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Donna Williams

29 September 2018

Outstanding.....I highly recommend Jamie Stedman for Personal Health Goals. His approach is friendly, non-judgmental and highly professional. He has a genuine desire, of wanting the best health and well-being for his clients. My knee pain is now significantly reduced and with the support of Jamie, losing nearly 2 stone in 4 months, has had, a major impact in my physical fitness. I would encourage anyone who is considering making changes in improving their physical health and well-being to contact Jamie. It has been worth it. More...


Michelle Morgan

30 August 2018

Very experienced and helpful trainer great advice and fab workout could not praise him enough


Steven Griffiths

13 August 2018

Jamie is skilled and talented and manages to inspire confidence. He's also supportive and very easy to get along with. I recommend his services with no reservation.


Gareth Bowen

13 August 2018

You couldn't ask for a better personal trainer than Jamie. The amount of advice, support & encouragement he gives you is fantastic. I've been training with him now for a good few months, and in that time, my fitness & confidence have both improved so much. He takes the time to make sure you get the technique right before moving on. He'll encourage & push you to do the best you can do in such a way that you want to give 110% to every session you do with him, and take the motivation home with you to keep doing your best. If you do what he says you'll definitely see results. Best off all once he's pummeled you into shape, with the various exercises, he'll sort you out with a fantastic sports massage as well. More...


Wayne Edwards

13 August 2018

Jamie is a very knowledgeable and professional Personal Trainer, he is extremely motivating but maintains a friendly environment.
Personally I have achieved significant weight loss, but more importantly improved levels of fitness and strength which has meant a reduction in some of my aches and pains and the journey continues.
The facilities are well equipped and will meet people's needs, but it really is Jamie's knowledge, understanding and attention to detail that clinches the deal in helping clients get the results they are looking for.


Donna Fiona Williams

13 August 2018

A little bit of my story
I am a great believer in the power of the over 50’s. In my opinion, It should be an exciting time and was rather looking forward to the post menopause power.
However, now at 53 years old I found myself physically unwell. This also included an extremely painful knee. Tests found nothing wrong and I crashed at Easter 2018, feeling really fed up with it all. Easter is my most favourite time of the year and being in pain and feeling physically unwell is not a place I wanted to be in. This had been going on for about a year, and I kept looking on and off at Jamie’s webpage. I finally took the plunge to have a go. I have to admit I wondered if this was a bit self-indulgent and was it the answer to the physical problems I was experiencing. Especially as I loathe gyms and find the whole thing pretty boring. I have years of memberships to local gyms, and I wondering, was I going to hate all of this and give up?

This has been my experience.
I arrived quite apprehensive and unusually for me, with a little anxiety to our first meeting. Asking myself, was I really going to ask for help? I started with an assessment, which Jamie managed to immediately put me at ease and we decided, together, to aim for twice a week on the ‘one to one’ sessions. I have found this specialised training completely different to my gym experiences. As Jamie pointed out to me, there is no accountability at gyms and in my personal experience, they only took notice on the day I signed up and the day I tried to cancel the membership. It may work for some, but it certainly did not work for me. Jamie created a personal program and we looked at all aspects of my diet and exercise.
Jamie has an abundance of knowledge, patience and motivation in truly wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. At each week’s sessions, I tried my best and I can tell that he genuinely cares about how well his client’s improve. This makes a huge difference in personal motivation.
It is now 3 and half months later and I can feel incredible differences. My knee is mostly out of pain, which also helps that it is now is carrying 22 pounds less weight on it! I feel much stronger in myself and able to manage my demanding full time career. Even this week managing to zip up one of my old favourite work dresses! That felt good.
I have also returned to my love of cooking and trying a variety of healthy new recipes.
I am delighted with the results and would say to anyone, who, like myself is thinking about booking in with Jamie,… ‘Go for it.’ I have not regretted it for one moment and I actually enjoy and look forward to the sessions! That is a bit of a miracle. It is the best investment I have made for my physical well-being.
Now that I have gained more confidence in the training, I have moved to the small group sessions and everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. The people in my small group have inspiring results. I still have further goals to achieve but more importantly I am enjoying the process in getting there.

It also makes me feel good that I am supporting a local small business and a pleasure to now know Jamie Steadman. Wish I had done this earlier and saved on those wasted blumming monthly gym fees, but I guess, better late than never. :)


Wayne Edwards

27 May 2018

Jamie is a highly qualified and very experienced personal trainer, he is motivating but also friendly and approachable and will definitely help you get the results you are looking for.


