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9 July 2019

Don't hire this pro!
As I stated in my earlier review, the standard of cleaning was quite good at the start. Unfortunately, it deteriorated to the point that one week Paul did not show up at all. When I queried him in an email, he politely responded that he had had a problem: He had arrived to do the work, only to discover that he had not brought our house key with him. He then said that he had emailed me on the afternoon of the day he was to arrive, but I didn't receive the email until the following day. The time-stamp on the email read "02:08am" and the subject said "This was sent at 12:15". Clearly, he doesn't know about email time-stamping!
I then got an email asking me to pay up front for two cleans as he was going on holiday and had to pay his "staff". I didn't like the sound of this and this was the second time he has asked for payment before delivery of services. I turned him down the first time (I won't pay anyone before services) and I turned him down, again but this time I terminated him. I then asked him to return my house key. He said he would. No problem. And then...

Bottom line is: HE DID NOT RETURN MY HOUSE KEY. It's been 2 weeks now. In the end, he was again untruthful with me and said that he had posted them and that they were out of his hands.

We didn't think that was true - so we had to call a locksmith and have the locks changed. That was a pain.

Advice? Don't hire this pro. I can be very complimentary when I am pleased but now I am so annoyed by the unpleasantness of interactions with this pro that I withdraw my earlier review.



6 June 2019

I found Paul through a friend that he cleans for. As my previous cleaner went away and I was starting to get frustrated with them.
I explained to Paul that they were paid for 6 hours per week , however there here sometimes for only an hour or two of them.
He explained to me they charge on hourly rate per person so if he said 6 hours and two people came that they would be there for 3.
I totally understood it when he explained.

Anyway Paul and one of his young team members came alone and they did an amazing job In 3 hours they cleaned my skirting boards doors they polished my hard floors with a scrubber buffer it felt amazing.
They managed to get mould off the bathroom.
And the black mould around my sills wow.
I have seen his review from Lisa and can see why she was so impressed.

Paul and his team also used a magic sponge to get rid of these marks and grease on the walls in my children’s walls at first I was very worried but the after results are amazing and you guys even got the pen of baby’s room.

What’s more was I had a Lino in the kitchen that looks like a bright wood effect but has started to look grey I was telling him not to worry as I thought I may change it. I loved how it used to look when I brought it.
When I came back home I could not believe it. It looked brand new.
I had to call him and ask how he did it, he told me just steam and a lot of wipes.

Now let’s talk windows he told me they don’t do outside which was fine . They did do the inside but I had black mould around windows a damp now they look back to the way they were before he had put pots of salt by them and told me to change them daily.

The bonus feature for me. The beds!!!! He makes beds and very well may I add.

Paul charges my husband and I £16 per hour for 5 hours a week sometimes I ask if he can do ironing which is a separate charge but there are so much more that Paul does.

Last week I asked for an oven clean
Which I have a big oven and canopy he charged me £79.99 plus vat my oven was a mess I have children who forget to tell me when there pizza toppings and cheese have melted into the bottom or my eldest son who cooks bacon and leaves the fat to drip it was bad. I started to get smoke everytime I cooked.
Now it looks like it’s brand new this is one of the best ever cleans I have seen on an oven and Paul is very ocd with his oven I would give him 6 stars for this.

I have Had my carpets cleaned with him this week and that was my cueing on the cake they smell so fresh and feel great on my feet wow.

Now I have booked Paul to do my painting of hallway.
I cannot tell you out come just yet but value for money is amazing is there nothing this guy can’t do .
I can’t recomend this guy enough he had some bad reviews I have seen but after speaking with him.
That was due to a bad break up between partners and staff that he has now got rid of and started again. And I am telling you hire this man he really has a passion for this. He had gone back to his roots and started the couple bad reviewers were because of previous partner Paul is now a sole trader.
I will honestly say he has not let me down From the start

Thank you Paul I will keep my ear to the ground for you keep up that amazing work


George konvasos

6 June 2019

They came to clean our catering kitchen and therelated attention to detail was amazing. They did tell me it would take a few hours. We were charged accordingly however theyou took 6 hours there were no charge there stare mentioned of we stay until it's done was true.
We have now booked our quarterly cleans with Paul.
You saved us alot of money and we now went from a 3* to 5* thankyou so much


Jerrica Ferguson

11 May 2019

If I could, I wouldn’t give any stars and I’m not one for writing reviews. Especially negative ones as I like to give people the benefit of the doubt..... HOWEVER this is more of a warning against this company for you not to use!! They are completely unprofessional, deliver a sub standard service-when they actually turn up (only once in my case) and they are completely unable to manage expectations. The icing on the cake is that they owe me money. Not a huge amount. But enough to completely rile me for their dishonesty and the fact they have all vanished off the face of the earth when I try to contact them. Please be cautious!! More...



