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Check out my web site....www.pathansenlifecoach.com

Life Coaching will help you get from not knowing to knowing,
from struggle to ease, from where you are now to where you want to be.

Move Forward with Clarity
Do you have something in your life that isn't working?


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Regina Chambers

21 October 2018

Pat is a highly compassionate, socially successful, beautiful human being. I would ask her advice about anything!


Anne MacAulay Traver

21 October 2018

A wise and supremely resilient, tenacious and resourceful being. Pat, I wish you every success in this venture.

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I love helping people navigate issues that stand in the way of living the best life possible!

After experiencing so much in my life, and learning to navigate through issues with as much grace and intelligence as possible, I felt a desire to help others do the same. I have always been the "go-to" person for friends - whenever they were dealing with something bigger than what they knew how to handle. And, I have learned in life, that helping others is a great way to create happiness in my own life.

I am a certified Holistic Life Coach, trained by teacher and author, Alan Cohen. I am kind, loving, warm and friendly - but most importantly, possess a special skillset that helps people find their own answers, by guiding them through with the right questions to get to the core of the matter.