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Here at PawFection we provide a stimulating, social, safe and cage-free environment for your animal. Owned by a pet parent and animal lover, PawFection opened its doors to Los Angeles in April of 2013 offering doggie day care, grooming and overnight stays for your animal.


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Pee Wee H.

8 September 2019

I Miss Brandon Working There ! He used to make my dogs so happy. He would treat them so good & he was a all around hard worker.



7 September 2019

It the best



16 May 2019

We have boarded our labradoodle here as well as participated in the day care. This was the first time boarding her and I appreciated that they had a person on-site overnight. She also had an exit bath after boarding and all went smoothly. They have a webcam for day care and it was nice to check in on her while we were away. A lot of the times the dogs are in the room just hanging out/observing/sleeping but hey, that's what they do. More...


jerry givens

7 May 2019

I won't put my companions in the hands of any other services. PawFection is the go to care giver


Evan Dorn

28 April 2019

Local and reliable. I love this place. Just be careful: they are sticklers about you showing up on time!


Cinthia M.

16 March 2019

I cannot say enough about how great the staff at Pawfection are! We have 3 dogs, Lunch Box, Bowie and Elvis. Bowie is the largest day, a chocolate lab with anxiety and some aggression problems when visiting the groomers. Over the past year, he's grown more and more comfortable with his visits to Pawfection. This can only be because of how great the staff is with him! I highly recommend taking your pets here! More...


Patricia N.

3 March 2019

I just recently brought in my dog Poe for grooming and I'm very happy and relieved that he was SO well taken care of. Kristin did an amazing job and I can tell that she's a very patient & caring person. She was so thorough when asking about grooming preferences (which I appreciate) and I felt very comfortable handing over my shy pup. I love that the service is one dog at a time, as I'm always worried about Poe being left in a kennel all day. Kristin called to let me know that the grooming was finished in less than 2 hours! :) When I picked up Poe, he seemed so relaxed, he smelled amazing and his haircut was great!! A+++ we will be back! More...


Lucy Y.

2 March 2019

I recently started sending my Shiba Inu, Michi for day camp there and he absolutely loves it! Came at the recommendation of a friend who also sends her Shiba and so far I've been extremely impressed with the professionalism of the staff and how much fun my dog always has every time he goes. I was initially hesitant because prices are a bit steep compared to places like PetSmart day camp, but the fact that they require all dogs to take a temperament test before joining and provide a live stream camera of the room during business hours gives me peace of mind that I can always check up on him anytime. Highly recommend! More...


Kay G.

1 March 2019

Pawfection is simply perfection! We have been bringing our fur baby to Pawfection for a few months now for daycare. Our dog is super skittish and has insane separation anxiety. After a horrible experience with a popular dog sitting app where the sitter lost our dog for 3 days, we were nervous to try a daycare. Megan and the rest of the staff are incredible. They are skilled, personable, and genuine. Our dog still isn't a super fan of daycare, but the fact that he pulls the leash to get into the room it's an amazing change from a few months ago. If anything, it speaks volumes that our dog trusts the staff.  They give updates when asked, and they are very knowledgeable about all of their fur clients. I can't comment on grooming or boarding services, but we would immediately use them if the need did arise. Love them! More...


nona varnado

27 February 2019

We love pawfection. Our big girl, a Boarder Collie/Lab mix does too! I appreciate that the focus is on the dogs, not selling boutique stuff to owners.


Dorothy English

28 January 2019

I appreciate the service Robyn provided my Paris. Thank you.


Jean B.

29 December 2018

Robyn, the stylist did a fantastic job grooming my cocker spaniel. I am so grateful she was available to respond the day before the appointment.  Thank you Pawfection for your service! More...


alice l.

27 December 2018

Our pup Sparky has been going to Pawfection for a couple of years now. The groomers always make a point to inquire after our grooming preferences for Sparky and we really appreciate that. He's been at their daycare once too and apparently came home all tuckered out from having so much fun playing with all the pups. It was great! More...


Elle G.

8 December 2018

I only took my dog in for a trim but they were professional, courteous and clearly loved dogs. Even my nervous boy was wagging his tail right when we finished. Pricing is reasonable and I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone looking for a good groomer. More...


Brigitte F.

26 November 2018

I always appreciate how nice the staff is whenever we come in.  My dog has been going here for about a year and she is always so well cared for.  I use them for nail trimming and Liz, who has left, was always great and now there is another young woman who cuts them and she's wonderful, too! I wish I could remember her name.  Sorry! We've always stuck to the ladies.  Honey would try to bite me if I ever tried to cut her nails on my own, but she is a perfect pup at Pawfection, so I figure she can tell that they know what they are doing and she feels really safe! More...


Renee H.

17 October 2018

Amazing facility and helpful employees! My dog had the best time and they worked with our crazy schedule! This will definitely be our first choice when we come to Pasadena!


Beth D.

29 September 2018

This is my first time to go to this place.  I've searched in the area and tried many places but got disappointed.I walked inside this place last week and inquired about grooming for my Bichon.  Robin was one of the groomers and was very helpful. I booked an appointment for full grinning.I dropped off my dog this morning and she asked several questions and recommended a few things.I just picked up my dog and I was very impressed with his hair cut and how my dog behaved inside the place.  He really liked it there and loved Robin!Thank you Robin for making him look so white and fluffy! We are definitely going back there again! More...



27 July 2018

Great Facility!  We've been there twice now and our dog LOVES it! Thank you Very Much for taking such good care of our four-legged child! :)


Irma H.

25 July 2018

Did some searches on Yelp for daycare and decided to try PawFection. It was very easy to schedule and get through the temperament test.  The staff members were very kind and throuroughly answered all my questions.  I felt comfortable enough to bring my dog, Canelo, to daycare for the first time the very next day.  When I dropped him off, both Canelo and I were quite nervous.  I then observed him through the webcam and was SO relieved to see him happy and playing with his new friends.  He is a timid and anxious rescue dog, so it was very exciting to see him at ease and having fun with other dogs for the first time.  Thank you PawFection! More...


Lauren S.

25 June 2018

I'm so ecstatic that I found a trustworthy doggie daycare with such caring individuals and where there are also so many dogs! I have found the perfect place for my puppy shiba inu to socialize and have fun with other dogs while feeling safe and secure. They keep a real good eye on all the dogs. I spy on my shiba from time to time on their webcam. I also drop off a bag containing his food and water so they can feed him when it is time to do so. What is also great is that they have grooming services too! More...


Jonathan A.

9 June 2018

It's not much to look at from the outside, but they're quite friendly on the inside. They did a very good job grooming our coton. He looks good and he seems to have had a good time. Prices are reasonable. Although our dog Rocky had gone too long without grooming, they did not charge us the "matt" rate.It smells a bit like dog in there, but I think that only made it more fun for Rocky.Update 6/18: We let Rocky go too long without a grooming again, but Robyn did a great job cleaning him up. More...


Nin H.

4 June 2018

I have only gone to this place twice, once for my pup's temperament test and once for his first official daycare visit. The people on staff are very accommodating and helpful, giving me a heads up on how my dog is doing and some advice on things to train him out of. They have a nice assortment of dogs there that my pup seems to get along with, so I appreciate that. I think the only thing is that I'd like to see my dog interacting with the other dogs, but tbf, I usually leave after I drop him off and never really asked if that was an option. I want to try using the other services they offer, like grooming, but it'll hafta be on a day when the groomer is in. More...


Megan M

28 May 2018

Great facility, Yanna do not assume the dogs in the front were in daycare the dogs in the front room is for aggressive dogs that cannot be with other dogs and they belong to the same owner. I know these dogs and see them a lot when they are there. The owner brings their own blankets for them and they are always in the room, of course they cannot have toys as the big harry one will destroy them and what would happen if they swallowed pieces?This place cares about safety first dogs are not allowed toys there are dogs out there believe it or not that have resource guarding issues. The daycare is always busy if you took a tour you would of seen that. They have beds, stairs, ramps, and a bridge, water at all times and they are never left alone. You can see for yourself on the fb page or instagram page they have.Do not get mad because you were going to have to wait for a nail trim as a walk in. They do all their appointments first and walk ins when they have time. More...


Justin Chen

28 May 2018

Our favorite doggie day care here. The grooming is also fantastic as is the dental care


Gail L.

22 May 2018

So happy with my Doodle's first grooming experience at PawFection!!!  They did exactly what I asked. Summer haircut. He's a happy camper and so are we. Super friendly staff. Highly recommend!!! More...


Robert F.

19 May 2018

Ever since perfection open I have been taking my dogs to have them groomed there because it is such a nice place and the people specially the manager Megan and I would recommend anybody to go there and try their services my dogs love it that's all I care about


Nols N.

13 May 2018

My dog, Oreo, LOVES Liz for his grooming....which is a big thing because he's rescue and has abandonment anxiety..


Lisa M.

12 May 2018

We love this place!  We had been having our dogs groomed at the big chain salons because their hours were convenient, but after the third ear infection following grooming we had enough.  We were lucky to find Robyn at the chain but when she left to join Pawfection we simply had to follow her.  I'm so glad we did, the people are so nice, every dog I've seen there is comfortable and never stressed, it's clean and smells good.  Our dogs are happy to go and excited to see Robyn.  It's super convenient to make appointments online, I can do it as soon I think about it, even if it's the middle of the night.  We have not yet used the daycare or boarding, but if we have need this is where we will leave our fur babies for sure!  And no more ear infections.  Ever.  We're happy customers! More...


Diego P.

