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I'm a Professional Photographer with 30+ years experience. Besides my daily photography work, I shoot for the local newspaper and two non-profits, Make-A-Wish and Special Olympics. My specialties include Portraits (Individual, Family, Engagement and Model), Live Theater, Headshots, and events (corporate, party, etc.


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Kate Monahan

6 May 2019

Very good experience. Knowledgeable, easy to work with, very honest and helpful.



2 May 2019

Have not actually used yet, but great guy who seems concerned with quality and excellent pricing


Jo shahinian

25 October 2018

Great experience with Patrick! He was able to
Suggest perfect spot for our family session. Photos turned out great, we were all happy with how they turned out. What’s more, he was able to send us the link to view them in just a few days! Highly recommend Patrick! More...



11 August 2018

We enjoyed the experience. Only recommendation would be for different pose suggestions as we look the same in most of the photos. Overall, we’d use Patrick again!


T. Brooks

11 August 2018

Great Communication and Professionalism! I would definitely use Patrick's services again.


Deva Nitins

11 August 2018

He's an incredible photographer that got shots that I share professionally and are what I would call legacy shots. Or shots Id like to be remembered by.


Michaela Williams

29 June 2018

Outstanding! Photo sessions are not only efficient and professional, but fun as well. His work always comes out so beautifully. It helps to have a professional with an artistic eye that can get you exactly what you're looking for, while also incorporating shots and ideas you didn't even consider. I would recommend to anyone. More...


Madeleine Person

5 May 2018

PGarrett is a very professional and knowledgeable photographer regarding every aspect of the process. A delight to work with. And finally, the photographs he delivered were stunning! More...


George Mobley

4 May 2018

Pat is a perfect balance of professional, personable and perceptible!
He is the only photographer that understands and shoots what I want, whether it be portraits, celebrations, landscapes, art, etc!
Pat has a natural command of the three C's, composition, clarity & color, and the transition to black & white!



Sean H

3 May 2018

I have worked with Pat on many occasions and he is a true professional. From posing, lighting, as well as the technical aspects of the equipment, his knowledge and skills produce visually pleasing flows and balance that can only come from a true professional.

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Sort of like great wine... You can't make great wine with bad grapes, BUT great grapes don't necessarily make great wine. With photography, it starts with the equipment. I have use Canon professional cameras and lenses and my lighting equipment is also professional level.

But that's only the start (the grapes). Experience, education, a creative touch and establishing rapport with clients are also requirements. I've been taking photos for over 40 years. I've studied with some of the terrific teachers like Joe McNally, Scott Kelby and Jerry Ghoinis. In family and portrait photography putting the client at ease is critical to a great image. Finally also understanding how to light a subject is important to producing a superior final photo.

My main question for a client is how do you plan on using the photo(s).

I've loved photography since I was a kid. As an adult, during the film era of photography every house I owned had a dark room. I entered the digital age of photography very early in 1992 and was a beta tester for the early releases of Photoshop. Taking pictures is fun for me, and in spite of doing it for a long time I love how I am continually learning. BTW I also teach Photography classes for the City of Calabasas adult education center.

Most of my adult life I've had my own business or been a partner in a services company. I've always loved the variation in what I do and photography is no exception.

I learned long ago that client satisfaction is everything in a service business. I want you to be thrilled with what we produce together.