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We offer a quality and professional cleaning service, whether it is just a room or a full sized house/apartment we have a dedicated cleaning team to ensure all your dirty woes goes away, we operate 7 days a week 24/hours in a day to suit your time, our services include the following:



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We have been in the cleaning industry for a year, started as a family run business to now because of our success we have now professional cleaners join us and deliver the same quality service we treasure the most for our clients homes.

we bring our own equipment, however if you have specific cleaning requirements/equipment then we would be more than happy to accommodate, we always put you first.

What we love most is the satisfaction we give to our clients once they see the work we have done, we pride on putting our customers needs first and by doing so we can guarantee quality of service, we love what we do because we know the industry and understand the importance of living in a clean home.

Moving in to our new home I witnessed a horrible odor and saw all rooms was not clean and surprisingly i wasn't the only one in the area who suffered from this so me and my partner decided to help and clean the local area houses, especially those moving into the new area, from this it clicked to us that we can expand and begin working on bigger houses and apartments.

We cherish your satisfaction over anything combining that with our desire and love for cleaning brings a great relationship for both us and yourself, we have a dedicated team to not just do the basic cleaning but ensure your home stays clean for a long duration of time, your happy home is our happy home and it starts of with being clean, so choosing us we guarantee to make your home feel and smell like heaven.