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I am a female artist working out of Llandeilo in west Wales and exporting my originals and high quality fine-art prints direct to clients as far afield as Australia and the USA. Some of my originals cost less than £20 each while others cost hundreds, even thousands of pounds but they are all beautiful and, already-painted or freshly commissioned, my work regularly brings tears to their new owners eyes as I hand it over - and often to mine as we share that moment of pure joy and so often become friends.


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Dave Probert

27 November 2018

My wife Ann and I Visited the Royal Welsh Winter Fair on Monday and visited Pat Bullen-Whatling's stand displaying some fantastic paintings. Those of the 'meadows' caught our eye so much so that we were compelled to buy. It looks fantastic hung in our study. Enjoyed chatting to Pat and her husband about her drive, ideas and paintings. Pat' s paintings are so detailed and we love the clever perspective of the meadows paintings especially. More...


Debra Connor

31 October 2018

Beautiful uplifting paintings


Emma Smith

30 July 2018

Pat's art work is truly amazing. I fell in love with her work about 4 years ago at a Christmas event. I have followed her page since then and have been lucky to have a heart slate with a Highland cow and a large print of the Highlands cows. I have also gifted some prints of her work and they have been greatly appreciated.
Pat always manages to capture the spirit of the animals which really makes them look alive. She never shy's away from combining bright colours with her work. Which really helps to make them stand out.
I hope that one day I will be very lucky to have one of her original paintings.
If you ever get the opportunity to go see her work then do as the photos really don't do them justice. �


Nicky Griffiths

23 July 2018

I love Pat's paintings, in particular the wild flower ones, they are beautiful x


Pam Martin

23 July 2018

Love Pat's work - you sense her love of nature - beautiful


Lesley Jackson

23 July 2018

I really love the angles, details and colours of Pat's Artwork. My favourites are the meadow flowers. Magically talented lady! �


Carol Brady

23 July 2018

I love Pats art in particular hercwild flower paintings. They're top of my Christmas list.


Angela MacKinnon

23 July 2018

Beautiful artwork. It shows such passion and draws you into the paintings. Magical horses. I felt myself walking through the meadow of flowers - wonderful x


Kellie Hardie

23 July 2018

Pat is a very talented artist and produced some amazing work have bought a gift for my mum off her and she was thrilled highly recommend her work to anyone! Oh and she is an amazing person too � More...


Debbie Jennings

23 July 2018

Fantastic work by a very talented artist
I have had the pleasure of meeting pat and she is such a genuine lady and very talented


Mike Ward

23 July 2018

Pat is a very talented artist with a fine sense of light and colour that brings her paintings to life. The wild flower paintings are exceptional.


Elspeth Morgan

31 January 2014


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I have sketched and painted from a child and, year on year, this pastime became so much more than that. I now paint because I have to, both emotionally and in a real-life sense, it's my job, my work, my passion. It drives my thoughts and though some paintings terrify me by the time it is finished I know I have to paint again.
I love pushing my own boundaries, all the time, reaching for more beauty, more impact, more realism and yet at the same time more . . . . magic . . . . and I am most free to do this when I paint my own ideas, almost for myself and I'm very lucky so many people want them on their walls.
But I love working on commission too. It's so varied, some subjects are so unexpected that in reality, teaming up with You, working to bring Your dream to a stunning reality is like painting with one head and two hearts. I love it. So do look at what I've already created through sheer love and if you want something else, something just a little different (or even stunningly different) contact me and we can begin to talk.

Everybody, it often seems, dreams a different dream but my husband and I were lucky, we dreamed the same dream, we’ve always been lucky in that way.
Perhaps partly seduced by the tv programme ‘The Good Life’ we searched for a year, saw more than 200 smallholdings, and, one day, passed a run down, bleak house on a north facing hill on a grey and cold November afternoon, when we were already very tired.
So we drove past, just glanced up and drove past, but we turned, about a half a mile later, and went back to take a proper look. We had come a long way and it seemed silly to pass even bleak looking houses that didn’t bother to smile at us as we went by.
But this house turned out to be where we dreamed we’d live forever, where we would have our children (which we did) and where we would rear them and immerse them in nature, and that we’d stay there until we were old and both faded into nothingness . . . but that was not to be . . . and that is one just part of our tragedy.
But it is also what first inspired me to sketch and paint seriously, with a view to selling seriously, and first take art lessons locally and then, finally, attend university in Carmarthen as a mature student to study a Fine Art course with Honours for three years before being awarded my degree and . . . and after that my view of life and especially of art was changed forever.

One thing that has constantly surprised (and very much delighted me) is the emotion that fills people when they first see my art - and which often overflows as tears at the moment they hold out their hands - that moment when it becomes theirs - when we become friends.
I am aware that I create every piece with a passion and love borne out of the story of my past. I am painting my dreams and I'm painting your dreams too but I love it that my clients have this exact same passion and they are never buying a painting or a picture, they are buying a piece of my soul and they are buying it because that exact same emotion exists in their soul too. Art is not paint and canvas - it is excitement, emotion and fire.


I have a range of already-painted art always ready for exhibitions and to show to visitors but a great deal of my work today comes from direct commissions placed by members of the public and businesses. I paint on high-grade Stretched Box Canvas, Canvas Board, high quality Heavyweight Art Paper and typically 6" Slate Hearts. Please contact me to discuss which medium suits your needs best and that of the work in question. I am always delighted to 'talk art' and you needn't think you will be committing yourself by asking. Not everyone who visits me at an exhibition of show leaves with a painting and that's how it should be.

As with my paintings I have a range of already-completed sketches but most of my sketching output today comes from commissions placed for a particular subject. I most often sketch animals, particularly dogs and cats, either to celebrate their life and vitality or to act as a 'forever reminder' of a much loved pet who has 'passed over the rainbow bridge'. Always feel free to contact me to discuss your needs. As with paintings of animal portraits I am happy to work from a high quality photograph.

My high quality prints are all produced 'in house' either on my HP Z2100 24" wide-bed imaging system costing about two thousand pounds or on my specialist card and small print system. The colours are exceptionally vibrant and long lasting. These are genuinely high quality prints designed for display in normal home / office settings. Any Original Painting or Sketch can be produced as a print from very small up to 24" by almost any length (90' in some cases).

As with my prints I can produce any of my Original Paintings or Sketches as a rich, glossy, high colour and definition Greetings Card. My cards are normally A5 (folded A4) with the image on the front, either landscape or portrait format, and the name and my contact details on the revers. The inside of each card is left blank to enable you to enter any greeting or message of condolence you wish. Some people even buy my cards to frame and use as desk or bookshelf displays. One nice touch is that if you buy one of my Originals, Commission your own or purchase a print you can also order matching cards in almost any number to send to your friends and show them your new pride and joy.

Do you run or support a Dogs' Trust, a Cat Re-homing Facility perhaps a Retirement Home For Horses? If you do I may be able to help. You see your clients, those people who either support your trust or group or who adopt an animal, are very likely to be attracted to my work. Animal lovers love animal art, especially if it can be of their own beloved creatures. If you feature a link to my work on your website etc. I will be delighted to donate 10% of every purchase made through that link. It's completely Free to set up, takes about 2 minutes to do so and there are no hidden charges (ever) and no more work for you to do. I can help a much wider range of clubs, groups etc than just animal shelters so do Contact Me at wwwPBWgallery.com if you would like to find out more.