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Nancy Lockington

My new best friends...Dean Kotopski and Dr. Chan are amazing!!!


Jenny Simpson

My recovery is in full swing because of the staff of Performax.


Rocky Okoye

Dean And Dr Chan are my life savers, literally!! They always heal me up in a very quick manner and get me back to competition and work. Miracle workers! Go see them! The best around, hands down! More...


Kimberli Lues

After 7 years of lower back and pelvic pain, and being passed around to multiple professionals, I am now able to play with my kids, walk, bike, hike, or whatever I want thanks to Dean. He knew exactly what was wrong at the first appointment and explained exactly what was happening. Finally someone knew what they were talking about. THANK YOU DEAN! You gave me my life back! More...


Saugar Takhar

Dean is the best
Nothing but good service to get me healthy


Jim Merke

Dean Kotopski is the best in the business and a friggn' rock star!

I've been seeing him every day for a week and I'm no longer crawling on my hands and knees to get up my stairs. I've got a slight limp still but I'm honestly considering returning to work...probably Monday or Tuesday.

He's incredible! Good Luck! Don't hesitate seeing him so you can start healing right away!

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