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Past Therapy Foundation

Preston, Lancashire


Past Therapy Foundation

Preston, Lancashire


PAST Therapy Foundation. PAST stands for (Personal and Spiritual Tuning) and is a brand new holistic therapy, a unique modality enabling you to retune your life using various holistic methods and techniques for your wellbeing.


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Glenda says "It is YOU self healing, YOU! And when I see you integrating what I share and you change that is awesome.

You see I believe you have the ability, you just don't know it YET.

You see you believe that someone else is going to change, for you to feel better.

With PAST Therapy you feel better faster and quicker.

Like many people, the question that is most often asked is "Why am I here? or Who am I? or What is my purpose? You see, we ask questions all the time. I did...

Because of these questions began a search in finding out who she is and came to create Lady G Life and PAST. Her personal and spiritual teacher and friend in a new network of experiential learning, making friends and becoming a speaker, a writer and coach on personal and spiritual Growth.

Because I'm like you, and I believe that you want answers. You have asked many times and you still have not got them. Or you want to know how you can change. If I can't I know the answer is there for you. Plus I believe we each of us is unique, we are not meant to be the same. You just don't know it YET.