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I help businesses manage their staff, and make prompt payment for their salary in a a cost-effective payroll service tailored to our clients specific requirements. I manage your payroll, do all your payroll calculations and deductions, and deal with HMRC on your behalf.



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Experts in Payroll Management Struggling to find the right payroll solution? You’re not alone. Many businesses find it difficult to manage their payroll due to constantly changing legislation. The main updates happen each April, at the start of the new tax year, however other smaller updates are implemented at other times. It is essential that a company understand these changes and is able to apply them correctly. Typical updates to payroll legislation include things like changing tax thresholds, the introduction of new tax codes, changes to tax relief on pension contributions, updates to P45 / P46 procedures and changes around maternity / paternity leave pay and sick pay. The minimum wage is also updated annually. Your company can keep up to date with payroll legislation by becoming a member of PayRollsDirect. You will avoid the most common payroll problems and will be able to deliver accurate and timely payslips to your employees. Late payment of wages can lead to personal money problems for employees, such as cheques bouncing, mortgage payments being declined and unexpected bank charges, which will all cause high levels of stress. Employees will not stay long in a company that jeopardises the security of their family; therefore this situation must be avoided at all costs. My name is [your name] from PayRollsDirect and I can help you. I have helped businesses like yours by providing competitive and expert payroll services. Why Outsource? • Free Valuable Time - concentrate on growing your business • Increase Profitability – time is money and doing admin does not generate profits • Software - no need to install expensive software, that requires regular updates with high fees • Free phone helpline – 0800 612 2056 What we provide: Payroll preparation, E-Payslips, P45 & other payroll forms, Monthly payroll reports, Handling starters and leavers, Electronic submissions to HMRC, Free HR Documents, Templates & Fact Sheets Library More and more we find that outsourcing gives a lower cost and better quality solution. We see ourselves as an assistant ‘Finance Director’ of your business and will work with you to understand your requirements and devise the systems, processes and personnel mix to match your business needs, maximize the quality of information and minimize the cost to you. We would also highlight that our remote access services mean that several of our staff can keep closely involved with your business without running up unnecessary costs. We provide services to clients either on site or at our own premises. As data can be accessed from anywhere, work can be performed in different places and in our evaluation we will assess the best locations of different tasks. Knowing we have these areas in control, you can focus on making your business work for you. We can give you the optimal level of time at different skill levels to match your needs and budget.