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We are Dan and Jenna, the power duo behind PhantomEYE. We are a Design team based in North Georgia. As a small team we pride ourselves in our ability to creatively work together to achieve excellence in each project we take on. We constantly push one another to exceed our limits and your expectations.


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Karl B.

15 July 2019

PhantomEYE has been providing development services for our website as well as web and other marketing support for more than 1 1/2 years now.  They have consistently provided excellent quality for a fair price.  If you are seeking a sophisticated online marketing firm with advanced knowledge of how to make sponsored ads on Google and FaceBook actually work, they are your go-to people.  They are also talented website artists with a solid understanding of what makes a website standout in a very busy web world.  We look forward to having them continue to grow our business into multiple markets and highly recommend them.  Karl More...


Jimmy Bornamann

23 July 2018

I love working with Dan and Jenna. They can take a raw idea and interpret it and create an amazingly high-quality piece. whether it's a full blow page design or just a quick image.. They are beyond amazing More...


Sondra Conroy-Grant

23 July 2018

We've absolutely loved working phantom eye. Their customer service and communication through each project is excellent which helps us to reach our goals quicker and more efficiently. Since our website and logo have been built, our business has seen a great increase of traffic and exposure, thanks Dan and Jenna! More...


Lara Spell-Worsham

23 July 2018

Phantom Eye overhauled our yoga studio's website and it looks amazing! They give great personal service and deliver high quality, creative work and all with a short turnaround. The biggest plus for us has been how much more visibility our website has received and the number of new clients we've gained from their work! I couldn't be more pleased and definitely recommend them for all your marketing design and graphic needs!! More...


Ben Hamd

23 July 2018

Phantom Eye is one of the best graphic design, logo design, website design, and general design teams I've worked with.
They have built a website, do all my marketing packages for my real estate job, and have really helped my bottom line. Their pricing is excellent and they are really great to work with.

I highly recommend them!

Ben Hamd
Brookwood Capital Advisors


A.J. Nalpak

23 July 2018

Big Ox O2 used Phantom Eye to assist with the design of the website, as well as point-of-purchase marketing displays. In all instances the end product was highly professional and well received by customers. Furthermore, they always met the requested deadlines and were highly responsive. They are a great team to work with! More...

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A number of factors go into making a great website, but let's not over complicate it, because an over complicated website is not a great website. Here are our main points:

- Catch attention right away
- Immediate call to action - Why are they here? What do we want from them?
- So easy to navigate, that a child could use it
- Completely mobile friendly
- Great pictures ( we always say "your website is as good as your photos")
- Search Engine Optimized
- Easy to update

Hi, how are you? Can you tell me about your project?
What's the main purpose of this project?
Any examples of similar projects you like? Don't like?
Do you have any materials you'd like me to use (photos, logos, branding guidelines...)?

I like to discuss the project with my client. I want to hear what it is they have, what they want, what they like and what they don't like. I want to get into their head and see the project from their perspective to be sure the plan I put together follows their vision. After discussing wants and needs with the client, I request from them any materials I may need. Now I do some research, I take a look at their competition and see how we can develop a product that encapsulates the clients needs, fits the industry and sets them above and apart from their competitors.

I create a rough outline, approve it with client, and then we build!

Photos and content - If available.
Examples of similar projects that they like.
Logo and any current branding guidelines

List of what is needed, is highly dependent on a per project basis.

Creating & the feeling that comes when a job is completed and successfully serving its purpose. I really enjoy building relationships with my clients.

Knowing that I have ideas that work and being able to have the freedom to implement those ideas to benefit myself and my clients.

Solutions that work, an honest husband & wife team that cares. Take a look at our portfolio: www.phantomeyedesign.com