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Paola Colella

27 February 2019

Paula is a very serious professional with many years of experience. Her readings are accurate with lots of details. You must record her and go over the reading after a while. You will be amazed by her accuracy and precision. Strongly suggested! More...


Melissa Pope Scott

28 January 2019

I have been relying upon Paula’s readings and annual predictions for 36 years now. Can’t imagine how many times her insights have given me the understanding I have needed and used in order to process and better shape my life choices. Patience is key. Time reveals what we want to hear and take away. She’s wonderful in every way. Strict too! Love that. More...


Diana K.

28 November 2018

Paula is the real deal. Her reading was extremely accurate! I've been to a lot of psychics and many of them were just scammers, so I can tell when someone has real psychic abilities. Thank You so much, Paula!!!!!


- -

12 April 2017

I know for a fact that this woman is an amazing savant. Her talents lie with her specific language skills and her profound ability to tap into what someone needs to hear about themselves.


Nora H.

2 February 2017

She's amazingly accurate and candid with her reading. Great experience overall and would highly recommend her!


Angela F.

19 January 2017

I would give 10 stars if I could. We have done two commercial events with Paula so far and she is AMAZING! So professional and the crowd absolutely loved her. She gave very accurate readings I would definitely recommend. More...


Eric P.

18 April 2016

The real thing. She's straight forward and excellent with business and relationships. Compassionate with a touch of that British humor. Large International clientele. An NYC treasure. More...

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