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Paula Deegan Photography

Epsom, Surrey, UK, Surrey

1 hire on Bark
Paula Deegan Photography logo

Paula Deegan Photography

Epsom, Surrey, UK, Surrey

1 hire on Bark


• Family portraiture
• Children
• Babies
• Schools / nurseries - individual portraits, class portraits, events, year books, marketing materials


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Make a photo, don’t take one. Look for a background and light that works with your subject/s. Make the most of what you’ve got available e.g. light, time, location. Using the right settings on the camera goes without saying then after that, anticipate the shot or shots you’re going to take. Look for an interesting angle, give them some direction, make sure you’re ready for what’s to come and then shoot through the action / movement / expressions.
It’s really important to work with the person / people as individuals. Not everyone feels comfortable doing the same thing / posing in the same way and not everyone relaxes at the same speed. For some people it comes naturally and others it takes while.
Be patient, talk to the subjects, put them at ease and find something that works for them. When you’ve found their ‘thing’, then the great shots will come.

For events, it’s a case of having a shot list at the start to make sure all the important parts are covered, then look around, be observant and shoot the interesting stuff. Include wide shots and close-ups for a good variety of images.

What are you looking for? Where are they being used?
Have you any examples of something similar you’ve seen that you like the look of?
Do you have a shot list?
Is there a specific location? What time of day?
When do you need them by?
What format?

I love the variety of meeting different individuals, shooting in new places and capturing well-timed, eye-catching images.

I had been interested in photography for as long as I can remember and in 2011 successfully completed a photography diploma with the Photography Institute. At the beginning a few people who liked my work and asked me how much I charged for photos and then it snowballed from there. In 2014 I set up my own business and have never looked back.

If they’re looking for an easy-going photographer who takes natural, well-timed shots and has the ability to work in a variety of lighting situations.