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Jim Longfield

11 November 2018

10 Months ago, We had our engagement Photos Shot.. And we were pleased, It was an entirely outside shoot done at a nearby park, It was a cloudless day, uncomfortably hot, and The park had filled up with other people during the shoot, We didn't have a single problem..

Fast Forward to 2 Days prior the wedding, My Wife had a special shoot done when she picked up her wedding dress. I Didn't get to see these until after the Ceremony, and i was BLOWN away. They worked with the Bridal shop (Vera's House of Bridal) to get some of the best pictures i've seen to date.

And finally, they shot the wedding we had on March 21st, 2015.. and I'm speechless.

Their attention to detail, as well as the quality of photography is Some Top Notch stuff.. They arrived Exceptionally early to the wedding, and began taking Macro Shots of darn near everything relevant to the wedding.. The teasers we saw recently were beautiful, They captured all the "Once-in-a-lifetime" moments we could have asked for (My face when seeing my beautiful wife in the wedding dress, The PERFECT photo of the dove release, Dancing, and so many others)

They worked with the Videographer before hand to coordinate what equipment would be on site and how they could work together to ensure each team captured what we needed/wanted, as well as additional creative ideas both of them had, They worked with the venue prior to the wedding to ensure they had access to any areas they thought would compliment the moments we were interested in capturing. Easily The simplest aspect of planning our wedding

We will definitely be using Perfect Patience Photography for any and all future professional needs.. So good..


Hannah Goeman

11 November 2018

My husband and I found Sara and Trevor as a recently engaged couple as they were offering a special for an engagement shoot. Obviously this was a big amount of trust to put in photographers when we had never met or seen their work before. They were so easy to get along with, and such a fun couple to work with! The pictures, were BEAUTIFUL.
December rolled around and we wanted some family pictures for Christmas. The weather ended up being freezing cold. However, the pictures, were BEAUTIFUL.
The following May our son was turning 2 years old. The pictures turned out so good that we passed the disk through family members because everyone wanted copies.
Finally, our most recent experience with Sara and Trevor was May 27th, 2017. Our wedding day. Prior to, we met with them both to go over details of the big day. They worked with us on what type of pictures we were looking for, and we even had a practice photo shoot day for just myself (the bride) to make sure I liked what I looked like for the day of. This, by the way, was BEYOND a success as I realized what I thought I wanted with my hair, was not at all what I wanted. Those practice pictures were taken at the capitol and myself, my mother, and now my husband could not believe how well they turned out and how unique they were.
Finally, we just had the pleasure of seeing some of our wedding photos on the preview that they made for us and we are speechless. They payed attention to small detail, and they captured moments that I didn't even see that day. The ENTIRE wedding day ran so smoothly with them. I have already had multiple people ask me about their services for their own or their children's wedding day.
Needless to say that we have had several pictures done with Perfect Patience Photography and a variety at that and we have never even been slightly disappointed.
I will highly recommend for absolutely any occasion. We are so thankful to have found them and know that we will never have to look any further �

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