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Using homeopathy & lifestyle changes, we offer the promise of No Cure - No Pay (with some realistic limitations)

Check out our home page for details: www.payaftercure.com

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Suhaib Siddique

23 April 2019

It is my first experience with payaftercure. One of my family member recommended us to only visit payaftercure for the treatment and no doubt everything went well till now. I have been provided treatment with great attention. I can freely discuss my problems here and every solution worked for me. It is the best online treatment option for people with great doctors. More...


Jaweria AbdulBasit

23 April 2019

I am having a great experience with PayAfterCure team. I consulted them alsmost 2 years back and my issues like severe back pain and sinus (blocked nose) are almost cured with their expert advice.Not only me, my whole family is being treated by them for their issues, and I also got genuine and natural suggestions from them whenever I consulted them for my kids few issues like toothache, earache, infant's teething fever and emotional disturbance. My kids are better now.I would recommend everyone to try Payaftercure if you are interested in natural cure. Many thanks to team PayAfterCure :) More...


AbdulBasit Makrani

23 March 2019

I and my family members have got treatment from PayAfterCure team of doctors which I highly recommend who believe in Homeopathic medicines and they're the best team of doctors you'll ever find anywhere.The best thing is you can get free treatment for 30 days and if you aren't satisfied with the treatment, you are not obliged to pay anything. Only if you wish to continue the treatment, you'll be asked to pay and that too a very reasonable fee.We've not only got cured with their treatment but also have learnt a lot many things to improve our health and lifestyle overall.Thank you! More...


sara amer

23 November 2018



Bringing health, relieving pain & suffering and then getting the genuine prayers.

No amount of money can replace the joy when the parent of an infant reports back that the child who had been suffering from high fever at night was fine the next morning or that a debilitating food poisoning case was 80% fine within 24 hrs or that a full body psoriasis was substantially better within one year and cured in three years and so on.

My own health problems which the allopathic doctors couldn't do anything about led me to a homeopath whose profound help got me closer to cure and subsequently to learning it myself.

We put our money where our mouth is, we believe that most illnesses can be cured or substantially improved with homeopathy. If you don't see the change that we are promising, you go free.
This (No Cure- No Pay) is the original promise of the founder of Homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann and we are not aware of anyone at this time who is able to promise it.