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You start feeling better the moment you step into the Personal Best building. Maybe it’s the family atmosphere, or it could simply be knowing that the practice’s ten-strong team of professionals are ready to focus on helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Whether you’re a devoted sportsperson, recovering from injury or illness, seeking pain relief, or simply want to improve your overall wellbeing, Personal Best can tailor-make a health and fitness programme that meets your individual needs and moves at your pace.

Part clinic, part fitness studio, Personal Best is the brainchild of Chiropractor Kristine Hagen and Personal Trainer Carl Benton, partners who felt there was a local need for a practice that offered the integrated ‘Health House’ concept pioneered in Scandinavia.

Opened in 2001, Personal Best offers a wide choice of expert services and continually enhances them to reflect the latest research. There’s another major plus too – unlike some fitness-only chains, you don’t have to sign up for a membership you may rarely use.

So, if you think it’s about time you started feeling better, Personal Best is the perfect place to begin.

personal best studio Reviews

personal best studio Reviews

Review of personal best studio by Daniel Edgeworth
5 27/11/2018 Daniel Edgeworth

A fantastic facility that caters for all fitness and wellbeing . The service and attention to detail is second to none .

Review of personal best studio by Matthew Beardshall
5 30/05/2018 Matthew Beardshall

Personal, holistic and professional. A great team.

Review of personal best studio by Annie Franklin
5 11/10/2017 Annie Franklin

Carl's stretch class is just the right balance between challenging and achievable. I come away smiling from his upbeat approach with my body feeling more fluid and flexible. I recommend it to everyone.

Review of personal best studio by Natalie Wooldridge
5 04/10/2017 Natalie Wooldridge

Carl and the team are amazing. I attend the Circuits class which is small, personal and motivating and gives results! Because of the smaller class sizes the experience is never daunting, especially if you are a newbie. The circuit changes from week to week to keep things fresh and the music choice is always very fitting! I have also used Kristine who is an excellent Chiropractor, working her magic on all types of aches and pains. The whole team are super efficient and friendly which just completes this experience. Highly recommended on all levels. Thank you Personal Best.

Review of personal best studio by Katherine Morrison
5 28/09/2017 Katherine Morrison

Always helpful, caring and professional.

Review of personal best studio by Simon Harwood
5 11/07/2017 Simon Harwood

Very professional, caring , modern, enthusiastic,

Review of personal best studio by Thomas Bjørnå
5 06/01/2017 Thomas Bjørnå

Review of personal best studio by Lucinda Dangerfield
5 18/12/2015 Lucinda Dangerfield

I'm enjoying the stretch classes :) Everyone here is professional and friendly and there is a nice atmosphere. Studio is very clean and a wide range of services are offered. Easy to park and would definitely recommend.

Review of personal best studio by Paul Naybour
5 24/03/2014 Paul Naybour

The team and personal best have been fantastic as sorting out my back pain long term. No only do they sort out acute pain but though exercise also sort out long term problems. Highly recommended

Review of personal best studio by Steve Henderson
5 14/01/2014 Steve Henderson

This is a great gym. run by the most professional and enthusiastic trainers I have encountered in my many years of "gym" experience. Carl seems to put a different twist of the exercises and routines. lovely surroundings. Also great physio department. If you are considering personal training then look no further.

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1, Frogmarsh Mill, South Woodchester, Stroud GL5 5ET, UK

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Chiropractors are regulated primary healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat problems with the bones, joints, muscles and nerves. Our Chiropractor begins by asking you about your medical history and lifestyle before giving you a full physical examination to locate the cause of the problem. We only accept patients we can help, so if the Chiropractor feels you won’t benefit from this form of therapy, she will always offer you a direct referral to an appropriate specialist. People of all ages and occupations benefit from our Chiropractic clinic – from toddlers to seniors, from sports professionals to office workers. As well as relieving many kinds of musculoskeletal pain, we can often help with headaches arising from the neck, and with migraines. Chiropractors use a range of treatment techniques –including hands-on manipulation of the spine and soft tissues. This is safe and generally painless, although there may be some initial discomfort if joints are already sore. We follow up any remedial treatment by giving you advice on prevention. This may include tips on posture and how to avoid damage caused by everyday activities such as lifting or twisting. We may also recommend strengthening and stabilising exercises to correct imbalances that may have contributed to the problem.

