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Nega Bates

27 May 2019

Sleek look, great prices, fine gear and better people there. Would recommend.


Rae Melvin

14 May 2019

Has everything you need from beginners to experienced lifters. Love the 24 hour access and never have to wait to use machines or equipment. Great gym


Reilly Holleran

28 April 2019

Best workout I’ve ever had. Gotta come more often man.


Craig Conkle

28 April 2019

Really nice gym. Its small, but it has all the equipment you need. Its not very busy so there's a minimal wait for machines. Everyone is friendly, both the staff and others who work out there More...


Neguens Ovincy

28 April 2019

It was one of the best painful things I have experienced. I came out better than I came in.


Brandon Kottmer

27 February 2019

This gym is great! I have been a part of many gyms, but the one thing that sets this one apart is that it is never crowded. I have never been a person that enjoyed working out with a lot of people in the gym. The gym also has plenty of equipment for boxing, which is awesome. More...


Megan Wieseman

28 January 2019

Love coming here throughout the week! The convenience of 24/7 access is worth it! Everyone is so nice and the facility has everything you need.


lyndsey Ryan

28 January 2019

My husband and I are visiting from out of state, and Roy was very nice and helpful! This is a great gym, perfect size and not overly busy. Love the free weights, great equipment selection. Perfect for what we were looking for while in town for a month! More...



28 January 2019

Pro Fitness 24 is hands down the best gym I've ever been a member of. So much better than the large scale gym's that are always crowded and have staffs that treat you like just another number. Pro Fitness has all kinds of equipment, it's never crowded so you don't have to wait to use any of the equipment, the owner is friendly and genuinely cares about your well being instead of just collecting the monthly fee like all the other gym's I've been a member of. 5 out of 5 and would absolutely recommend. More...


Alex Sandy

30 September 2018

For 5 months I’ve been training with Roy. Before the training I’ve told him what the goal I’m trying to reach within 6 months. Within those 5 months so far, 3 things that I have been appreciative the most. 1.proper form of lifting 2. Proper dieting, which I truly enjoy because now I can go in the grocery store and KNOW what exactly to get to ALWAYS maintain a good healthy diet and reach the diet and body fat% goal. I now will never have to figure out what to buy to stay on a healthy track. And the 3rd reason is what makes pro fitness24 a very special place and Roy a very good trainer. I told Roy 4yrs ago I had a total hip replacement and when it came to leg day there was but so much I could push myself to the limits to do. And I’ve always done legs exercises in the past that the doctor told me to do. But I’ve never done exercises to actually isolate and strengthen the hip it’s self. The hip replacement help me to have no more pain and more mobility but Roy’s training helped me to isolate and build strength around the hip which I began to feel a big difference in the hip especially walking up stairs. The point is Roys’s fitness care for your needs, as along as YOU are willing and determined to get the job done. Roy is a great and cool guy. More...


Dee C.

25 November 2017

As a working adult, I find it difficult to commit to a workout routine. With a wedding coming up in less than a year, I knew I had to do something. After seeing results from several other working ladies, I called Roy at Pro Fitness. There were several different training options, each with a different length of contract and price point. I chose a two-day per week workout routine.Since starting, I have stuck with the schedule. Having a trainer helps to keep you accountable and it really helped me. I also love that the gym is open 24 hours. As a working woman, finding time can be difficult. The trainers are pretty flexible with their availability as well. Each session is different than the last. Some sessions may be small group, while others may be 1:1, depending on who else is signed up at that day and time. I was slightly skeptical of the small groups at first, but it really helped to make the routines more fun!As far as the training itself, I am very pleased with the routines and difficulty level. As stated above, Roy is my trainer, he does a great job with strength training exercises. I am so please with the difference in my biceps and overall arm strength after working out for 4 months! Chelsie is also a trainer at Pro 24. She does a great job helping you learn proper form and I've heard her around the gym giving encouragement to her clients. Regardless of who you choose, you will be challenged and held accountable, you will see results. You will feel better after the first few sessions and after a month, you can really see results in both your strength and the way your clothes fit! More...


Greg Thomas II

7 August 2017

Roy and his staff are great. The equipment is well maintained and the have nutritional shakes!


Travis G

26 October 2016

Pro Fit 24 has been my favorite gym so far. *********** has provided the perfect equipment variety and weight ranges for all kinds of fitness goals. His knowledge and experience of the world of fitness and his ability to assess goals and prepare guidelines and directions is perfect for anyone that needs any type of advice or tips or simply a work out and nutrition plan. His leadership creates a humble, yet powerful place to excercise and network. I would highly recommend this gym to everyone of all ages with any type of fitness goals in mind. More...


Jack D.

19 October 2016

Professional, up to date, works with all schedules, very clean and friendly to everyone.


Jeannette Sugg

7 August 2015

Great Facility....Love the Equipment! No Crowds and good atmosphere!


Doug Causey

7 August 2015

Roy is a great trainer and his boot camps are just what I needed. He is an excellent motivator but will not push you beyond your limits but he does expect maximum effort. I been going to him for 2 months and I am extremely pleased with my progress! More...