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Farzin Ghanavati

20 August 2019

(Traducido por Google) Conocí a Paul y visité su perrera hoy. Es un gran hombre y la persona adecuada. Si está buscando un cachorro Doberman en áreas del DMV o en los estados. ¡Me ayudó mucho durante las últimas semanas para tener mi cachorro real de Doberman y aún así me ayudó y me apoyó! Gracias Paul Doberman!(Texto original)I met Paul and visited his Kennel today. He is a a great man and right person If you are looking for Doberman puppy in DMV areas or in states! He helped me a lot for past few weeks to have my royal Doberman puppy and still helpful and supportive! Thank you Paul Doberman! More...


Sandi Clay

27 July 2019

(Traducido por Google) Conocí a Paul hace unos meses cuando mi esposo y yo buscábamos un cachorro Doberman. Hemos tenido dobermans para siempre. ¡Paul es un joven enérgico y entusiasta con una verdadera pasión por la raza! Le compramos a nuestro Príncipe Nelson. ¡Él y su esposa eran nada menos que asombrosos! Recomiendo a alguien a esta perrera. Paul ha ido más allá de estos cachorros y nosotros como dueños potenciales. ¡Gracias, Paul Doberman!(Texto original)I met Paul a few months ago when my husband and I were searching for a Doberman puppy. We’ve had Dobermans forever. Paul is an energetic and enthusiastic young man with a true passion for the breed! We purchased our Prince Nelson from him. He and his wife were nothing less than amazing! I recommend anyone to this kennel. Paul has gone above and beyond for these puppies and us as potential owners. Thank you, Paul Doberman! More...


courtney halteman

27 July 2019

(Traducido por Google) He estado buscando un buen Doberman de raza pura desde hace bastante tiempo, y es difícil encontrar un criador legítimo y criador en estos días. El Sr. Filip fue más que cooperativo, ofreció toda la prueba de los documentos y la información que necesitaba y fue muy amable y servicial con todas las preguntas que he tenido para él. Él fue capaz de responderlas incluso mejor de lo que esperaba para un criador tan joven. Y créanme que soy la persona más exigente a la hora de comprar algo, y mucho menos un pan puro que he querido durante años. Él es un verdadero profesional y no puedo esperar a una nueva camada para poder finalmente tener el cachorro que he querido durante tanto tiempo.(Texto original)I have been looking for a good pure bred Doberman for quite some time now, and it is difficult to find a legitimate pure bred and breeder these days. Mr. Filip was more than cooperative, he offered all the proof of papers and information I needed and was very kind and helpful with all the questions I have had for him. He was able to answer them even better than I had expected for such a young breeder. And believe me I am the pickiest person when it comes to buying anything let alone a pure bread I’ve been wanting for years. He is a true professional and I cannot wait for a new litter so that I can finally have the puppy I’ve wanted for so long. More...


Mauricio Hernandez

27 April 2019

(Traducido por Google) Paul es una gran fuente de información para todos los que necesitan ayuda sobre dobermans. ¡Tenía algunas preguntas generales y él hizo más que solo responderlas por mí! ¡Definitivamente le compraré un cachorro en un futuro cercano!(Texto original)Paul is a great source of info for all who need help about dobermans. I had some general questions and he did more than just answer them for me! I definitely will buy a pup from him in the near future! More...


Meghan S

27 February 2019

All I can say is wow. First of all, the kennel is impeccablly clean. I know I would have been safe to eat off the floor of this kennel and I would have never developed any infection. I heard about this new kennel from a friend of a friend’s second cousin twice removed, and i knew I had to go see it immediately. I hopped in my 2019 Chevy Tahoe and drove straight down the highway to get there as soon as possible. I arrived and was greeted by Paul Doberman himself. His pack of dobermans were sitting in formation behind him, perfectly trained. One of the larger Doberman’s, Zed I believe he said his name was, brought me a glass of soda with ice. The vibe was so amazing in the kennel. The kennel spaces were bigger than my room at my house, I live below the poverty line, like most Americans these days. Times are tough am I right? Anyways back to the Dobermans. I saw a Doberman with the sweetest eyes and it sauntered over to me with a little pep in its step. It was true love and I knew that dog was the one for me. Let me just say I was originally going to purchase a dog to enter into frisbee competitions for money but I knew this dog was just going to be my best companion ever and I didn’t want to force him through my frisbeee training boot camp. Anyways, I whipped out my wallet and I wrote Paul Doberman a check and told him I had to have the pup. He handed me my new purebred pup and I raced out to my car to strap him into his dog car seat I had purchased. Happiest day of my life, would 100% recommend!!! Thanks Paul Doberman! More...