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My company takes a neurocentric (brain-first) approach to training - health, rehab and performance. These are the following areas in which my company specializes:
1. Pain Relief
2. Injury Prevention
3. Body Composition
4. Sport/Life Performance
5. Behavioral Change


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Firstly, I take the client's history and goals. Then I explain to the client how I would guide them through the process to achieve their goal(s). Our process consists of the following steps; Health - Wellness -Fitness. I follow the dictum you must be healthy before you can achieve fitness.

Behavior change, self reliance and consistency are the "secrets" to getting the body of your dreams.

Seeing how each client changes as they got through the process of attaining their goal(s). Also the process of helping my clients develop the skills that will sustain the goal(s) they achieve.

I like being my own boss and being independent. I injured my back 3 times and my journey to rehab inspired me to help others out of pain.

I treat each client as a unique individual with their unique pathway to achieving their goals. I listen to each of their stories without judgment.