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Pepper Mountain Media offers the one thing that YOU are looking for. RESULTS! Our strategies and understanding of AI (Artificial Intelligence) allow us to create hyper-targeted leads for our clients. In many cases, we can reduce your cost per lead by 50%-75%.



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I love being able to take an idea or product and create profit. Nowadays there are so many ways to "market". But with the online platforms, you are able to gain data and insights that actually prove what that you did worked. I love showing that to our clients.

I have always loved computers, processes, and I am borderline OCD. With a mix of those traits and an eye for graphic design, I have slowly molded and moved my way into running a Digital Marketing Agency. I see the future moving in that direction and I feel I can help others to gain exposure through these awesome online platforms.

Because we offer RESULTS! We come from a completely different angle. Our data is hyper-targeted and exclusive to us and our partners. We have developed and narrowed in on a few select niches, offering you some of the lowest Costs per Lead in the industry. The AI that we work with can pinpoint the moment when a customer is ready to "make the decision." Cutting out wasted effort on "Cold" or "Warm" audiences. We jump straight to "HOT" audiences giving you incredibly low costs on leads, but more importantly. These leads are ready to buy! So it makes you closing the leads easier and with a much higher rate.


We offer full service Web Creation, design, and management. - Web Design/Management - Content Creation - Merchant Service Integration - Social Media Integration for websites - Pixel/ Google Tag Manager Integration

We will completely update, optimize, and automate your ads to help bring in high demand clients. Ones that are actually ready to purchase from you. If you want to "grow your business" or "gain exposure" then this is the way to do it. Our strategies are proven to cost 25%-75% less than traditional strategies because of our BIG data.