Steve Lewis

5 June 2017

At the start of 2016 I felt lazy and lethargic. I’d been a few stone overweight since giving up smoking 8-years ago, despite eating a relatively healthily diet and “visiting” the gym around 2-3 times a week. By the end of 2015 though, my diet was fast approaching unhealthy, I hadn’t exercised much over the previous year and I had breached 14-stone. I was looking to get fit and my goals were to improve my general fitness and to lose around 1½ stone before holidays in 18 weeks’ time.I couldn’t do any training until late evening due to work and childcare reasons and so a family friend, that was already seeing Jamie as part of a group session, recommended I joined her due to her training partner dropping out.From mid-January until mid-May Jamie trained us both.I’d never really enjoyed exercising; it was always the means to an end. My previous approach was like many a gym novice; attack the cross trainer / rowing machine for 20-minutes, lift weights for ¾ of an hour and finish with a half hour jog on the running machine… not really analysing the benefits of each activity.Jamie’s sessions were different. It felt enjoyable to train for just under an hour. The session would always start with a 5-minute warm-up and stretching, and end with cool down stretches. The main session was always varied, but structured and involved a mixture of high intensity interval training, tabata, circuit-training, running and what I would call good honest exercises (press-ups, squats, burpees, etc.). No two training sessions were the same.Jamie advised me on my current diet and tweaked the unhealthy meals and snacks that had contributed to my weight gain. We would always discuss nutrition and alternative snacks / recipes during our sessions.By mid-May, I was 12½ stone and my fitness level had far exceeded what I anticipated.It’s now been over two-months since the sessions stopped but I’m still eating a healthy diet (the majority of the time) and have joined the a gym to sustain my fitness level. I would definitely recommend Jamie and I feel without his knowledge and encouragement, my original fitness goals would have been much, much harder to achieve. I can now run five miles without stopping, getting up of the floor is no longer a 3-point move, I can shop for slim-fit clothes instead of baggy t-shirts being fitted, and more importantly… I feel good More...


Lynne lowe

5 June 2017

I trained with jamie for around 7 months and only stopped the personal training due to going back to work after maternity leave and not really being able to commit to the sessions else I'd still be there....I do miss it! I wanted something different and was never really one for the gym...I would hit the treadmill and that was it.... not very varied nor enjoyable... I would highly recommend jamie to anyone looking for good honest advice on exercise and nutrition... i learnt more about nutrition in a short space of time with jamie than ever before. So if you need help with your diet then jamie can definitely help you. The sessions that I took part in were always different..no two sessions were the same. Always challenging, but jamie always tailored to your capabilities and then encouraged you to push a bit more...so motivating! I always loved each session and looked forward to the next. My fitness levels improved so much over the months I was training with jamie and I felt so much healthier with more energy...and I lost the last bits of baby weight and more and have maintained this since...keeping to the principles of everything jamie taught me... (most days ) I now attend jamies kettlebell classes to keep up with fitness...think I'm hooked!Jamie is genuine and down to earth. ..no judging, hes just there to help everyone achieve their goals.... More...


Hefin Rosser

27 May 2017

Had my 12 week review today!!! What can I say. Amazing results!! Jaimie has really helped me change my health and fitness around. I started 12 weeks ago weighing 12.5 stone today I now weigh 10 stone 7 lbs! That's without my fitness levels going through the roof. Jaimies knowledge and encouragement has totally transformed me. I can't wait for the next 12 weeks!! Thanks again More...


Silvana Ballarin

27 May 2017

Jamie took on board my goals and targeted each session accordingly. There was no option for slacking, even on the days when I would happily have done so, which was great. Jamie was always punctual, friendly and had an optimistic attitude. I was very pleased with my results and had many positive comments from friends and family. A great trainer that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. More...


Kate White

27 May 2016

Jamie is fun to work with and a great motivator who goes the extra mile for his clients. I've been pleasantly surprised what I've been able to achieve with his help and encouragement. He has boosted my confidence and energy levels and given me lots of good advice on healthy eating. Thanks, Jamie :-) More...


David Thomas

28 May 2015

Really enjoying my time with Jamie, currently coming to the end of a three month block booking, but, plan to book more.Jamie has given me the motivation I really needed to get started, advice on nutrition and made exercise enjoyable.I can highly recommend Jamie !


Bridget Porter

28 May 2013

Jamie has helped me great deal in the last few months, not only am I much more fit and healthy now, but my confidence has also had a great boost. I have worked with a few personal trainers over the past couple of years and Jamie is definitely the best I've come across so far; he's organised and knows exactly what he's doing, he's a great motivator, he's very friendly and helpful, and also the package deals he offers are very reasonably priced. More...


Chris Richards

28 May 2013

Started a few months ago and gone from not being able to jog 100m without struggling and being out of breathe to completing my first ever 5k a few weeks ago and doing my first half marathon in 2 weeks time. Training is fun and varied which keeps it interesting but they are well structured and the results have spoken for themselves. I believe motivation is key when training and he keeps on top of things, not in your face but says the right things at the right times which works for me. He has pushed me hard but it's also been fun and for me that's perfect. More...


susan rees

28 May 2013

Jaime is an excellent personal trainer, would recommended him to anyone. He helped me to increase my fitness level and motivated me to reach all my goals.

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