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PeakFit Steength & Condition

San dimas, California, los angeles

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PeakFit Steength & Condition

San dimas, California, los angeles



Peakfit Strength '& Conditioning is a private personal training center that offers weight-loss, muscle tone, strength, boxing, flexibility, core and nutrition coaching. We do this in the from of Personal Training, Semi-private and small group training.


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Aron Gunstream

31 July 2019

joined today and justly my evaluation, I could tell this is going to work! Scared but I know Lamonte and others will only let me push me.


Lorrie Goff

10 July 2019

I love the trainers and how they change up the workouts. They also really work with my health problems.


Elsa Ferrell

9 July 2019

Great trainers and workouts. I can see the difference and my endurance is so much better. They also helped me strengthen my knee after an injury.


Lori Alvarez

4 July 2019

Amazing team of instructors and they take it slow and steady at your pace with just enough push to to move you to the next level and increase your strength and form as to keep from getting inured! Fantastic team!


Mike Armendariz

8 April 2019

Lamont is such a gifted trainer. He's been training me for about 4 months and the resulrs are showing. It's more than just exercising. I've learned so much about food and the mental battle. I highly recommend coming here. More...


christina yassa

8 April 2019

I’ve been going to peak fitness for almost a year now. Monte is great trainer and very dedicated to make sure his clients get the best results. I’ve always wanted to do boxing and am so happy I found a place where I can do that! More...


Candace Bogan

8 January 2019

Before joining PeakFit , I weighed 221 pounds. When I signed up for the foundational classes there were 3 items where I wanted to see improvement: weight loss, energy and endurance. And within the first month all of these were present. In the first 4 weeks I lost 10 pounds, felt more energetic and could work out longer. At 4 months I have successfully lost 35 pounds! I feel stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. I would definitely recommend it to individuals seeking great results. More...


Larissa Godinez-Morales

8 November 2018

LaMonte has so much experience in the fitness industry and is very well known and trusted by many!! He is patient and extremely knowledgeable with the emotional components of food. He strives to bring you to a level of your absolute best self both mentally and physically! More...


Velia Franco

8 October 2018

Lamonte is by far one of the most amazing coaches I’ve ever worked with. He is so patient and caring. I seeked him after deciding I wanted to do powerlifting. He has pushed me beyond my limits and continues to do so. He makes sure you are taking care of yourself physically and mentally. More...


Nick Bryant

8 September 2018

Highly recommend going here! Pushes you very hard and you see results quickly!!


Ro Riv

8 September 2018

Lamont & his team of trainers are great to work with! I felt like my boys & I really got the personal attention you just don't get at a chain gym. Will definitely continue our relationship with PeakFit! More...


Angie Lopez

8 September 2018

Happy I found this place. I always feel great after my workouts. LaMonte and Matt are amazing trainors. If you’re looking for a place to workout and feel good, this is the place to be...work hard feel strong and get results. ‍♀️ More...


Isaiah Rivera

8 August 2018

Lamonte is the best! I definitely recommend this place!


Elizabeth Gonzalez

23 March 2018

PeakFit Strength and Conditioning has been amazing. It's been an awesome experience with Matt and LaMonte. I have learned a lot from Matt, and LaMonte has challenged me enough to squat my goal weight in just a few weeks. Thanks to them I feel stronger and more confident in my workouts. Great team and awesome place to get your workout on! More...


Crystal Volpe

24 January 2018

LaMonte is a gym owner who cares about you and your progress. He is an excellent trainer and employs others who understand fitness and safety. Great place to work out and get personal attention. More...


Alfred Mindbender

20 January 2018

After a year+ layoff, due to injury, I came back, because I know LaMonte and his staff know their stuff. Everything scaled to the individual, not "one size fits all"... I'm getting results already, do I know I made the right choice to come back! Thank you, Peak Fit ��� More...


Noah Hennig

4 August 2017

I did my senior project on benefits of cross training on long distance runners. I did this by training with Lamont for 3 months over the summer. Lamont had to be, hands down, the best trainer I've ever had. Not only did I gain strength in running and overall performance but he taught me life lessons along the way. I liked it so much there that I came back for another 4 months before leaving for college. Overall, it's the best gym I've ever been to. More...


Angela Marburger

13 April 2017

I am very happy with the one on one training I get here. They offer other things such as boot camp, crosstraing, etc. I know any program varies, but when you find the right one stick with it!!


Amanda Munro

4 April 2017

Love this place. Been here for a year now, LaMonte and Matt are great! Everyone motivates you and treats you like family. Different workouts everyday and great for all fitness levels.


South Hills Country Club

27 March 2017

I have been going to Peak Performance on and off for 8 years. The reasons I have stepped away is not because of the excellence of the way Lamonte runs his gym, but because of my own laziness. This gym is perfect for the person looking to have a more personal experience. The instructors work with you personally, helping you correct your movements for safety and motivate you to push yourself beyond those plateaus we all face when working out. Because of my belief in Lamonte and Peak Performance, I have brought their program to South Hills Country Club. Offering our members the ability to benefit from a fit lifestyle.... If you are looking for a customizable experience, flexible hours, and coaches who focus more on you then their phones, you must try Peak Performance. More...


Amanda Lotz

7 October 2016

I love this place. Great workout, everyone motivates you and its a place where everyone feels like family.


Marisol Duarte-Johnson

26 February 2014

Love it!


Michelle Esparza

14 February 2014

Awesome!!! Enjoy every moment I spend here!!!! I highly recommend joining!!!!


Isabel Martinez

9 December 2013

Awesome workout partners! The coaches go out of the way to help you and teach you the correct movement's. I'm glad this is my home (gym).


I help clients achieve their goals by listening to their desires and giving them feed back based on their ability. Once we have agreed on a practical program designed for them I empower them through accountability. Every client must except full responsibility of their goals and understand they are the primary source to make this happen. I provide them with all the necessary tools to achieve success. This is done through balanced life coaching.

The secret to getting the body of your dreams is to know specifically what you want. If you don't we Coach you through your desires to find out to in order to create the right program. We believe your dreams begin in your mind and we can help you understand this mind and body connection you become unstoppable.

What Love most about my career is empowering others to have success. I get self self fulfillment in helping others reach goals and become the best version of self.

I was inspired to become a Coach because I'm fulfilled by helping others. In order for me to do this it was imperative for me to break away from the average nine to five. The liberty of understanding my purpose allowed me to be courageous enough to follow my heart. My client see that and it separates me from other Coaches.

My clients should choose me if the want a transformation. Unlike, many Coaches I understand transformation starts from with in. When anyone partners with me they are not only getting a physical fitness Coach they are getting some who understands the mind/body emotional connection to get them unstuck.