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K P.

12 August 2016

Heather is great! She is reliable, professional, great with communications, and goes out of her way to accommodate. One of our dogs in particular is a little hesitant around people she doesn't know -- Heather was totally understanding of this quirk and upon our initial consult, took care to move slowly and make herself available for the "full examination"..she clearly passed the test with flying colors. Both dogs love her!I feel confident the dogs get good exercise with Heather (and Christine too!), and they always leave a few minutes at the end of the walk to give the dogs treats for tricks/playtime/petting. It's great to know that in addition to exercise, we can rely on Heather to give the dogs some love and attention when we are out of the home. We appreciate that they leave a note about each visit - it's nice to come home and know who has or has not taken care of their business for the day.  We are so glad to have found her!! More...


Karen A.

29 February 2016

Heather came as a recommendation from a friend for pet services and was so great with our 2 dogs that I would gladly recommend her to anyone in need of a pet sitter or walker. We have an 11 yr old Lab and a 3 yr old cattle dog/shepard mix, both over 100 lbs. The lab is friendly and easy, but arthritic and slow, while the younger dog is faster, more energetic and either is in love with someone or is the complete opposite. We really needed someone who we and the boys felt comfortable with and could handle both very different dogs and their different personalities, especially on walks and in interactions with other people and dogs. She has been very responsive and spent quality time on initial consultation getting to know the dogs, asking a lot of questions, and letting them get to know her. She leaves notes and updates on walks and on who did what on the walks and spends extra time giving each dog some love. We've even had her walk the dogs while they were being watched by someone else who wasn't able to walk them. The dogs really love her, and we do to. You can tell by talking to her and meeting her that she is passionate about her business and really loves and understands animals. She is very easy to work with, dependable, and trustworthy and she is really above and beyond what I expected having used several dog walkers in the past.   Would highly recommend Heather and Pet Purr-fection - and happy to answer any questions about my experience! More...


Danielle S.

7 March 2012

I couldn't ask for much more in a dog walker.  She's extremely reliable, easy to communicate with, and most importantly, loves my animals. When I first got my puppy it was very important to me to have someone come at the same time each day, something lots of dog walking services couldn't guarantee. Furthermore, I also wanted personal consistency, and Heather accommodated both requests without batting an eye. Even though she technically is only there to walk my dog, she also makes sure both of my cats get attention as well. She makes it easy(ier) for me to say goodbye in the morning! More...


Katie K.

6 March 2012

Heather is absolutely the best.  She's been walking our rescue dog for a while with great success.  Our dog typically gets very distressed and aggressive when someone comes to the door, but not when it's Heather!  She loves her and is always excited to see her.  Having a reliable, trustworthy dog walker makes life so much easier when neither my husband or I can come home on long days. More...


Seth D.

7 August 2011

Heather's the best there is.Example: she once heard they needed pet sitters in Africa, so she went there on her own dime to take care of Cheetahs. (really)Only problem with letting her watch your furry family members is they might decide they like her better. More...


Deborah W.

11 January 2011

I think our cats miss Heather.  We were out of town for 10 days and engaged Heather and her assistant Jessie (Heather was going to be out for a few days) to come to our home daily to feed and care for our cats.  A few days before we left, both women came to our home to meet us and get acquainted with our pets. (There is a small additional charge for this but it is completely worth it.) They were so engaging that even our most reclusive fellow was putty in Heather's hands.  We left town absolutely confident that all would go well. While we were away, we got frequent detailed reports on the visits. Not only  were our pets well cared for,  Heather and Jessie played with them and gave them lots of affection. We were so surprised when we came home to find more handwritten notes of the visits and two adorable photos of each cat.  I am so happy not to face the guilt of boarding and instead return home to two happy, non sulky kitties. We could not be more pleased with Pet-Purrfection - a very appropriate name for a professional but very caring service. More...


Caryl B.

26 September 2010

Heather has been simply fantastic with our two girls - we have an 8 year old Weimaraner and a 1.5 year old Hound. We adopted the hound from a rescue - I was concerned about leaving her anywhere because she's still skittish, even after having her for about a year. We wanted someone to come into our home to watch our girls and needed someone that knew animals well, would be patient, and was trustworthy. Heather exceeded our expectations. The dogs absolutely LOVE her! She takes extra time to play with them. She's gone out of her way to make herself available on short notice - we very recently had an emergency situation come up and I sent Heather a note with a very last minute notice of our need for a visit to walk the girls. She was very responsive - and I am very thankful for her help. The girls were happy when I got home!I highly recommend Heather & Pet-Purrfection! More...


A Google User

15 September 2010

My dog Boz can be a bit controlling of who enters the house, but he felt right at ease as soon as he met Heather. He gets excited whenever he sees her and i know he loves his walks. Heather is as nice and professional as they come. I would highly recommend her to anyone. More...