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Denise Hames

21 May 2019

After just a couple of sessions with David I am feeling and moving so much better! A few months ago I could barely go to the grocery store without limping now I am able to be much more active. David is extremely knowledgeable and working with him has made a huge difference for me. More...


emily ingram

28 April 2019

David is amazing ! He is extremely knowledgeable and in tune with the human body. Im so grateful to have found him and to have him work on me. I look forward to having some of this pain ease up? More...


Lee Lana Batishev

29 March 2019

I love to workout, but overdo it sometimes and David Bruno is perfect person to see when my body needs a reset! I highly recommend him if you have any aches or pains. Hands down five star service!!!


Dana Sutko

29 March 2019

There are massages and then there are MASSAGES. If you want to work out the kinks and injuries you must see David Bruno. He’s very professional and experienced, and I’m excited to have found him. More...


Michelle Wilde

27 February 2019

I am a repeat customer of David's. If I have something going on with my body, I can always count on David to treat it. His therapy is extremely helpful in the recover process and I would recommend him to anyone who has body aches or pains.


Shelby Pennix

27 February 2019

David, thank you so much for giving me some relief. I have so many areas that needed attention due to stress. After each session I can really feel a huge difference. I look forward to continuing with you. Thank you for your great work and giving me some stress relief! See you soon. More...


Doug Gattis, Jr.

27 February 2019

Had my first appointment with David last week. He comes highly recommended and I was not disappointed. David is experienced, knowledgeable and thorough. My primary focus was to have David work on my shoulder (rotator cuff) and I already notice some improvement! Have booked my second appointment. More...


Richard Rose

27 February 2019

If you are looking for someone that can explain to you why your body is hurting the way it is, David is your man! I thought it was old age with some of my issues until I met with David! Feeling great!


Stephen Combs

28 January 2019

David Bruno is absolutely fantastic! If you have any lingering pains that you can't get rid of then I highly recommend him. He will do the trick!


Byron Barron

6 July 2018

I have been going to David for weekly massages for months. His ability to find and relieve pain and stiffness if unbelievable. I plan on seeing him weekly into the near future. If you are tired of having lotion applied and no relief, schedule an appointment with David, he will make a difference in your life.

David has been outstanding. He is attentive to my needs and does GREAT work. As a person with ALS he has worked with me and my condition enabling me to be more mobile.


jiin christou

4 June 2018

Wow! I've had a foot injury for 3 months and David assessed and corrected all the bones and ligaments in my foot within 20 minutes. His knowledge is extensive and his practice very effective. My foot feels great! Thank you David More...


Mark Long

28 May 2018

I've been regularly visiting David with Pathways Massage and Muscular Therapy since February and can honestly say this has been one of the best decisions I've made. Two years ago I started going to the gym but noticed I just didn't have the flexibility or stamina I once had. After just a few visits with David I began noticing great improvements in my flexibility, range of motion, and stamina. I definitely recommend scheduling a visit to see David at Pathways Massage and Muscular Therapy if you're wanting to get your physical life back on track and/or you just want to feel great again. More...


Francis Fong

7 May 2018

I have been involved in the martial arts for over 50 years. David is one of the best massage therapists that I have ever seen. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs chronic pain treatment. More...


Douglas Lightstone

4 May 2018

David Bruno is an extremely skilled an knowledgeable muscular and massage therapist. He is able to work out muscular and tendinous problems by using various techniques and tools of which he is greatly skilled. I am always very happy with my results following every session. I can always see a major improvement in the way I feel and move. I highly recommend David Bruno for anyone who is looking to relieve muscular aches and pains from their body. More...


Marissa L

9 April 2018

As a licensed massage therapist myself, David is the only massage therapist I trust my body to.
His knowledge and skill are absolutely unparalleled and his range of modalities is seemingly limitless!
David has done wonders for my body and I can't thank him enough.
As massage therapists ourselves, it is of the utmost importance to take care of our own bodies in order to take care of others and I am so grateful to have found another therapist that can help me do so.
I swear, he is a wellspring of knowledge and skill unlike any other and he has helped me develop my own skills and practice as well.
I truly cannot thank David enough for the help he has given me and the results I've seen within myself.
I have gone from constant pain from spinal and neck injuries and malformations to pain free!
I never thought that would be possible.
David gave me my body back.
I have never felt better.


Esteban Aburto

26 March 2018

Pathways Massage has been a life Saver for me. David's knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to your therapy needs has no comparison. He has help me tremendously with my neck and back problems. I would recommend anyone looking for Massage therapy to stop and just book an appointment at Pathways...You won't be dissapointed. More...


Cristina Correa

16 February 2018

If you are looking for o good masseur...but I mean A REAL MASSAGE, not someone slipping lotion on your body...a real body work, focused in your issues and that will make you leave there felilng really better....David is the guy !!!! I cant even describe how better Im feeling right now ! absolutely 5 stars !! Best massage I ever had !!! More...


Elier Hernandez

28 October 2017

Found David while searching for an orthopedic massage therapist to help with lower back pain and muscle dysfunctions. David is by far the best therapist I have ever been to! This is not massage envy, David knows muscle, ligaments, tendons better than your doctor does. I was dealing with sciatica pain for the last 6 months from a lower back injury playing basketball and years of sports and abuse. From just the first session my sciatica pain was gone! I was starting to consider surgery and glad I didn't. I'll continue to see him and would recommend him to anyone and everyone! Stop wasting time and money at massage parlors unless you're going there to relax and have oils rubbed on your back and see a professional like David. More...


Byron Barron

8 June 2017

I have been going to David for weekly massages for months. His ability to find and relieve pain and stiffness if unbelievable. I plan on seeing him weekly into the near future. If you are tired of having lotion applied and no relief, schedule an appointment with David, he will make a difference in your life. More...


Cynthia Willard

8 June 2017

I need ongoing massage to keep up with my aging aches and pains. Fluffy massage from the big box massage places were a temporary fix and I needed a truly therapeutic massage. This therapist David Bruno knows his business! He found all the points that were the triggers for my pain and worked them with deep pressure and stretches. Ive seen a huge improvement in my posture and my sleep is getting better. More...


Steve Cook

8 June 2017

Great guy, great massage! Never felt so relaxed. He knew way more about the techniques than I ever have, which shouldn't be surprising. However, I've received massages from other places on a regular basis before that required memberships, but they didn't deliver like this guy did! Sure they'd relax me, but I felt like this guy actually cared about me. He took the time to explain things, and even aligned my back and neck! Never felt more comfortable! I'm making this a regular thing, from now on! Well worth the investment in my personal health and well-being! More...

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