with nothing being too much trouble. Will use them for all my design needs.


24 July 2017

Fantastic service, and the design work looks amazing, would highly recommend to anyone.

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A great website engages the viewer but just as importantly instils the message the business (or individual) wants to portray. Your site is your shop window to prove that you can do what you say, sell your services and ensure everyone knows your USP (unique selling point). The design of a site is important as it needs to be catchy, well planned and easy to navigate. The site must be fast and easy to use so that clients can find what they need quickly, especially as people won't hang around on a site anymore. With a great design and a well-planned website your clients will engage more and equally, you will get more business.

How many pages are you looking for?
What functions do you need the site to have?
Are you looking for an e-commerce solution, ie selling on your website? This would require higher security and much more work.
Do you have web hosting and domain sorted or do we need to arrange this?
Will you need to update the site yourself?

Research is the first step, working on developing a unique idea that is creative and provides a solution for the client. We then start sketching and producing ideas in-house which we can flesh out further down the line for presentation. We work deeper than just "coming up with a design", we produce a deeper thought process that has meaning and basis on the businesses background or story...this I more of a marketing strategy so that the client can present their background through their design! We work with the client to produce a detailed design solution that is amended and revised so the client is happy and our work is integral to the success of their business.

As much as possible! We like to learn about a businesses background, their story and their future plans. By being a part of the business and analysing the business from the outside in we are able to approach the business owner/directors with a solution on how they can grow!

We need to know what design work you have for business, what marketing collateral you have or use currently (or have in the past), what imagery you have for the business and what branding you have.

If we are working on a website then we need to know what hosting/domain you have, what images you have, if you have a site currently and what text you have to put into the new site.

I love working directly with clients and producing creative concepts that change their future and help them to grow their business.

I was inspired to start my own business as I was working in design departments but didn't feel that I was given the chance to work directly with the clients...I wasn't able to influence and be my own person with a view to producing work that I was proud of. It always had to go through endless changes by management. My own business gave me a destiny that was in my hands and an option to work on projects I chose to. I feel this way I add more value to clients as I invest in their project more than ever.

I have grown my business from nothing, I know how to design, market and produce a professional looking business from scratch. This is what all businesses need and that is what I have endless experience of doing. We know how to make you look amazing!