Personal Training

People choose personal training for many reasons. They might need the motivational push of a regular one-to-one session. They may want expert help to exercise safely following an injury or health problem. Or they may feel previous attempts to get fit on their own haven’t met their expectations. Your trainer will start by getting to know you and understanding exactly what you want to achieve before working with you to tailor-make a programme that delivers the right outcome. All our programmes include a mix of disciplines and methods designed to build and maintain your strength, stability, flexibility and agility. As well as being highly effective, they’re challenging, full of variety, never tedious, and great fun. We also offer training with a partner for those who want to share the joy of achievement, or who feel a little mutual encouragement would help. Our trainers will adjust the programme so that each partner benefits even if their fitness levels and goals differ.

Foot Health Clinic

Feet put up with a lot and deserve more attention. Our Chiropodist/Podiatrist is qualified to provide expert care for these neglected extremities. Many people still wait far too long – often in pain – before getting professional help for their feet. The Personal Best foot care specialist will diagnose any problems and provide treatments specially tailored for you in our comfortable and well-equipped clinic. He carries out nail surgery of all kinds, cures fungal infections, attends to bunions, manages the full range of skin-related problems, and helps to alleviate pain involving the foot joints, arches, shins and knees – often working with our Chiropractor to identify the underlying cause. Our foot expert also provides specialist foot care for patients with diabetes. Insole Fitting The causes of pain and discomfort in areas such as the back, legs and feet are not always located where the pain is felt but can result from the knock-on effects of problems elsewhere. Often these are related to poor posture, pelvic misalignment, differing leg lengths or extreme variations in muscle tone. Using a holistic approach, our foot health and Chiropractic teams can analyse your posture and use this information to make special orthotic insoles or inserts for your shoes. These help to correct underlying problems, relieving the pressure and stresses that lead to pain and breaking the chain of cause and effect.

sports therapy

With in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, our sports therapists are able to understand the dynamics of injury and provide practical help. Common problems include ligament sprains and muscle strains, tendonitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee, shin splints, impact traumas, and many more. While most injuries are easy to identify, the causes are not always obvious and our intrepid therapists will always try to find and treat the source of the trouble. Their expertise encompasses recovery, rehabilitation and prevention. After making a careful evaluation of the injury, they will often use a mix of clinic and studio facilities to ensure clients get the best possible treatment and outcome – a major advantage of Personal Best’s integrated approach.


Massage Our sports and remedial massage therapists apply an array of massage and advanced soft-tissue techniques to soothe away the aches and pains of sport. They relax tight muscles and break up adhesions or knots in muscle fibres – not just reducing pain but enhancing healing and restoring optimum muscle function. Kinesio Taping Increasingly seen in the world of sport. Kinesio Tape is a shaped adhesive material which can be stretched and applied to the skin at strategic points. Our therapists use its elastic properties to ease joint motion and encourage correct alignment of weakened muscles. Its lifting effect on the skin may also encourage healing.


We restrict all classes to no more than ten, ensuring everyone gets plenty of individual attention. In our Circuit classes, we help you use your own body weight and body resistance in conjunction with a range of functional training equipment – from kettle bells to freeform boards – to achieve an all-over ‘burn’ that builds your fitness week by week. Our Stretch classes are based on the ‘movement is medicine’ principle. By mobilising joints and strengthening muscles, they combat the effects of modern lifestyles that limit our range of movement and contribute to pain and discomfort. And when you can move better, you move more.

Natural Facial Treatments

Improving your wellness isn’t all hard work. It’s important to take some time out for unashamed pampering – and we’ve got just the thing... Skin, looks and feels best when it’s relaxed, well-hydrated and nurtured by good circulation. So we’ve added a touch of pure indulgence to our treatment list. Following a consultation to determine your skin type and needs, our specialist will prepare a bespoke facial designed especially for you using the very best natural products. Rich in plant and anti-oxidant botanicals, these nourish and calm the skin, working gently yet effectively to relax, rejuvenate and restore. These treatments incorporates oriental facial massage, so by the time you leave, your skin will be glowing and fresh. Just remember, if anyone says you look radiant – you can always tell them you’ve been working out at the gym.

Golf Specific Training

Our qualified Titleist Performance Trainer helps golfers improve their game fitness and reduce the risk of injury. The trainer first carries out a series of specialist screening tests to identify any physical restrictions that prevent you from achieving the optimum positions, holding them through the swing, and connecting properly with the ball. Next, our trainer will design an exercise programme that corrects these restrictions by improving your postural strength, stability, mobility and power. You’ll also be given pre and post golf routines to help your body perform better and prevent injury.

Shock wave Therapy

This non-surgical treatment uses compressed air to direct precisely-targeted pressure impulses at damaged tissues in tendons, ligaments and muscles. By stimulating blood flow within the affected area, regeneration is boosted and pain reduced. Shockwave has a high success rate with a range of chronic injuries.

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