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Par-Tee-Time Entertainment is a mind changer in helping youth own their attributes as real kings and queens, princesses, and superheroes through a unique partee experience. We are the people who style our gifted youth;



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I love owning a business that shines light on every day G.I.F.T.E.D youth who are Grateful, Inspiring, Fabulous, Talented, Educated & Determined. I've created a brand where youth are in the spotlight and I get to capture their beauty and creativity through expressive art and character development.

Growing up, I was a dreamer; a creative guru who loved to have fun dressing up and exploring the world around me. I wanted to be a princess that brought joy and happiness to everyone. I always knew from within that I was destined for greatness; that I was meant to birth something eternal that would lead the future generation into their destinies with a renewed mindset and a changed heart. I now have been blessed with this incredible opportunity to share my fun, upbeat and creative personality with the world and sow into the lives of our future generation.

At Par-Tee-Time Entertainment, we aren't just an entertainment company that provides princess characters as seen on television, in fact, our guiding principles are Quality, Diversity, Realness, Honesty and Creativity. We think it is perfectly okay for our youth to know we aren't the real characters as seen on television. We want our youth to know who our characters are as people and provide life skills lessons at every event to ensure youth understand that THEY are every day princesses and superheroes; kings and queens. Clients should choose us as we are the premier entertainment company specializing in changing the minds and hearts of our future generation. Youth will be empowered after each event and their self confidence will rise as they own their attributes and bring out their creativity and true beauty from within. We thrive on the quality we bring to each party, the diversity of our entertainers and clientele, the realness and honesty we bring to youth so they too can see themselves being whomever they want to be, and bring out their creativity in a way that shapes our world and creates generational talents in communities everywhere.



Choose from a variety of princess characters, superheroes, and fairies including the tooth fairy who can visit when your youth's tooth falls out.

Great for Princess partees.

Receive a lesson on etiquettes over tea. Materials are included. Will participate in a live improv film. Can include a sip and paint partee.

Performers entertain in the art of singing impersonators, dancers, actors performing live skits, comedians, and much more can be added to an event.

Enjoy a day of outdoor fun teaching teamwork and sportsmanship.

Enjoy an inspirational life skill puppet show where youth are learning and having fun.

Fun designs for any event.

Balloons are a must at any partee. Our artist are talented. We can also make balloon arches for your partee theme.

Arrange a playdate with one of our characters or simply one of our talented entertainers. This playdate can be sporadic or a weekly scheduled event. Also, receive a one-on-one for added support for when your youth gets on "red" in school or refuses to follow the rules at home. Our characters will visit and provide life skills lessons to point your youth in the right direction.

Have a specialized themed arts & craft partee that is filled with fun and lots of learning. Materials will be included and your youth will have a memorable work of art to capture their creativity

Our interactive Storytime can be combined with any partee with or without a character. Our entertainers are ready to engage your youth in educational storytelling.

Spirituality and exploring God's presence around us is extremely important to us. Our entertainers brings toys and other fun activities to help youth learn about the love of God and the significance of the cross.

Top hit tunes, quality sound, dance lighting, dynamic voice & lots of fun energy. Games can be added such as Limbo, Karaoke, Name that TV theme song & more. We have DJ services for small to mid-size events.

We aim to become the premier entertainment company that auditions and trains gifted youth to perform locally and in other cities around the country. We look for talented youth to join us as entertainers. Training is provided in the form of dance, music, and acting. Talent is showcased based on bookings promoted during mostly summer tours.

We invest in building youth in the space of mental health. With play therapy participation, we serve as active and trained participants in play therapy; allowing professionals to simply observe in therapy and make appropriate treatment plans and interventions.

We have the entertainment for school proms as well as we can plan and entertain other prom events including but not limited to 8th grade proms, day treatment proms, father/daughter dances, little kings and queen proms, and group home prom events.

Par-tee-time Entertainment host a variety of events throughout the year for communities. Please check the events tab for upcoming events. We can also help plan your next epic event. Complete the "contact us" form and we will put together a proposal based on your budget and event needs.

Designed for our beautiful brides to be, our wedding services bring the entertainment for all youth during your special day. We know most wedding ceremonies prefer not to have youth present so we serve as the answer to your problem. We'll keep youth happy and entertained.