12 May 2018

Before and after pictures. The service is outstanding. I recommend this grooming service to anyone in the area.


S. K.

5 May 2018

Our dog loves PawFection!  This is the only place where she will leave my side and say "See ya later" with no hesitation...


Odette C.

4 May 2018

I've been a fan/client for the past 3 years. We've utilized the day care and overnight stay...no complaints! I really like that the stylists/groomers are very patient and kind with my girl! Java goes in a cotton ball and comes out the cute little cockapoo that she is. Megan, the business owner, handles concerns efficiently and is very accommodating....PawFection is a great place were those with "paws" get "affection"! More...


Joyce C.

1 May 2018

Extremely nice stylists and employees.  Convenient location for where I live.  Have brought my pups here 3-4 times now.  Will definaltely come back.  Only negitive is it's a bit more expensive than some of the places I used to go. More...


Lauren S.

24 April 2018

I've been bringing my dog Penny here for day care and boarding a little over four years now and it's the only place I trust with her. My dog is extremely anxious and likes to bark at strangers, including the staff, but everyone is gracious and very patient with her. Steven and Megan are great business owners and have always been very accommodating and understanding with Penny. The services are affordable and I feel I can work/travel at ease knowing she is in good hands. More...


Kayla R.

14 April 2018

I took my small dog in for a clean shave due to some pretty serious matting all over her little body, and had been very worried about her experiencing pain in the proccess. Not only were the employees at PawFection incredibly sympathetic to my concerns, thoughtful in their explanations, and generous with reassurance, I also had my dog back in less that 2 hours! She looked & smelled great and the groomer(s) didn't further irritate her dry skin or nick her anywhere, I was/am very pleased!Thank you so much for taking such great care of my pup and for making the process a lot less stressful for me as well! More...


Dennis L.

2 April 2018

The first time I brought my dog here, we meet Robin, she was amazing, very kind, and showed that she really cared for the dogs that she groom. Their pricing is very reasonable for the area and my dog comes back looking great everytime. I highly recommend anyone looking for a groomer in this area to give this place a chance. I recommend making an appointment since they tend to be booked pretty quickly. There is no parking lot, but usually you can find street parking right pass the gas station. More...


Leslie Ann M.

29 March 2018

Found them on Yelp and sooo glad I did! Every single staff person is super friendly and really really great with my pit bull, Pinto! They treat all dogs like their own pets. Pinto has been going here for over a year. We've done day care, boarding, and grooming and have no complaints about any of their services! It's cheaper to buy their packages than to pay for services individually. We and Pinto like all the humans that work here :)I knocked off one star because there's no live camera feed to check in on the dogs throughout the day. All other doggy day cares offer it.  They do post on IG but not frequently enough cause it depends on who's working that day. More...


Garianne B.

25 March 2018

Nearly one year later still loving this place and my dog has come to recognize it.  There is no better review than how excited he gets when we pull up in front.  Thank you Pawfection for always making him happy and handsome! More...


Mathieu F.

19 March 2018

My dog loved it and the people working there really love dogs and pay attention to details! Also, we learned a day before leaving for vacation that we couldn't bring our dog and we have never been there before, and on a really short notice they were able to fill all the paperwork and do the temper test. This was awesome!


Courtney B.

17 March 2018

Pawfection is perfection! We Adopted a 7 month old pitbull puppy and after 2 months of training we sent him to Pawfection for temperament testing, which he passed with flying colors and has been going regularly since. Megan and the entire staff are incredible. It's so nice to have a place to take our dog when it's raining or if we are going to be away for hours on end. We pick him up from Pawfection and he's so tired from playing all, he does is sleep when he comes home. It's a win-win! More...


Cindy P.

14 March 2018

After learning of PetSmart's breed discrimination (and having to leave our 7 month old pitbull type puppy there since we were in a bind/time constraint due to travels), I made it a point to search elsewhere for a daycare/boarding facility that did not discriminate against dogs because of the breed or the way they look (sounds quite ridiculous...it's like dog racism!!).  Why would I want to continue to give my money to a huge company that discriminates against breeds? So they want to charge me full price, but my puppy can't play with other dogs like all the others can? Oh, your handlers will take her out twice per day instead?  Heck no.  She doesn't care for human strangers as much as she does furry friends, so that offer didn't do anything for me. So, after I returned from my trip and picked my poor puppy up (and boycotted PetSmart), I searched and found Pawfection! I made sure to look for a facility that conducted temperament tests on dogs to determine if they'd be a good fit for daycare/boarding and of course, my Michonne passed with flying colors (I didn't expect anything less). I've been bringing my pup, Michonne, here since 2013.  She is now 5 years old and LOVES it every time she goes to Pawfection. She's so excited every time we walk through Pawfection's doors and she loves the staff there. I'm so glad I found a spot that cares for my dog and loves her almost as much as I do (because let's be honest...no one loves my pup more than me!!!). Thanks, PawFection!! More...


Lisa M.

12 March 2018

I have had consistently good experiences with Pawfection. The owner Megan is very hands on and cares about her customers. When I take her for a grooming, my pup is not cooped up in a kennel all day long - they schedule your grooming when they actually have time and call and text when your pup is ready to be picked up. I get email confirmations as well. Anytime I want to have her face trimmed a certain way or maybe a certain spot cut back a little more, they don't make any qualms about taking my pup back and addressing it right away. They always want to make sure I'm happy and I trust my pup there. Thanks Megan and team. More...


Jo T.

4 March 2018

Love this place for my dog. Great ppl and great service. I use them for daycare, boarding, and grooming.


Omar S.

14 February 2018

Our border terrier Stanley has been coming to PawFection about three times a week for the last four months for daycare. He seems to love it and doesn't even look back when we drop him off anymore. We were worried about the big and small dogs being grouped together in one room, but it hasn't been an issue for Stanley. They also post a ton of photos on Instagram if you want to see what your dog is up to. More...


Eric M.

13 February 2018

This was a great experience, looking forward to taking Loki back to interact with other dogs!! They were patient with him, very accommodating.


Kara O.

8 February 2018

Great place..recommend it to all dog owners.  The staff is number one!!! Bear, my golden, thinks it is his second home.


Beca R.

30 January 2018

I can't express how much I love this place! This was my Hazels first time doing daycare and she was so happy. From the pictures and the communication I had with Megan and the cashier, it just makes me so happy to see my bby Girl pleased! Thanks so much the this establishment I am so please! With the customer service, to the environment, to the smell, to everything... It's the best!! More...


Rae S.

28 January 2018

I love Pawfection! I am very impressed with the hard working young couple that own it and am happy for their success. Everyone there is super helpful and super nice.


Kara O.

27 January 2018

PawFection is Bear's second home.  He gets groomed by his favorite groomers (he has his own personal cut - the Bear cut).  Then he enjoys his buddies (human and canine) at daycare.  He loves everyone and when he misses a day, he pouts.  I recommend Pawfection to all!!! More...


Laura G.

26 January 2018

I have taken my Jack to be groomed at Pawfection for the past 5 years. He always looks wonderful and smells great. Kristin is our regular groomer. I am very pleased with their work and I feel like I can trust everyone at this facility. Jack has also done day care at Pawfection and he was fine  and was well cared for by the staff. More...


Victoria D.

25 January 2018

Best place for doggy daycare, grooming and overnight stays! I have been bringing my miniature schnauzer OTIS to Pawfection since fall 2014 and I won't take him anywhere else. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, that has helped me so much as a first time pet parent. Their grooming service is also top-notch. Again the only place I trust with my dog-child. Overall ... Best. Highly recommend! More...


Natasha S.

24 January 2018

Having been a longtime customer ( since the beginning ) of Pawfection I've had a wonderful relationship with the owners and staff.  My experience has been with daycare and grooming. Both of my dogs ( at separate times) return home happy and well cared for. The level of knowledge and professionalism exceeds my expectations and their location is very well maintained and clean. As a pet parent I know I can be very protective and even helicopter when it comes to my Georgie's needs. Meghan (owner) completes temperament assessments to assist that each dog will be safe and comfortable as possible. That is what is most important, a highly knowledgeable staff ( Davion sp?) with patience and caring hearts. Pawfection a great safe place! More...


Ruth N.

20 November 2017

I've been bring my dog Homer to Pawfection for a while now to get his nails filed, but Veteran's day weekend was the first time I'd ever done overnight boarding at the facility for Homer. Since it was our first time, the facility requires that we do a temperament test to see how the pets interact with other animals that are staying there as well. The trial lasts about two hours (you leave your pet there and go run some errands before picking them back up). Btw, temperament tests start at 11AM earliest. So first, you get to see your pet introduced to others one by one without you in the being in the same room. And then you leave tryout pet for two hours. Homer did so well! He's a friendly pug haha. Booking Homer's private room was very easy and we were able to bring in Homer's personal blanket and bed for him. They also have a large kennel option and I believe a free range option? You can also add on grooming services for your pet's last day of boarding. You pay everything at the end of your pet's stay. Someone is at the facility 24 hours a day and I believe the latest you can pick up your pet is 10PM?All in all, I would recommend the overnight boarding to everyone because the prices are reasonable and the staff is very friendly! Don't forget to pack you pet's food in large ziploc bags! More...


Lynn H.

11 November 2017

Finally found a place that Kuma likes. He's easily anxious but is willing to come here to get his grooming done. He always comes out looking top notch and is overly happy. Thank you to the staff that is taking such good care of him. We have recommended this place to or family and friends. More...


Shanye J.

