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I'm an expert in 'Leadership & Mindset' development who enables and empowers individuals, leaders and organisations to be their best, achieve their goals and maximise potential.

I am the Founder of the Mindset Journal Ltd and also the Owner of a leading and innovative leadership consultancy called Leadership Architecture.


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16 September 2019

Paul is an extremely engaging speaker, who delivers enormous amounts of energy whilst conveying his message. As a coach, Paul has had a massive impact on my life: Through what felt like a very natural process, Paul coached me from having an absolute and complete phobia of public speaking, to becoming someone that speaks on stage for a living. I could not recommend Paul's coaching skills more highly. More...

27 June 2019

Good articles and insights into current leadership development trends.


I'm fortunate that I am in the business of helping to develop people, help them to develop their thinking and to realise their potential. Talking about and sharing ideas on topics such as leadership, mindset, success, and life as well as talking about how to make businesses or organisations more successful is what switches me on. The creative element of helping to develop a person, a programme or business is exciting!

I was at the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989 and quickly learned life was a gift so I've spent the last 30 years researching happiness, mindset, success and leadership. So after spending 25 years in the corporate world I eventually decided to start my own business and having control of my own destiny is amazing. I meet such a wide variety of people and companies so I also get to learn everyday and do what I love.

Well I'm professional, fun and friendly with a lot of experience as well as being an author so I have very clear strategies to help either individuals, leaders, business leaders or organisations be successful. I am also confident I can make a massive difference as a consultant, a coach, a speaker, facilitator or sometimes just being there to listen to my clients. I like the word genuine and I'm there to help people realise their potential and achieve their goals.



We provide Executive Coaching for our clients to develop your Executive strategic thinking, impact, leadership and performance so they can drive the effectively shape the future of your organisation.

We provide Leadership Coaching for our clients to develop your leaders thinking, capability and performance so they can drive the effectiveness through their role in your organisation.

This is coaching for individuals looking to be the best version of themselves and reframe their mindset for success. Whether it is business leaders, professionals, sports people or individuals looking to take their business or themselves to the next level. Or someone looking for help to develop their mental strength to overcome barriers we can help provide insightful and productive coaching to help you achieve your goals.

We provide career coaching for our clients to provide career assessment tools that identify career drives, career motivations, career anchors, career agility and pathways, talent assessment and career planning.

We can provide facilitation of conferences, events and offsite to ensure your audience is inspired, engaged and enthused but more importantly to ensure the right messages and exercises are delivered in the most effective way.

We can provide key note speaking through owner Paul Corke who speaks on Mindset and Leadership. His speaker profile is on Shapiro International.

We provide leadership consultancy to enhance organisational effectiveness and build leadership capability to create your desired culture, increase company performance and maximise profitability. Once we have consulted with you and completed required research into your organisation we will provide a report to make recommendations on how to build a leadership culture for your organisation or recommend solutions to your requirements.

We specialise in developing the mindset of your leaders and also the mindset of the organisation. We do this by consulting with you and defining leadership for your organisation but we also can develop your leaders mindset through a range of different tools including our own Mindset Equation Individual, Team and Organisational Assessment tool. If you want to change the behaviour of your leaders you need to change the thinking behind the behaviour. Developing your leaders mindset is critical to your organisations future success. Price is day rate but if MES or MEO Tool is used there is a cost per report.

We provide the Mindset Equation Individual Questionnaire and report which assesses 7 significant mindsets and 21 specific mindset indicators. We provide a report that details mindset capability, mindset preference, mindset timeline, conscious versus unconscious mindset and visibility of mindset. Coaching can then be used to have a productive mindset development conversation.

We are experts at designing leadership and behavioural models specialising in creating the right trademark behaviours, leadership success factors and providing the right tools for your leaders to embed your model across your organisation. This provides a shared understanding of what good looks like and enables leaders to role model to drive consistent leadership behaviour across the organisation.

We can work with you to design the most appropriate LD strategy for your organisation aligned to your business strategy and organisational trademark behaviours and values. We are experts in providing the strategic thinking required to develop your leaders to build your leadership capability, pipeline and future proof your leadership.