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Paragon Design, Inc.

Riverside, California, Riverside


Paragon Design, Inc.

Riverside, California, Riverside


Paragon Design, Inc.is a full service residential and commercial design and drafting firm in Riverside, California. We serve the entire Southern California and have been in business for 17 years and are well versed with the building & city codes.



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The garage is suitable to be converted to additional dwelling unit (ADU) if there is enough parking area within the property that could replace the number of parking space/s required.

The first step to determine if the Garage is suitable to be converted to ADU is to check with the planning & building department along with the association if this project will comply with their regulations. Secondly, we have to draw up the plans for submittal to the pertinent agencies for their approval. If a structural engineer is required, we have an associate ready and quick to provide their service. Normally, the details are sufficient since the Garage is existing.

It is preferable for the homeowners to have their own set of drawings to obtain several bids and choose the contractor most suitable.

The loft is suitable for conversion if there is enough headroom clearance. It must have a minimum net area that is required for a habitable space. There must be enough light and ventilation source whether existing and new. We also check if additional parking is required for the additional bedroom or bonus room, which in some instance is required by the association or building department.

Like the Garage conversion, the first step is to check with the building department if this project is feasible. Secondly we draw up the plans and should the project require a structural design, we send to our associate engineer. The plans are submitted for to obtain permit.

Again, it is preferable for the homeowners to have their own set of drawings to obtain several bids and choose the contractor most suitable rather than having the contractor provide the drawings and the clients are locked up with them.

Throughout the years, and past recessions, we have repeat clients who come back for additional work. It is gratifying if they refer us to their friends and relatives. The neighbors see our work and they themselves contact us. The contractors we dealt with have kept us busy throughout the years with regular jobs. We cater to small as well as big projects, residential as well as commercial. The variety of our projects along with client satisfaction makes us very fulfilled and proud.

The flexibility of working hours made us available for family time. Now that we are empty nesters, we look back and savor those memories.

One partner has an architecture degree and other credentials (check our website). We have years of experience dealing with the local departments. The California and national Building Codes change regularly and we are apt at incorporating the latest regulations. We are well versed with the different style of architecture and have designed true to the essence. For additions, the clients' houses are the envy of the neighborhood. Our fees are very competitive and inexpensive.

We would appreciate the opportunity to bid on your project and you will be pleased with the results.