8 May 2019

Unfortunately after months of trying to work with this company to rectify a poor service I have been forced to leave this review.

I hired PCS Pro to undertake an end of tenancy cleaning. The unprofessionalism started with the company arriving to the property hours before scheduled, even after I asked for notice if the company was going to come early since my new residence is far away from my previous.

When I arrived in a rush to give PCS Pro the key, I was reluctant to leave, and I was told multiple times that I should. It makes sense why this is their policy, as it means they can leave without any check on the standard. They also ask for payment before, which again reinforces their incentive to deliver a poor service.

PCS Pro did not properly clean, dust and left crumbs, pet hair and appliances dirty. As the standard of cleaning was not discovered until the check out date, which meant it was too late to have rectified before the inventory clerk arrived, I had to pay for a second cleaning through the estate agents, and proceeded to ask for compensation from PCS Pro.

After arguing with me about the quality of service, providing personal circumstances as excuse and asking for proof of the standard including written proof from the inventory clerk, and after I provided this, Paul agreed to a partial refund. This was on 18/03.

I then engaged in a multi-month e-mail exchange asking for the refund I had been promised, and on an ongoing basis PCS Pro said the refund would or had been made. I believe this tactic is being done to crowd me out so that I eventually forget or got sick of asking. I do not believe that PCS Pro ever intended or does intend to make the refund.

In short, this cleaning company provides a poor quality of service and the poorest customer service I’ve ever experienced in any sector. I’ve never been lied to by a company on such an ongoing basis and I’ve never seen such poor cleaning service delivered.

I will modify this review if anything changes, but will also be lodging a complaint with Trading Standards.

I’m sorry PCS Pro, but I have been patient and understanding thus far, and I understand you are building your business, but you have to realise that your customers’ happiness is the main priority.


27 February 2019

Well… the first thing I noticed was the smell; how fresh and clean our home smelled! It was the smell of refreshed carpets and washed walls; a clean oven and a thorough dusting. We have had a bi-weekly cleaning service for nearly a decade and I have not ever been as impressed as I was after your Deep Clean. The walls and doors, light switches and surround were sparkling! The smudges on the wall up the staircase (a reminder of a boiler replacement 2 years ago!) were gone. The kitchen floor was at least a shade lighter than before the deep clean. The stove was immaculate. Corners on the floors were clean and the carpets – oh, so fresh… !!! We are both very pleased, indeed! Cobwebs? What cobwebs??! I’m sure there are numerous other points to make but those will be revealed in time….

The morning after: The sun shone through the sparkling windows, I had slept very well - given that the air was so fresh. Walking around barefoot, my husband and I realised that the carpets and floors were SO CLEAN that our feet felt wonderful on the floor.

Not a trivial point: Caroline and Paul are a very pleasant couple: They are easy to talk with and very clear about what services they offer. I was even able to ask for an extra service the day before their first Deep Clean of our home. They are very good at putting folks at ease and I felt solidly comfortable leaving them to work while *I* went to work.

All I want to say is - Thank you very much, Caroline and Paul, for helping us get our house up to standard!

Bravo, you two and we look forward to working with you in the very near future as we are looking to have a regular clean.

Warm wishes,
Lisa & Steve F.

Thank you so much Lisa and Steve, such a beautiful review , Were so happy that you enjoy our services . we are very delighted that we have managed to bring happiness to your home, i look forward to working with you in the near future, just know were always there for our customers. Again thank you for such kind words. Paul


S. Doyle

10 February 2019

Efficient, reliable.did a good job in a very pleasant way. Good to contact me with regard to timings etc.

Thankyou Mrs Doyle. It was a pleasure to work with you. If you ever need anything else be sure to contact me. Kindest regards Paul



6 February 2019

I took these guys on via a recommendation.
Absolutely amazing at what they do, our dad is disabled and the house had become really dirty.
Not a grumble or moan about anything, 100% clear and honest throughout.
I never thought it was possible for the house to look like a home again. They've done it, thank you just. Thank you absolutely amazing humans

Thank you Gemma, you were one of our favorite families to work for so much tea offered. thank-you glad we could help



3 February 2019

Hired for a 6 hour deep clean, the service was absolutely incredible. Thorough clean and professional workers. I'd hire them again in a heartbeat!

Thank you Frank for your response, you know where we are if you ever need us again.



