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According to YOUR goal(s):(Weight loss ,Strength or Muscle gain , Flexibility , Sport conditioning , Boxing or over all Physical Fitness ) and Based on YOUR physical condition and YOUR body type I will customize a personalise and scientific ,one -on -one workout plan and will coach & instruct you step by step

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Marc Levin

28 April 2019

Cyrus is an amazing trainer. He customizes your workout to fit your specific needs and moves you forward in a workable manner, changing up the exercises to keep it interesting. If you are interested in learning boxing, Cyrus is a master and can teach any novice or expert the art of boxing. He is also extremely knowledgeable in how the body's muscle groups work and teaches you how each exercise impacts your body.He has a great knowledge of nutrition as well. Cyrus is not only my personal trainer but has also become a great friend. I now wake up motivated and look forward to every visit! I highly recommend. More...


Gideon Blinick

28 April 2019

I started training with Cyrus 3 months ago and it’s been an awesome experience. Cyrus took the time to get to know me and implement a program for me. When my back started hurting a few weeks ago because of all the time I spend working at a desk, Cyrus altered our workouts to focus on strengthening my back, and my back has been feeling great since. Cyrus also gives quality advice on diet, sleep, and healthy living. He’s a really nice guy who knows his stuff and I highly recommend him . More...


Bogdan Dinescu

29 March 2019

Cyrus is way more than a personal trainer.He is capable to lead me to achieve my goals and targets, to strengthen my body and mind, to keep me focused and interested.If you have a goal and are willing to work to achieve it, he is the right person to help you out, to make sure you get there safely and in a timely manner. He is an admirer of the Bushido principles, a sword-fighter and boxing enthusiast.Cyrus is not a merchant, he is a giver. He has a wealth of knowledge that is passing it down to his clients. He is not working with you because he wants your money, but because he genuinely cares about his clients and enjoys his work. This is why you won't see a timer in his studio, counting down the time of your working session.Sometimes I get to his studio 20-30 minutes before my appointment and I get 20-30 minutes of extra training. This is why I 1000% recommend him if you are ready to change your life. Remember, he is your guide, support and not a babysitter.About the studio: clean, with enough equipment to address any muscle group, easily accessible from Dufferin or Steeles (basically is behind Canadian Superstore, across the street). More...


Cheryl Chiappetta

2 July 2018

I am 52 years old, suffer from asthma and have never liked working out much...that is, until I met Cyrus! Cyrus created a routine to help me achieve my goals while working around the challenge of my asthma. Cyrus is very knowledgeable, explaining each activity and the muscle/s it will impact. He changes the activities within my routine so I never get bored. I would highly recommend Cyrus to help you achieve your personal fitness goals! More...


Anthony Bellino

2 July 2018

Cyrus is amazing, he has a wealth of knowledge that he has passed down to me from building proper form for my workout, to nutrition to keeping a heathy mind. He takes a holistic approach to building strength physical & mentally. The studio is clean, with good equipment. Cyrus goes above and beyond as a personal trainer he can get you into the best shape of your life, prepare you for competition, or clean up your combos. I highly recommend Cyrus when you are ready to change your life and put the work in he is there to support and guild you. More...


Eddy Goldberg

28 May 2018

Wow Cyrus the real thing! He not only knows and understands training, he also has the background in kinesiology.I found in the past if I got hurt, I would stop training, Cyrus fixes the issue and incorporates recovery into training.EddyG


Sam Pasternak

28 May 2018

Cyrus is a boxing enthusiast and an incredible coach.

I would highly recommend this studio


Doreen Paulin

28 May 2018

I have been working with Cyrus for over 12 years and I can honestly say I am in better shape in my 70s than I was in my 20s. Cyrus' knowledge and techniques are without equal. I have worked with other trainers., but none have Cyrus' abilities. I highly recommend him.


Daniel Igra

28 May 2018

Reza is great. He knows exactly how much to push me. There is a perfict amount of equipment to work out every muscle group. If I get injured or am tight in a muscle the perfict stretch is suggested to help the targeted mucle relax. More...


Jessica Chiappetta

28 May 2018

I've been going to cyrus for a little over a year now. He's great, motivating, and really cares about his clients. He customizes every workout based on your body type and puts 100% into what he does. Overall, going to cyrus has changed my lifestyle for the better and I've never felt more confident. More...