19 September 2017

Love this place! They take excellent care of my toy pomeranian. Great prices for the job they do. Very thorough, friendly and clean environment. They know exactly how to cut and groom. I requested a short do for my little guy and he looks sooooooo adorable!!!!! Will definitely recommend! More...


Me Notu

21 August 2017

All staff is amazing!!!


Yvette R.

21 August 2017

I loved loved loved PawFection! We were away from home and unable to get our young puppy into his normal groomer. ** A little note regarding our puppy, he is a little bit nervous when around new people and the staff worked wonderfully with our baby making his grooming experience comfortable. They were even able to trim his nails and clean his ears. When  I picked him up, he smelled so good. I beleive he has never been so clean and happy. I want to thank PawFection for taking such good care of my little guy. Wish you guys were closer to home! More...


Lauren J.

8 August 2017

Steven! Megan! Twin and I miss you guys SO MUCH! I cannot speak highly enough of Pawfection. It was my go-to for Grooming, Boarding, and Day Care when we lived in Los Angeles. My dog, Twin, loved it here and would willingly jaunt into Day Care - for a dog with some lingering separation anxiety, it was wonderful to see. Pawfection was the only place I felt comfortable leaving my dog when my husband and I went out of town. They truly cared about Twin and treated him like their own.We miss Pawfection and will be returning upon our return to the West Coast! More...


Gwen Hourihan

31 July 2017

Owner and dog LOVE the groomer, Kristin! Thanks!


Nohemi S.

26 July 2017

Joe is hands down the best of the best. My baby Molly was fixed and thanks to the cone on her head her hair was extremely matted. I didn't want Molly to be shaved off but Joe gave me the piece and comfort that Molly was going to look amazing. Hands down Molly did look amazing. Joe you rock!!! More...


Lerer C.

5 July 2017

Love this place! Friendly staff! They really care for your pets. I can now only trust this place when we go out of town. Thank you PawFection!!!!!


Tiffany G.

25 June 2017

With all the summer heat, Pepper was in desperate need of a grooming. PawFection was able to get me in that same weekend. I brought in a picture of what type of haircut I wanted and I also wrote it in the description when I made my account online. It was convenient that they have these fur boards that give you an idea of how short to cut the hair since different people interpret things differently. They were finished with peppers bath and groom after a few hours. She was very nicely groomed even though I know she can be a handle and they delivered on my expectations for her haircut More...


Amy J.

23 June 2017

I love Pawfection!  We take our pup there for grooming, doggie day care, and overnight stays.  The team there has been wonderful.  Our puppy LOOOOOVES to go there and practically tackles me to get out of the car and get inside to see her pals.  I love getting to check in on her throughout the day on Instagram to see videos/photos of what's going on that day.   As a newer pet parent, I have appreciated them giving me little tidbits of advice in terms of toys, behavior, food, feeding schedules, etc.  I don't have to use doggie day care every day, but on days where our pup needs some extra attention or we know we'll be away, we feel really good about bringing her here.  (Also - added bonus - she is TUCKERED OUT when she gets home at night! Love it!) In terms of grooming, she's been bathed/cut there twice and always comes home looking beautiful. There's no stinky dog shampoo or scents, but there is a cute bandana!  I'm so grateful that they're just a mile down the road from my house, as it's super easy for pick up and drop off on my way to/from work.   Thanks, Pawfection! :) More...


Matt L.

17 June 2017

This is my dog's preferred boarding spot when we go on vacation. Everything is super simple, and they have a wide variety of options to treat your dog while in their care. The first time Djembe (my dog) stayed there, he had a flea bath and grooming session. I scheduled it for the day of pickup so that he came home fresh. He's an old dog, so he can't play in the daycare with the other dogs, but PF was very accommodating about that and made sure he had his own space to move around. If you're in the Pasadena area and need a place to board your dog, this is it. Just make sure you plan ahead - this place is regularly at capacity!! More...


Cris P.

15 June 2017

This is a review for the boarding and grooming.The 2 words that come to mind is: Amazing and Thankful. Here's my experience. My Husband and I planned a vacation for our family. I have never left my Dog for boarding before. I've always had family members help us but my Parents are getting older and it's a big responsibility. She's a very active and playful golden doodle. I was a nervous wreck looking for a place I felt that would treat my little girl like family. Actually care about her well being and not treat her like a number. My friend referred me and said they had used this place in the past and were very happy. I went on the website and sent an email inquiring about rates for the private rooms. Megan replied immediately answering my questions. So that was a good starting point for me. I went in with my infant and older son the next day. (I live 1 hour away). I was greeted by a friendly staff member and a Mom and Pop feel. I saw a few clients dropping off their dogs and it was such a personal interaction. Everyone knew each other and the animals. It wasn't all corporate, where you get at most establishments. After talking with a staff member and asking a million questions, Megan came out to greet us. I shared with her how nervous and scared I was to leave my dog and that I was extremely traumatized to have my dog in the daycare with other dogs. (A few years ago I had a dog that was viciously attacked by another dog outside my house, she died from her injuries). Since then I only keep my own dogs around each other and do not interact with other people's dog. Megan assured me that it would be safe and encouraged me to give a shot. She understood though if I just wanted her to be in the private room with walks. I felt comfortable and made a reservation for a 1 week stay. I submitted her vaccines online and it was very simple.The big day came to drop her off.They asked if I wanted to try daycare and they would do a temperament test. I felt brave and said okay!Best decision I could have made. She was playing and running and looked so happy. On vacation I called several times to check on her  and spoke with different staff members and each one was able to give me an update on Avery on the top of their head. They didn't need to put me on hold to check the computer or check with someone else. Every member knew how she was doing. On top of that I was able to see videos and photos of Avery on their Instagram and Facebook having the time of her life. They asked if I wanted to groom and I said please. When I picked her up she was in the front room relaxing, looking beautiful and ready to go home!We are home now and she is her silly, playful and loving self. I could tell that she was well taken care of.I will definitely take her back and recommend this place to everyone I know. Thank you so much for treating Avery like family. More...


Roxanne W.

5 June 2017

Honestly, I have been having dogs groomed in Pasadena for 20 years now and been to many different places...this is by far the best service and for a great price.  The care and attention they give my dogs...including my scared rescue puppy on his first few groomings...was heartfelt and comforting.  They also sell my dog's favorite food, Alaskan Wild, so I don't have to make extra stops.  The owners are truly nice and pleasant people as well.  The place is always clean....I could go on.  You need grooming, doggie day care, dog food...this is the place for Pasadena!! More...


Daniel Midby

28 May 2017

Great experience for both me and my dog. I was nervous about taking my dog to a day care just because I didn't know how she would be taken care of. I checked around and decided pawfection would work best. Truly great owners and staff. My dog loved coming here. They were like family. Too bad I had to move. My current doggie day care is not near as good. Would recommend to anyone! More...


Sharon W.

22 May 2017

Robin was great and did a fabulous job with our fur baby. Place is clean and well managed. Very convenient parking both in front and in back of building for drop off and pick up. Coming back for sure!!


Hilary E.

3 May 2017

Our babies LOVE being at Pawfection.  They come home exhaused from all the fun they have all day long. What's more, one of our babies has epilepsy, and the Pawfection people know what to do if he has a seizure. We have also boarded them there if we go out of town.We love Seven, Megan, and all of the staff at Pawfection! More...


Jasmin C.

13 February 2017

What first attracted me here was the location and their yelp check-in offer! My dog, Lolli has been here over 3 times now and I am very satisfied with their service. Same day appointments on weekends are a little hard to get so I suggest you call in 2 days before. On Lolli's first bath appointment I was required to bring a rabies vaccination. If i remember correctly the yelp offer was for $10 off first bath. At first she was a little scared but the employee sat on the floor to comfort her. 2nd - There was a little technical difficulty when her rabies vaccination was put in the first time and was not in their system, but it was no problem bringing it in again. They also offered free Halloween treats, which my dog loved!3rd - I called on Friday 2/10 for a bath on Saturday 2/11 and I was able to get a 10am appointment. The groomer wasn't able to file her nails, but gave us a proper warning at pick up. Overall the staff is very friendly and you can definitely tell they love their jobs. They properly communicate when there is a problem and when the bath is completed. Pricing is reasonable and affordable. Lolli always comes home smelling sooooo good/soft and with a cute little scarf. They also have a portal online on their website where you can see previous visits, pricing, reservations, schedule boarding/grooming, edit contact info/preference and view your current balance. More...


Vivian B.

5 February 2017

This review is for the grooming only. Lacey is amazing! She did a great job on my 12 year old miniature poodle. It's been so hard finding a decent groomer after Hollywood Grooming stopped providing service for Pasadena, so we've bounced around from place to place... but we won't be anymore! Thank you Lacey! Miles looks and smells divine More...


Barclay W.

30 December 2016

I can't believe I haven't written this review sooner! I loved PawFection! Our dog can be a bit shy around other dogs, but I always felt confident leaving here here. I would normally drop her off here for a bath and some daycare. The prices were competitive, but what I liked about this place was the staff and friendly feeling. The staff were always welcoming and knew our little girl took some time to warm up. They made sure to great her warmly and make her feel comfortable when we left. She always looked happy when I picked her up. The play space is also great. They have indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) space for the dogs. It doesn't feel too cramped like I've seen at other places. Our dog also needed a shot to go to day camp and they were able to take care of that here right away. Really appreciated how quick and easy that was. One of my favorite places in Pasadena for dog care. 92/100 More...


CrystalandPhilip M.

