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Patrick has a background in fine art, having earned his first class honers degree at The Newcastle College of Art & Design in England. He now works as a commercial photographer in the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States.


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Tanny Mount

4 July 2018

Patrick is a hugely talented and highly professional photographer. He has an incredible eye for detail and has produced some of the best interior design and product shots in the industry today. He uses a top of the range Hassleblad medium format camera, the quality of his images can be seen in a number of his shots published in global magazines. More...


James Cadbury

4 June 2018

Patrick did a fantastic job on our product and lifestyle photos. Pleasure to work with someone who has such an eye for detail.


Sondra M.

17 January 2017

Very professional and friendly! I would hire him again


When everything interlocks so perfectly that you feel truly overwhelmed by the wonder of it.

The harder you work the more satisfied you become.

In photography knowledge of lighting is the key to a successful image. Pw interiors & Lifestyle photographers are experts in Lighting, handling cameras, choosing the best angles and styling images.

We operate at the highest level of professionalism and offer a bespoke service, designed to exceed our client’s expectations.


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Corporate portraits: I typically shoot at my clients office's. I either set up a studio with a single tone backdrop with lighting in a meeting room or I tend to enjoy using the office space in conjunction with creative lighting to produce a dynamic portrait. I work with my subject for roughly 5 to 10 minutes to achieve a successful portrait. I think the process of having your picture taken should be an enjoyable one. I aim to make it as relaxed and fun as possible.

Interior photography: I shoot tethered and focus on attention to detail. I chose the most flattering angles and light spaces appropriately to help sell the product .

I work with a wide range of clients from Tiffany & Co to WeWork and Fake It Flowers. I Have my own studio for shooting products. Please get in touch