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Peaceful Life

st george, bristol, Bristol

1 hire on Bark
Peaceful Life  logo

Peaceful Life

st george, bristol, Bristol

1 hire on Bark


PeacefulLife offers freedom from stress and anxiety,
release from pain and depression, resolution of addictions
and negative life patterns and help to overcome sleep disorders.
We also help people to achieve deep levels of rest, relaxation and meditation.



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The chance to genuinely help change someone's life for the better.
The gratitute I recieve makes the hard work, more than worth-while.

My Master taught me the ancient principles of Usui-Reiki and I hold dear to the teaching that this healing should be shared for the benefit of all.
I always make sure my prices are affordable in order to allow access to as many people as possible.
If you help someone and make them happy, it causes a ripple effect, touching everyone they meet that day.....do the job well and the ripple spreads far.

Because I care about people enough to want to help improve their lives and the lives of the people around them.
I am always available to offer advise between treatments and I am here to listen.


Help overcoming insomnia, broken sleep and negative dreaming.

Tools and techniques for overcoming stress and anxiety. Deep meditations allowing the subconscious to highlight issues that can then be worked through consciously with your therapist.

Help to reduce pain and accelerate healing from injuries. Tools and techniques to help consciously manage pain.