23 October 2016

Dropped our dog Bueller off a couple times for doggy day care and he seemed to like it. The staff is always friendly and they did a good job cutting his nails too.


Faith G.

20 October 2016

I've had my pet stay here several times for both day camp and overnight boarding. The staff remembers her and always gives me a recap of her time spent there.  They have quite a few pets stay with them so it really means a lot to me that they can tell me how it went. I recently also had my pets hair cut here, she looked great, and it was more cost effective than Petsmart where we usually take her. Great place, really appreciate each member of the staff, especially Jesse! More...


Yonnie C.

2 October 2016

$18 for half day - day care services. $30 for full day. These are the prices for the weekend, not sure about weekdays. Staff are friendly and they made sure we felt comfortable enough before leaving our dog with them for 4-5 hours. Thank you for taking care of our dog for a couple hours during our most recent visit to Pasadena! :) More...


Penelope Jane B.

10 September 2016

A long overdue love letter to the staff at Pawfection:My 2 vizsla kids have come here since they were puppies. Pawfection is small, but it's family operated. Always felt like this is a second home when we are welcomed with open arms. I can't think of anyone who hasn't been short of amazing with Zuni and Hopi. Like any long term relationship, there were hiccups. Yet, once I got to know the staff, the parking and general routine, this place grew on me. I've used their daycare pretty regularly when I need a break from the kids. Their overnight boarding (private room? yes please!) is great. I have picked up after hours and everyone has been so patient about that. We don't use the grooming services, but I see a lot of happy clients pick up their dogs. The groomers are all terrific people and seem very professional. More...


Ameri R.

1 September 2016

This place is awesome.  I adopted a new dog who has separation anxiety so I can't leave her at home without her eating all my furniture and getting out of my yard.  Thank goodness for Pawfection.  She loves coming here, the staff is awesome and genuinely likes and cares about the animals.  Their service is efficient for quick pick ups and drop offs.  I had to do a late pick up and they accommodated me and Steven even waited in the doorway til I drive away since it was late and dark.  Good deal on exit baths if you want them. Jesse and Megan are also nice and helpful.  This place has been a godsend for us and our dog Izzie! More...


V L.

25 August 2016

My little Timmy had a great time here, even though it's not an outdoor facility - which I was little worried about at first- they still take dogs out for a walk and make sure they're all playing with dogs they like :) I'll be coming back.


Rob Babcock

21 August 2016

I've been a customer since they opened. They professionally care about my dog and the costs are reasonable.


Terrie B.

3 August 2016

Have sent my hound for over nighters w/daytime play 3 times now. My dog does not hesitate to go in so I believe he enjoys going there. The staff seem to know what they are doing and follow the rules about up to date shots,etc. Another clue that this place is good with dogs is that they have plenty of business, daycare and grooming. Give them a try. The first time I was very anxious. Then when we went to pick him up he was happy, not hungry or thirsty and partied out. He slept most of that evening and the next day as well. More...


Monique R.

23 July 2016

So far I have only used their day care and overnight services. I looked into three other locations before choosing and I felt most comfortable after reading all reviews, calling and visiting all locations that this was the one place I had to try first. I have not been disappointed ever since enrolling my chocolate lab mix puppy. He is now super happy when we arrive and super tired when we leave. I never have to worry about him, especially with them posting continuous updates on Instagram and Facebook my mind and heart are at ease while I am busy working away. Staff is super friendly and they all know my pup and greet him as soon as we walk through their door. They really do make it feel like a family environment and it feels great to be there. I highly recommend this place and if my puppy King could talk he would too! Lol More...


Preston Dyches

28 May 2016

Very pleased with Pawfection and the care they take of my hound. I usually take her there for daycare, but we've also done overnight stays and grooming. I plan to be a loyal customer for the foreseeable future. More...


R Rostad

28 May 2016

I love this place. I feel very comfortable leaving my dog there to be groomed. They put cute bows in her ears when she is done and she always comes out adorable!


Lauren S.

26 May 2016

I've been bringing my dog here for over a year and love this place for daycare and overnight boarding. Stephen and Meghan are really great and have been very accommodating with finding room for my dog when I've been in a bind. I hate leaving my dog for long periods of time but I know that if I ever need to leave her over night that she is always in good hands. I won't take her anywhere else. More...


S J.

28 April 2016

Great location. Easy parking. Got my dog groomed. Great prices and specials. I will definitely be coming back again!


Gali R.

9 February 2016

I took our dog there mainly as we have had such a hard time with getting his niles clipped or ground. I was priorly taking him to the groomer at Petco but they essentially told me to have the vet do it as they could not deal with it. I searched around locally and this place had good reviews. They got the job done as well as a nice bath and teeth brushing. The are super caring and told me they would be able to handle it and they did. I am so happy I have somewhere I can get his nails handled without being told my dog needs sedating. More...


Breanna C.

24 January 2016

We've purchased dog food from here for the past few months now. The prices are definitely the best around town. Jessie was very helpful and friendly. He gave us a bunch of samples and a measuring cup for our obese pups. I love encountering people who are not only knowledgable, but truly enjoy what they do.It is located just north of the 210 on Lake. Keep an eye out for it because if you miss it you'll have to drive all the way around again. They offer a bunch of services, including grooming and boarding. If you check in on Yelp you unlock some great offers. More...


Jackie C.

29 December 2015

Just picked up our dog from boarding here for two nights. She was a very happy dog! The staff is very friendly and I love the video updates on Instagram and Facebook! Will be using again.


Deb J.

28 November 2015

This is the greatest doggy daycare spot around.  It is so personalized they are always so happy to see my dog  He gets so excited when we drive up he can't wait to get inside.  Megan, Stephen.Becca and Jessie feel like family members.  All the staff are excellent and the hours of operation are great for early morning drop off as well as late evening pick up. Everyone is so accommodating.  Love this place. More...


Agustina B.

19 October 2015

This is a great Groomer's shop! They have also a Non-Anesthetic Dental Clinic once a monthIt is Low Cost, Vet Supervised and Ultrasonic! Service provided by Smile Specialistsmilespecialist4pets.com More...


Evan D.

19 October 2015

Very happy to take our dog here for boarding. Have always had excellent customer service and always felt that Megan and her staff truly care about the dogs safety and well being.


Joe J.

1 October 2015

O.k, let's put all this to rest. I see great reviews, I see bad reviews. The one thing in common most of the bad reviews have is that they all seem to be new customers who want boarding. These reviewers also seem to have a history of bad reviews in their profiles, not to mention mean spirited, long winded personal attacks rather than informative reviews. Just cut to the chase. Good or bad? They all sound like bruised egos rather that real informative reviews. As someone who worked in the service industry for 8 years, I can spot the folks who think the world revolves around them. Get real kids. I have 4 dogs of my own and I am just like all other pet parents, I'm cautious and picky. I trust PawFection with my dogs for daycare and boarding. I won't go anywhere else. Period. PawFection is a "mom and pop" owned and operated facility unlike the faceless corporate run Petco or Petsmart, so a little dog hair in the lobby is no big deal to me. I respect that these young parents are also trying hard to make a difficult business work. Isn't that the American dream? Everyone just relax.So yes, it seems to me the staff are trying hard to be faster and better organized at the front desk as a privately run shop with limited staff. That's good enough for me. Having to wait a few minutes to get the vet paperwork straight also isn't a crisis. Trust me when I tell you I have had worse interactions at K9 Loft and other competitors. I did my homework. These guys care about pets and pet parents. Give these guys a try. They have grooming as well as a separate grooming academy inside Pawfection. There is a lot of fun pet stuff going on there. More...


Gwen H.

15 September 2015

Love love love Kristin at Pawfection!  And Willow is still just as beautiful and fluffy (two weeks later) as after we picked her up! A fantastic job, attention to detail, and Willow seemed to like all of the attention too.  Kristin is obviously an animal lover.  THANKS!  We'll be back. More...


Lisa V.

11 September 2015

Really great place. Full groomer and boarding available. The staff is so nice and great with dogs. Inexpensive toys and treats for sale. Joey is the best groomer, he even used a file for my dog's nails instead of a clipper. I wish i could give more stars! More...


Emma V.

28 August 2015

It's been over a year now since my last review and we have been bringing Oreo here every week, at least 4 times a week, for daycare. We also use Pawfection for his overnights and his grooming. I have nothing but good things to say. In some reviews, people complain about customer service, but I personally have never experienced anything negative. Not to mention, I care more about how my dog feels towards the staff than how I feel. So they don't make a big fuss over me every time I walk in - big deal. My Oreo baby hurtles out of my car every morning, whimpering with excitement, and throws himself at Megan and Steven. To me, that's what matters. If my furbaby is happy, I'm happy. :) Also, for anyone with bigger dogs or "troublesome" breeds, check it out. They have all kinds of dogs here, no restrictions like other places. Thanks, Pawfection, for keeping my boy safe and happy! More...


Lizz G.

7 July 2015

I have been taking my two pit bulls here for over a year now.my dogs been going to daycare for about 3 years now and paws down this is there favorite spot .they walk in to the place like they own it and every other Friday they get there baths and look and smell great every time.i wouldn't take them anywhere else! More...


Delyte M C.

24 June 2015

Pawfection was a wonderful discovery... Kali a very poodle multipoo has always gone to the same groomer in her whole year and a half of life so when it came time for her to find a new place she was very afraid yet to her luck not only was Pawfection her first new experience it was the last.. she doesn't need to consider the others... She looks amazing and so well cared for not a scratch, and her coat was a bit unruly while even when regular visits before would end up with a red mark... And she came out calm and relaxed.. which said it all!!!...Her little world didn't not come to an end..  Thank you so much!!!!! We'll seriously soon! More...