3 February 2019

The worst service I have ever had . Didn’t clean said was there for 6 hours . Stole my keys and threatened with police . The company shouldn’t be up and running More...

good afternoon how disgusting t you can put this review on . i will now seek legal advice as this has gone on for long enough, we have told you we have time stamped pictures to prove our time there, during the meeting you never asked us to move your chairs as we would of said, i feel that now to show the people the pictures we have of your mold sinks and cob webs dust on walls. this deformation of character means i will be pursuing legal action against you. and the stench of cannabis in your shop too. we worked hard and we have spoken to police to as this is a civil matter. How you can say we did not clean... and your cctv will also show the times how dare you call us lairs . Please be aware ill be applying for a cease and desist order towards you and then peruse this deformation of character. ill also be willing to show anybody that reads this photographic proof of this shop,including the fact that the strong smell of cannabis and paraphernalia that was there, i personally cannot believe how dirty there sinks had become. i feel name and shame is now necessary but first ill speak with my legal team. regards Paul shah



28 January 2019

Very prompt in contacting me. Was the same day I posted looking for an oven ckeaner. Paul did a brlliant job with my single oven and hob . Would definitely recommend.

Thank you Rose for your great feedback, please don't hesitate to call me if you need anything else. regards Paul Shah



27 January 2019

My oven and hood are so clean, wonderful professional service, I’m very pleased.

Thank you so much for you kind words, if there is ever anything else we can help with. don't hesitate to call us. Paul shah



27 January 2019

Great professional job, carried out to a high standard for a fair price. Would recommend.

Thank you Lucy, if there is anything else you ever need. Don't hesitate to call us.. it was our pleasure to help you.



26 January 2019

Really happy with communication and service. Would definitely recommend

Thank you so much. You're very welcome. Paul will be in touch re your extra requirements.



26 January 2019

Didn't hire through bark but have been. Asked to leave a message.
I used these guys for a one off spring clean.
Absolutely shocking the way they left my house. It's never been so clean.

After a few weeks I had to call them again.
Now th e y have a key and I never see them but I can come in and sit down to a clean house. All I can say is marriage savours



26 January 2019

I had Paul from PCS Pro Clean come round in January to deep clean my oven and cream carpets. I had family down from Scotland and when they left i thought i would need to replace my carpets, after Paul came round he got the carpets looking good as new! He was friendly and reliable. Would definetly recommend him. More...



17 January 2019

My brother recommended P.C.S to me after hiring them to clean his own house. Good price for amazing work, and I would absolutely hire again.



16 January 2019

Did a deep clean, amazing job. Would use again.


Mr smith hons

11 January 2019

We have three offices across Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We employed P.C.S. roughly a month ago.
They have been the best cleaning company we have used. They by far take pride in there jobs, there team is as highly motivated as the owners. Credit where credit is due.
Mr smith

Thank you so much, if you can spread the word that's how we will grow. I hope we continue to satisfy your needs.



10 January 2019

My landlord was over the moon went I handed the keys back at my end of tenancy check. These guys did me and themselves proud. Absolute beauty of a clean.

Yes your land lord is using us for two more properties thank you very much. I hope we can help you in the future.



10 January 2019

Wow... Never seen so much effort put into an oven clean. I needed this oven cleaned they said 3hours. I didn't think it could be done I have lived in this rented place for 3years. I had to have it cleaned to end tenancy but wow well done even the land lord said he wanted your number because you made it look brand new. Thank you so much if I here of anyone wanting cleans I'll tell them about you More...



9 January 2019

To be honest when I first met Paul, one of the owners he worried me with his tattoos. Sorry Paul, but once we spoke and saw his dedication to his job. I thought wow. To be honest we used his company for our end of tenancy agreement as the landlord was holding it back. But thanks to Caroline and her team Paul's company did a fantastic job. To be honest it was better than when we moved in I'll be using you again true hard workers More...


Tiffany Wood

8 January 2019

We didn't hire PCS through this site but have been asked to leave a review.
My cleaner Caroline has been cleaning our house for the last 2 months twice a week. She does an amazing job, you'd never know I have 3 football mad males in the house!


Lella Barber

8 January 2019

As a landlady I have used PCS for multiple end of tenancy cleans. They are punctual and show amazing attention to detail. The aftercare far surpasses expectations. With regards to this family cleaning company, Knowing they are fully insured also brings peace of mind More...


Carolina Fitzpatrick

8 January 2019

We've gone through many cleaners over the years. Paul and his team have been what we're looking for all those years.
They don't charge the earth and take great care of our diner. We even use them at home now. I'd recommend 1000% within a heartbeat. More...

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we have been in business now for around 9 months and growing very well 5 star ratings from all of our customers. we started just husband and wife now we have a team of 18 and still growing we believe a clean house shows a clean heart

Yes we do Bring our own supplies, however on Domestic homes we do ask if we can use there hover but can supply our own always.

The satisfaction of turning houses into homes. We believe a tidy environment gives way to a tidy mind.

My O.C.D i was told i should start my own business people will love the fact i will always try to do my best

Because we believe actions speak louder than words. We will always strive to create happy clients.