Rachael O.

23 June 2015

Called yesterday to take my boy COBE. The staff was so nice and helpful. COBE is a boy Terri poo (terrier poodle mix) and when ever I take him to get groomed he ends up looking like a girl. This was going to be my first time here n I explained that to them. My boyfriend went to drop him off and he said he was touched by the caring the staff showed when dropping him off. They got on the floor with COBE n made him comfortable before taking him. The best part? Omg his hair cut. They gave him a Mohawk n left his mustache. My lil boy looked so adorable and was a happy pup all night long. My boyfriend even noticed his confidence with his new hair cut. He's definately a lil conceited now. I will definately be back More...


Peter S.

11 June 2015

Went to Pawfection last Friday for a tour of their facility I had gone to 4 different location and non of them impressed me. When I walked into Pawfection I was greeted by Megan and Steven the owners of the facility I voiced my concerns I had for my dog,Leia-. I just started a new job and I needed a place for my dog (Leia) stay while I was at work. Steven gave me a tour and explain to me the playrooms, he also showed me where the dogs sleep when they board, he also showed me the back lot area and where they have one on one times with our dogs. He also explained to me the prices of the daycare at this time two of their associates were coming in and they greeted themselves (Gabe and Beca) the staff was very polite I also met with Chrthe daycare at this time two of their associates were coming in and they greeted themselves (Gabe and Beca) the staff was very polite I also met with Chris the grooming director and Moses his assist. Very friendly environment they asked me if I had my vaccines for "Leia" showed them proof and I filled out the policy and producers and they told me to take my time to review them felt really comfortable. I highly recommend this place for its price and knowledge and care in pets. My vacation as planned I will enjoy knowing,Leia will be well taken care of. A place like this is truly a dogs heaven-it's simply Pawfection at its Finest. More...


P. T.

6 June 2015

At the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society we bring our dogs here for grooming. They do a spectacular job! The last dog we brought in this week, a shaggy grey terrier named Andy, was ADOPTED within 24 hours of his makeover! He had been with us at the shelter for a while, at least a month or so. Pretty darn impressive. Thank you PawFection - you are the best! More...


Pamela T.

12 May 2015

My pup loved this place.  He came back looking like a different dog altogether.  He was clean, nails cut, and fur soft and brushed.  We will be bringing our dog back here as long as we live in Pasadena. More...


G A.

1 May 2015

I've been meaning to write this review for months!I just opened a business in Pasadena and the long hours were starting to take a toll on my fur baby. Enter Pawfection. The owners are amazing at what they do and the proof is that my pup is always so happy when we pull up in front of the shop. He gets super excited and can't wait to get in. I hate being away from him, but love that they post little videos to their Facebook page so that I can see what he's up to. They're also really flexible with my crazy schedule and I'm so grateful for that. We've used their daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming services. All have been fantastic! I also love that they work with local pet charities. So glad that Pawfection provides a great home away from home for my lovebug! We're very happy customers. More...


Honey B.

22 April 2015

I've been coming to PawFection for grooming for a while now, and loved it so much there that I decided to stay as their new Trainer! From a professional standpoint, PawFection has many positive attributes that I really like. Unlike many other facilities that I have worked with in the past, they have overnight boarding and a staff member actually stays overnight! As an uber paranoid pet parent myself, I have to say that this unique feature takes the cake for me. I would never feel comfortable leaving my dog at a vet clinic or kennel alone and unsupervised, but knowing that someone is always there keeping an eye on everyone impresses me a great deal. I also love the fact that every dog is temperament tested, the dogs in daycare have someone monitoring them at all times, and there is no breed discrimination. I love coming in and seeing all of the dogs having one large communal nap time from playing hard all day long. The staff is also very well trained in handling dogs and are more than capable of managing a wide variety of personalities. Overall, this is one of the most professional and well organized facilities I've been associated with, and I am proud to be a part of it now. And if your dog is having any behavioral problems or could use some refreshers on basic commands, give PawFection a call and come take one of my classes! You'll be glad you did! ;-) More...


Lisa C.

22 March 2015

I have been going to Pawfection for a little over a year now.  This is hands down the most incredible dog facility.  I have had experiences with many other dog care facilities in the area- and none even compare to Pawfection's excellent service, knowledge, compassion, and professionalism.  My dog Lola is an older rescue dog.  I adopted her knowing that she would need surgery to remove her tumors on her stomach.  She also has a heart condition.  I made them aware of these medical problems, and they understanding and kind. Two months after I got Lola she needed to have surgery to remove these tumors because they were growing.  The surgery did not go well.  The dog hospital told me the incision would be small and the recovery time would be quick.  So, I went ahead and scheduled the surgery as soon as I could, even though this was a busy time for me at work.  I knew that I could take some time off to make sure she could recover and be comfortable at home. When I picked Lola up after her surgery she had a huge incision from underneath her armpit all the way down to the end of her stomach.  She had awful stitches and staples on her stomach as well.  She was in so much pain she couldn't move, she would only cry out in pain, even being on heavy pain medication.  She could not even walk.  She need to be lifted and carried everywhere.  It was also extremely hard to get her to eat. After taking some time off work, because she needed 24 hour care, I had to go back to work.  i called Pawfection in tears and explained what had happened to my tiny 8 pound Lola.  They said they would take her during the day and make sure she was comfortable.  They took unbelievable care of her while she was there during the day.  They even did not mind my calls every few hours to check to see how she was doing.Their grooming is also amazing.  Lola loves to get groomed there, but hates when I try and give her a bath.  They are very talented and take excellent care of the dogs they groom.  I know this review is a little too long, but I needed to express my appreciation and love for Pawfection and everyone who works there.  Megan and Steven are amazing.  A big part of Lola's surviving that awful ordeal was because of them.  I am beyond grateful for them and to them.  I completely trust them when Lola is there because I know she is in the best hands.  Their knowledge of dogs, compassion towards them, and spotless facility makes them the best possible place for your pet. More...


Mari Z.

4 March 2015

So happy to be back! My puppy-child can be a brat and Pawfection has exceeded my expectations! Her last groomer (large Pet supply chain) left her looking so bad that not even in her cutest dress or bows could help! Thanks to Chris she is gorgeous again! Thank you for fixing her up and for taking your time and being patient with her sassy self!  Pawfection gets an A+ for customer service. A+ for grooming knowledge and service and my favorite...A+ for affordability! Princess Victoria will definitely be back!! P.S. I also noticed Victoria was not her cranky nerves nelly self when I picked her up like at the other groomers. More...


Shan L.

11 February 2015

Took our dog to the groomers and while the place had a funny smell, they did an amazing job grooming her. And done in about an hour 1/2 and the price was more than fair and she came out looking adorable! Think we found our new groomers! Thank you! More...


Eric O.

21 January 2015

Terrific, clean, fun environment for both the dogs and wonderful staff who work there. The grooming salon is a bargain, considering their talent, and the ownership team of Megan and Steve are an absolute pleasure to deal with, and clearly have forgotten more about dogs than I'm ever going to learn.


Jan-evander B.

22 December 2014

Amazing customer service and knowledge about dogs.  Very thorough and professional.  The staff really knows what they're doing. Im definitely coming back and id refer this place to anyone who loves their Dogs. Id give them 6 stars if I could... More...


Jacqueline T.

5 December 2014

Wow! They really care about the pets and pet parents here. I was a little too shy to mention the nails in person but the owner read my review and I think she personally made sure Mikey's (my dog) nails were cut appropriately. And it was! I no longer hear the annoying clickity clack at night when he walks around. So I guess the lesson is... don't be shy! Right now they have a pet secret santa too!Basic bath $36Basic groom $70My dog is a golden retriever and shepherd mix but has hair of a golden. No other place has better prices except petco and petco does not make my dog smell as good as pawfection. If you find a better, cheaper place in Pasadena, please let me know, but I doubt I'll be getting any messages. More...


Meghan T.

12 November 2014

So this place is cray. My dog walks in like, "Sup! Where's my dogs at?" And guess what... They're everywhere. I imagine that Scotch (my dog) reenacts scenes from Sex in the City with her girls. Sometimes I think she has kibble and sniffs some butts. She's like having a Tartini like Carrie, then worries about how her coat looks like Charlotte, then gets down with the other dogs like Samantha. She doesn't do anything like Miranda even though most of you would think she's most like Miranda because of her red hair. But NO ONE WANTS TO BE MIRANDA. Anyway, I'm putting this glass of whiskey down and going to give you the real review of the perfection that is Pawfection. These peeps know their shiz. I take my dog in the morning and she parties. She's safe and when she gets groomed there it's like I have a whole new dog. She comes home wasted. Check it! Bring your dogs, Scotch is down to party. @scotchthecorgi More...


T.H. P.

7 November 2014

EDIT: My dog was boarded here for 9 days, and the staff took excellent care of her. I like that my dog wasn't stuck in a kennel all day, instead, she gets to play from 7 in the morning to 7 at night here. They also periodically took her out for bathroom breaks while she was in the kennel. My dog can be quite a handful so I knew they went the extra mile to provide good care for her. I also really enjoyed watching all the videos they posted on Facebook of her playing with other dogs while I was away on my trip. I missed her a lot, so being able to see her play and be happy helped me.Also, they have Honest Kitchen products here at a very competitive price. A 10 pound box is $84.99 here, everywhere else it's between $90-$100. I guess this place has become more than just a daycare for my dog, it's also a place where I buy her food, treats, and toys. More...


Tonya F.

31 October 2014

So glad I started taking my babies "King" and Coco here.  The staff is friendly and the groomers really like what they do.  Kristin really takes her time to make sure Kings cut is done correctly.  The fact they are a small Buisness and care about their clients beats out the Big named competitors in my book.  Try them out you won't be disappointed. More...


James A.

27 October 2014

I took my 5-month old puppy in for his first cut. They were very helpful and experienced groomers. He looks great. I didn't realize I had such a good looking dog. The service and attention were top notch. More...


Sandra O.

21 September 2014

If you are looking for a place for doggie day care and boarding in the Pasadena area, you need to check out Pawfection. The staff all quickly learn you and your dog's name so they can bring them out quickly when you come for pick up, and they have great hours (7AM-7PM) for long work days.  And even better, they have always been flexible when we need to drop off early or pick up late, a testament to the great customer service by Steve, Megan and everyone at Pawfection.  My dog was a regular at their daycare for a year, and although we  have since moved too far away for daycare, we still bring our guy back for overnight stays.  Grooming is also great, Megan always gave our Westie a great breed-appropriate cut. More...


Diane O.

17 September 2014

My dogs are my babies and having to board them for a week made me very nervous! However, this is the only place I know that delivers such a high standard of care. There is always a staff member present, and they are let out in the evening hours just as often as they are during the day. I felt like they got lots of attention, and they didn't even bat an eyelash at all my complicated feeding instructions, or  the need to give my older dog two different kinds of medication.Here's the real reason why I am giving them 5 stars: A few days after I picked them up, an emergency came up and I had to take them back AGAIN. I was heartbroken to have to take them right back. But when I got there my dog, Lilly, who is afraid of everything (her shadow, dust bunnies, her food bowl) and especially strangers, blew me away when she went right up to Steven, wagging her tail. This was all the endorsement I needed.Sure, they have reasonable rates and give you a discount for extended stays, and they offer cheap exit baths so your dog doesn't smell like a kennel, but by winning over Lilly it is clear that they really love dogs and know how to understand them. Sooooo impressed. More...


Hank R.

17 September 2014

Took my corgi for daycare here for the first time after having a bad experience at another place. I love how they have a limit on how many dogs they take in so it isn't over crowded. They have 2 sections for dogs to play in and they are separated by temperament which I really liked. Most places separate by size and don't take temperament into consideration. My dog loved it here and was so tired from playing all day when he got in the car he fell asleep so fast and stayed that way all night and part of the next day. More...


A C.

12 August 2014

We have never left our dog in the care of anyone else. Being that this was our first time, we were a bit nervous. We know our dog tends to get emotional and will refuse to eat when stressed. Of course, our dog goes on an eating strike while we were away and we got a concerned call from PawFection. They went above and beyond to go to the market to find other alternatives that she would possible eat. Fortunately, she came around and ate something while we were away...and the sandwich meat is now her favorite treat. :) I would highly recommend them due to the fact that they genuinely care about the animals in their care and it shows. Thank you! More...


Holland V.

2 August 2014

Very happy with PawFection's overall customer service and grooming, for which I know them most. Call out to Yvette for treating my dogs so well, getting them clean and sweet and looking their best. Whether it's an Aussie shave-down, Shar Pei Furminator treatment or Shepherd who needs special attention in touchy areas, Yvette handles the task with gentleness and skill.SAFETY TIP! Customers can park in lot right behind PawFection (take alley off Maple behind Mobil station) and use rear entrance. The front entrance is risky because a dog could wiggle loose and end up in Lake Avenue traffic. Don't take chances with your fur baby! More...


Cindy C.

31 July 2014

A great experience with PawFection. The staff is amazing with the dogs and very friendly. I really like that they offer packages for Full Day and Half Day.Love that they post videos from time to time.I only wish they would do a live stream. Would love to watch my lil guy play. More...


Chelsey W.

20 July 2014

PawFection is amazing!!! I travel as a nurse and I was nervous about leaving my first puppy anywhere. When I came across PawFection four months ago and it's great reviews, I decided this was the first place I would go!Megan and Steven are so nice, friendly, and caring about all the puppies there. There are always plenty of pups that make it easy for socialization of your dog. Staff has always been courteous and answered my calls when I check in on business trips. Ive boarded multiple times and always board my puppy Noodlez in the private room overnight and do the doggy day care. She loves it and is always so happy!Very affordable and staff makes everything so easy!!! Couldn't thank the team at PawFection enough ! More...


Jenny S.

15 July 2014

fantastic work Megan the owner is great always gets my two little ones in no problem on short notice great staff very friendly great grooming and definitely reasonable prices.... I only trust pawfection  with Rocco and Pearlini More...


Melanie L.

17 June 2014

I cannot thank you guys enough for taking such good care of my baby Kona.  He came back home happy, healthy and with manners that he never had before.  He's so well behaved now it's like we took home a band new puppy.  I don't know what you guys did, but you made me the happiest Fur momma ever!  I will definitely be recommending Paw Fection to all the pet parents we know.  I cannot thank you guys enough for treating Kona like if he were yours.  We will defiantly be coming back!  Thank you x a million!  You guys are the best!!! More...


susan H.

10 June 2014

I took my dogs here for grooming, so this review is for grooming only. I have a lab/border collie mix and a pitbull mix and this was the first time in the ten years I've had them that I've taken them to an actual groomer. I have only ever gone to self-serve type places in the past. Well, the days of self-serve are over! The staff at PawFection is very friendly and Yvette did a fantastic job with Henry's summer shave - I will never touch clippers again! Yvette did a great job of blending his head fur and his tail with the rest of his very short coat and he looks so clean and handsome!  The dogs didn't seem too traumatized when we picked them up, even though I know Henry HATES getting his nails trimmed. I felt terrible because I had to give Yvette a really crappy tip because I didn't have enough cash on me. Hopefully this recommendation will help a little :) From the friendly staff, to the fantastic grooming, to the really great price, I definitely recommend PawFection and will absolutely be taking my dogs there again! More...


Telah P.

23 May 2014

I absolutely LOVE PawFection! The staff here is very knowledgable and they truly care about the well being of your pets. They offer a lot of great services for very affordable prices. My pets stayed at PawFection last weekend and I can tell they had a lot of fun! I was a little worried leaving our new puppy, not knowing how he would do in a new group of dogs...Megan and staff assured me that he would do fine. Sure enough, a couple of hours later I checked on their FaceBook page and see videos and pictures of all 3 of my dogs playing and making friends (something that a lot of big companies i.e. Petsmart & Petco don't do). Being an employee of Petsmart, I am a pretty picky person when it comes to my pet care but I will definitely use PawFection for all of my Daycare and Boarding Serices. Special thanks again to Megan, Steven & Staff for taking such good care of our babies!!! See you guys again soon!! More...


Judith B.

16 May 2014

Great, great place.  Steven is the best.  They are efficient and nice and good with the dogs.  Plus, they let you pick up as late as 10 p.m.--no more unnecessary overnights! That said, our dog *loves* every minute he spends there! More...


Jazmine E.

16 May 2014

I LOVE this place! The staff is very helpful and they know what there talking about! Also love the grooming staff! Basil always happy to go to Pawfection, if it's puppy play time, day care, or training with Bailey. He races to get out of car into Pawfection. I completely trust them with Basil and it helps that Bailey is usually there in case I need help with Basil. More...


Shannon G.

7 May 2014

LOVE this place!  It's so comforting to know that the owners and staff at PawFection love my fur babies as much as I do!   They genuinely care about all the dogs there, whether overnight guests or doggie day care, and they are incredibly knowledgeable about all breeds.  They take the time to get to know the personalities and needs of each fur baby, which leads to healthy, happy dogs.  The business is kept incredibly clean (no small task with a bunch of dogs around!) and they have plenty of space to play around and interact with other dogs.    It's super stressful having to leave your pups behind when going away, but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to leave my fur babies here for the day or overnight because they are in excellent hands! More...


Megan B.

5 May 2014

I travel to Pasadena about every other month and use PawFection for day care and grooming when I'm in town my my bichon loves it and the grooming is the best in town.They always do a great job on my boy I couldn't be happier with their service. More...


Marc S.

26 April 2014

Pawfection is the top dog! I couldn't help it. I took my Corgi puppy here for her first grooming and the staff was helpful and accommodating. What can I say the price was great, they finished faster than they said they would (small dog?) and Lana came out soft like silk with clean teeth! They did her nails and some minor trimming too! Going back tomorrow to get this summer shed out of my house. More...


Linda R.

23 March 2014

If you are a business traveler and need to be away from your beloved baby and/or if you work long hours, PawFection is the place for you and your dog. Three reasons: 1. Steven & Megan and their associates know and love dogs. They know them so well they'll name who your dog plays with, which is fun and funny to hear at the end of a long work day. Steven calls my guy "Little Buddy" and that warms my heart. 2) They'll gladly work with you to accommodate early or late pick-up and drop-off times if need be. I'm especially grateful to them for their flexibility and support. 3) Dogs are healthy and happy at PawFection. My guy always comes home healthy and he heads back in there acting like his happy, goof-ball self. That's a huge relief to me.They are fond, affectionate, and knowledgeable toward the dogs in their care, and I'm grateful. You will be, too!Just check out the photos and videos on their website. More...


Mindy L.

16 February 2014

I have used PawFection as both a groomer and a boarder for my golden retriever.  She loves it!  And they are very good to her.  She sheds a ton and their "Furminator" service keeps my house from being full of fur for weeks.  I have never had a problem getting her in and I really appreciate their flexibility in picking her up.I had to board her there in a bit of a surprise over Christmas because my vet was surprisingly closed.  They worked her in and she had a great four days!  I got to enjoy pictures of her playing with other dogs all day on Facebook while I enjoyed the vacation and when I got back I had a delightfully clean and cute happy dog to pick up.  Love it, love it, love it and I will keep coming back!!!! More...


Heather E.

9 February 2014

Wow, great place. I'm an out of town traveler and brought my pup. This grooming and day care is right by numerous hotels. We walked over and my baby got a bath and brush as well as a visit (doggie day care) while I ran. Great prices, $10 for groom and $6 per hour doggie day care. While I was there numerous return customers brought in their dogs, always a good sign. Staff was very helpful, place was clean and professional. I will use them again while I visit; they can watch my dog while I visit a museum, catch a movie or workout. And the grooming was great; my baby returned clean and soft! A wonderful place for your pup. More...


Wendy R.

26 January 2014

Best Dog Groomer ever!  The people are wonderful and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. They are all obvious animal lovers.  I bring my poodle and my pom here at least monthly for a cut or just a bath. The services are reasonably priced and customized to what you want. They are always perfectly groomed.  The pom is always has an over the top cute cut. I have not used their doggie day care or over night services yet, but I can comment on what I see.  The dogs in day care are visible in two large rooms with the dog sitter in the room at all times. They keep the rooms very clean. The dogs all get along and seem very happy. More...


Isai C.

21 January 2014

The people here are amazingly nice and did a great job with my doggie.  I went hiking and had a very filthy puppy.  They took me in last minute and did a great washing of my doggy.  I have to say I really did appreciate it and am thankful for their great prices. More...


Nancy S.

18 January 2014

I took my puppy here today such an awesome place!! I loved the energy of the place the staff were friendly and I enjoyed talking to them !!! My dog smelled extra good and he was so clean !! Thanks guys!! See you soon More...


Linda L.

15 January 2014

Love these guys! My dog, kona, loves them, too! Megan does a great job grooming him. They let the dogs play outside when it's nice, you can see the facilities, and they always have someone in the room with the dogs.  We sent kona to board when my husband was in the hospital and when I went to pick him up it was just the nicest thing to hear that kona had a snuggle buddy all night and that he was being loved.Overall a great experience for all of their services: boarding, grooming, day camp, and retail. More...


Soph M.

7 January 2014

This is by far the best day care I've been to in the area.  I used to go to K9, but it's a little pricey for the care they give.  This place takes care of your dog, you can get exit baths, and the price is VERY reasonable.  They love dogs and really care for them during the time that they are out of our sights.  They also have a trainer that goes in, in case you want to join training classes, they can help you with that too! More...


Zach G.

6 January 2014

We have been taking our Australian Cattle Dog puppy here since she finished her vaccinations. I was a little reserved at first to see her playing with all of the big dogs, but she has done quite well. Steven and Megan are very nice and sincerely care for your dogs. They'll give you little tidbits about funny things that your dog did that day, and they don't mind doing a little extra. We have been very satisfied with the cost (10 day package, can't beat the price!). More...


Andrew B.

4 January 2014

I appreciate the fact that they separated the big dogs/smaller dogs so George could play with dogs more his size. I like how PawFection doesn't take dogs out of the playroom if they are timid at first, (that's what Petsmart did) it allows them to become social. We missed our dog, but since PawFection takes videos and pictures it put us at ease to enjoy our vacation even more. More...


Cara C.

3 January 2014

Just went for my first time to purchase some dog food, and I will definitely be coming back! The person who worked there was super helpful in helping us pick out a good brand for our dog, and even gave us a few samples for us to try out on her at no extra cost. I had accidentally brought in a coupon for another dog place, and they let us use that towards our order (very considerate!). We will definitely be coming back. :) More...


Kris K.

26 December 2013

We took our two dogs there for boarding while we were away on vacation.  We're new to Pasadena, and were looking for a place nearby that could handle the fact that one of our dogs is great with large dogs, but smaller dogs can be dicey.  PawFection handled it without a problem!  When we came back after a week away, both Megan and Steven were so sad to see our dogs leave, they had fallen in love with both of them.  It was clear in talking to them that they also had spent enough time with our dogs that they knew their individual personalities, and gave us full a rundown of the week.  They even washed their bedding for us, and pointed out ways for us to save money!They post Facebook videos and photos on a daily basis so you can see what your pets have been up to.  We'll be back for daycare -- and boarding next time we travel.  Highly recommended! More...


Andi I.

18 December 2013

We have taken our puppy here for boarding, day care, and baths. Each experience has been wonderful, and the staff really goes above and beyond. We have used multiple places for boarding, day care, and grooming and pawfection has been the best for all 3. She always has fun at daycare (or it at least seems like it since she passes out the second she gets in the car). The boarding was fantastic and I love that they give me updates when I call in (like a crazy pet parent) and let me know how she's doing. As for the baths, she doesn't need intense grooming, but before pawfection, no bath really seemed to have any kind of lasting effect. Whatever they are doing, I'm a fan because she smells great every time! Definitely give pawfection a try! The prices are VERY reasonable and they have an awesome staff! More...


Tony P.

4 December 2013

We highly recommend Pawfection and will return in the future.  We had our dog stay overnight during Thanksgiving week while we were visiting family in the area and for a quick Disney trip.  Our dog is a rescue who has had bad experiences around groups of dogs so day cares and boarding have been out of the question in the past.  (A group of dogs were overzealous with our dog at a local dog park.  As a result, our dog tries to hide behind us when there are more than a few dogs at the park.)  Given our circumstances, we had to board our dog.  I called a few weeks ahead of time to get boarding information and spoke to the gentleman who I believe is the manager.  He listened patiently to my concerns about boarding our dog given his history.  I was resigned to the idea that our dog would not be able to handle being around a group of dogs and that it would be okay to leave our dog in the private room for the day we boarded him.  The manager understood my concern and explained how they do a temperament test of all new dogs and how dogs are slowly introduced to the group.  From our phone call alone, I felt confident in his experience and expertise.  When it was time for our visit, the manager was on duty.  He took our dog for the temperament test and all went well.  He slowly introduced each of the present  dogs to our dog starting with the calmest dog.  Our dog was apprehensive at first but soon got used to the idea.  Seeing how the manager handled our dog was comforting for a first time boarder.  Later, I was able to fully enjoy Disneyland with my kids without wondering if our dog was in good hands.  My wife on the other hand did not have the opportunity to watch the temperament test nor speak with the manager.  So she took up Pawfection on their offer to provide updates anytime of day.  Together we called twice to get updates.  Pawfection personnel gave us solid updates (it turned out our dog was getting along and playing with other dogs).  I am very glad that Pawfection worked on socializing our dog instead of just leaving him in his room (even though I gave them permission to do so.)  We returned the next day to pick up our dog.  He seemed in good spirits.  Everyone there was very nice; very knowledgable and very very empathetic to us as "pet parents."  High praise for Pawfection.  We would highly recommend them to out-of-the-area visitors like us.  (we are from the Bay Area; side note:  The manager, knowing that we were out of town, gave us local restaurant ideas.) We will definitely use them in the future. More...


D.J. G.

25 November 2013

I am a foster parent for a relative's dog, and take that responsibility very seriously.  We were made to believe this dog was not able to socialize with other dogs, and we need to be able to board her for a week over Christmas.  We didn't want her in "solitary confinement" for a week, so brought her in the PawFection for a temperment evaluation.  The initial assessment was promising, and the suggestion was to slowly introduce her to dogs of various sizes and temperments prior to boarding.  I left her off for two hours this morning and she had a very positive experience.  We will be bringing her in a couple of mornings a week until Christmas, and when the time comes, she will be in "cage free" doggy daycare for that week. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable.  I came upon PawFection through a SVG rewards website ($50 towards $100 in boarding fees).  I also checked out DoggyPlanet (no comparison!). More...


Andrea M.

8 November 2013

Brought my dog here for daycare while attending the horse races.  The location could not be better, right off the 210 freeway.  traffic in Pasadena can be a nightmare so I appreciated it being right off the exit.  The staff was very attentive and friendly.  Another customer was picking up her dog at the same time and also said how much she loved this place and what good care they took of her dog.  I loved that when I called about halfway through the day to check on my boy, they told me the dogs he had made friends with, a Rott, Hybrid, and a Mastiff.  The place smelled clean and fresh which is really important to me.  My dog played himself out, he was so tired even the next day he was worn out.  I will definitely be using this place when the race meet starts back up, so the parents can enjoy a day of racing and Dominic can enjoy a day of play! More...


Dani J.

4 November 2013

First off, if you've read Robert P.'s review and are skeptical about boarding your dogs here, don't be. My wife and I have left our four dogs here (each under 10 lbs) two times before and have had no issues at all. We have just returned from a week trip away and our dogs did wonderful! You can even see three of them playing around on a video they posted on their Facebook page (11/29/13 @ 11:17AM). We of course asked what happened in regards to Robert P.'s review and the owner gladly explained to us the entire situation in detail. Since that day, they corrected the area where the dog escaped and have had no issues since. The man who wrote the review was not even the owner of the dog that escaped, he is the brother who was probably angry about what happened. Nothing is perfect in this world, therefore people and businesses will make mistakes and unfortunately that day for PawFection's was one of them. Do not base your decision solely on Robert's review, read mine and all the others and make your choice then. More...


Nate L.

24 October 2013

Our puppy Zuri comes home happy and tired every time she spends a day at pawfection. The staff remembers her name even if she hasn't been in for a few weeks. They are warm and welcoming when we arrive. The facility is basic, but spacious. Let's face it, dogs don't care about fancy accommodations. They just want to play. Competitive pricing. We love pawfection! More...


Jessica C.

14 October 2013

We had never taken our dog Ginger to daycare before, so we were a little nervous about how she would react (especially since she's a rescue, and can sometimes be unpredictably jumpy). Steven really knew how to introduce her to the other dogs in a way that made everyone comfortable. So as it turns out, Ginger now LOVES going to daycare! How do I know she loves it? Well, (1) as soon as she sees me put my shoes on in the morning now, she does a yay-I'm-going-to-daycare happy dance that she never did before she started going to Pawfection, and (2) they post pictures and videos of your pup online so you can see for yourself (admittedly, the only downside to this is that we are a bit jealous that she doesn't have that much enthusiasm when she plays with US).Our experience with Pawfection has been really great. Everyone there is incredibly friendly, and you can tell that they really spend time with the dogs rather than just leave them alone to play with each other. It still amazes me that they know every dog's name that walks in the door (its like an episode of Cheers!).  But more importantly, they really know how to take care of your dog. Even when Ginger had her accident and ended up with stitches in her face and the cone of shame on, they still took her in and played with her one-on-one (to ensure that her stitches stayed intact). Rest assured, your dog is in good hands here. More...


C. M.

20 August 2013

The staff is amazing! Very welcoming and friendly with all of the dogs. You can tell that the staff  is very knowledgable about the dogs & the pet parents. I love the attention that they gave to all of the dogs. I left knowing that my little boy was in good hands. I'll definitely be sending him again to doggy day camp & boarding :) More...


Lydia T.

26 July 2013

I'm afraid I'll never go back to Petco or Petsmart for grooming or daycare. I love how these people love your dog! I love how knowledgable the owners are (they are always there), I've learned so much from them. I love the spacious, clean feeling of the place, the accessible location...and I love that I can call anytime for grooming (nail trimming, basic or deluxe bath) and they tell me to come on down. Also, the prices are cheaper than the previously mentioned place. I love that too. I didn't expect to like this place this much and I didn't expect my 90lb rottweiler to love this place as much as she does! I highly recommend it. More...


Lauren O.

19 July 2013

Okay. I had meant to write a review after our first visit, which was awesome, but now I have an even better story to tell.I dropped off my dog for the half day planning to pick him up around close. During the time that he was there all hell broke loose and I completely forgot about the dog. Pawfection called to let me know that they were closed and my dog was still there and that if I did not come to get him he could board for the night. I immediately called back, frantic that my puppy would be locked away from me for the night but Steve was super understanding and expained that they were just cleaning up and I could come and get my dog. Of course when I got there my puppy was super happy and worn out from playing all day and when we checked out they didn't even charge me extra for not only being late, but after hours. I've always felt that people who love and work with animals are the best people and these guys certainly exemplify that.I also love that they'll feed my dog at whatever time I'd like in addition to letting him play all day for no additional cost. And we've done the grooming (only $10 for a puppy bath!) and my sweetheart came home clean and smelling nice with a free bandana. Try this place out, much better than Petsmart or Petco. I love love love Pawfection. More...


Alice R.

12 July 2013

We love PawFection - Megan and Steven are great with the dogs, really know their stuff, and take a very professional attitude towards their responsibilities in caring for their 'customers'. Our boy Baxter LOVES it at PawFection and can hardly wait to get out of the car to go and play with his buddies. We have used other sites, but this one is very personalized and each dog is very well known to all of the staff members. The staff is very meticulous and attentive and when Baxter, who is very definitely a major member of our family, is  visiting PawFection, I NEVER worry, as I know he is in loving hands that are also very professional. I like the very reasonable rates as well.  Highly recommend PawFection - it's the best! More...


Thunderbird S.

25 June 2013

Great place for day care of your furry friends. My Shih Tzu looks forward to going here for doggie day care. The place is very nice. It's clean, spacious, and fun. I'll be boarding my dog here when I go on vacation too. They have nice overnight stay rooms for them. I had them bath my dog before I picked him up and he was nice and squeaky clean. More...


Lisa M.

25 June 2013

We've used other places around town for grooming and while we still love Marilyn over at at Dapper Dog she's quite a distance from us (If you live in South Pas or Alhambra go see her she's great!) so we decided to give PawFection a try since they are just down the street.They did SUCH an amazing job! I explained to Steven, who helped us in the beginning, that our dog (Baxter) had issues with men because he was a shelter adoption and was most likely abused by a man. Steven was sooo sweet to him that our Baxter didn't even bark at him, which was completely out of the ordinary. Steven immediately called on Megan, the groomer, to come out and talk to us and help Baxter feel at ease because he was stressed out from hearing other dogs in the building. We discussed it and decided on what she would do and she said it would be about 3-4 hours. Within the hour she called to say he was done. He's never smelt SO GOOD! And he looked adorable. I especially love that they didn't tie a silly bandana or bow around his neck...something I always take off of my pets and discard anyway. They offer a loyalty program too - for every 4 (or 5, can't remember which) grooms you get one free. Their service is cost effective AND the folks are friendly - will DEFINITELY go back. More...


Mirna A.

6 June 2013

After using a different company to board my babies (petrock hotel, don't go there) and having a not so good experience, I decided to look up a local area to leave my babies. I saw pawfection and decided to give it a try. The place is new and very clean. When I went in to ask the rates an stuff they explained how they came to be and gave me a tour of the place which was awesome! So the rates are worth it because somebody is there all nite to watch after our babies, which puts me at ease. The day camp is at an extra cost, but well worth it. They get all day fun and interactions with the other dogs there. Another plus is that if they have an accident in their rooms or in the play area, they get a bath because its not the dogs fault for having the accident. That being said, our babies and their stuff didn't come home smelling like pee or anything like that. They also posts pictures and videos on Facebook. But, if you don't have a Facebook(like me) they text you the pics and stuff. I love this place! They know their stuff! I will definitely be a regular here when I need them. I'm a customer for life! My husband also loves this place!! I am done trying places. This is definitely a home away from home for my babies. Thank you Pawfection! :) More...


Victor V.

4 June 2013

just moved here from out of state and needed a place to take care of my dog till I move in, thank god I found Pawfection, top notch, very professional and staff super friendly, they have a customer for life, thank you so much Pawfection


Janelle H.

29 May 2013

I love pawfection! My Siberian Husky Loki loves going to the daycare! Great staff and great dog's for him to play with.


Here at PawFection we provide a stimulating, social, safe and cage-free environment for your dog. We pride ourselves on not being over crowded so that all of the dogs can get personal attention. We have two spacious indoor climate controlled play areas. We strive to have all dogs well rounded and socialized with all sizes. In order to prevent any clashing personalities between the dogs, a free evaluation of your dog’s temperament will be given for grouping dogs together in our temperament testing area which can take up to 20 minutes. PawFection provides all toys and beds, however if you bring food or treats for your dog we will be happy to give it free of charge.

Exit Bath - bath with all purpose shampoo and blow dry only Bath package - premium shampoo, conditioner, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, blow dry, nails filed, 15 min brush out (anal glands included upon request) Shed-less - shed-less shampoo, shed-less conditioner, ear cleaning, nail filing, teeth brushing, blow dry, and brush out with our specialty brushes. Shed-less treatment reduces shedding 60% - 80% when done monthly or bi-weekly. (brush out time is determined on the amount of under coat, skin sensitivity, and dogs temperament, anal glands included upon request) Complete groom includes: bath with a premium shampoo, conditioner, brush out for 15 minutes, nail file, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and all over body haircut with minimal scissoring (hand scissored, breed or kennel clips are additional cost) **anal glands and ear hair plucking are upon request** Tidy groom - bath with a premium shampoo, conditioner, brush out for 15 minutes, nail file, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, and scissoring of face, feet, and tail areas (does not include all over body haircut) **anal glands and ear hair plucking are upon request** Build-a-bath - Anal Gland Expression | Brush | Dematt | Scissor | Color Splash | Conditioner | Deodorizing Shampoo | Ear Cleaning | Flea & Tick 30 Day Topical Spot on Treatment | Madra Mór Soothing Treatment | Nail Caps | Nails | Specialty Shampoos | Tooth Brushing **Prices based on breed standard, condition of the coat, behavior**

Kennel Dogs staying in our kennels are welcome to play in doggie day care all day. If they do not participate in doggie day care, dog walking will be available for an additional $15 for 30 minutes for 1 dog, or $25 for 2 dogs. The majority of the time they are in the kennels are when they go to sleep. Our goal is to have the pets out of their rooms and interacting with other dogs or one on one play time as much as possible. Private Much like overnight stays in a kennel, the dogs are welcome to play in doggie day care for the entire day. If they do not want to participate in the day care, you can add dog walking for an additional cost. The private rooms have rubber flooring which help to maintain temperature. You can bring your pet’s own bed or blanket for comfort, or we can provide an off-the-floor dog cot. Cage-Free Dogs participating in our cage-free overnight stay will be able to play in our doggie day care from the time they are checked in until 7:00 PM. At 7:00 AM the next day they will be able to play in our doggie day care until check out. The room is a communal overnight with a maximum of 5 dogs with beds for them to sleep on. You are more then welcome to provide your dog’s personal bed or blanket.