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Westwood, Los Angeles, California

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Papillon Flowers O & J

Westwood, Los Angeles, California


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Betty M.

23 June 2019

Great customer service! Booked them for our wedding and they did our centerpieces, bouquets, cake arrangements, and arch floral arrangements. Everything as perfect with the exception of our cake flowers, they delivered a much smaller flower arrangement than we had asked for, it looked like a boutonnière instead of what we asked for. A family member received them so we didn't realize they were incorrect until we were setting the cake for the pictures later in the night. We ended up having to use the boutonnière on our wedding cake. More...


Luchino C.

3 June 2019

I needed flowers for Mother's day and while I usually order them online, I thought I'd get better value on ordering from a local shop and picking them up. Boy was I right and the arrangements I got from Papillon were simply gorgeous and came with real vases as well! Incredible value and beautiful arrangements for a fraction of the price!The service was impeccable as well as my flowers were ready and waiting for when I arrived. Highly recommend this business! More...


M. M.

17 February 2019

I have finally found a florist that delivers above and beyond what is expected . This was my second time ordering from Farhad at Papillon Flowers and they delivered at the designated address this time for an engagement party. When I attended the party, my jaw dropped at how big and beautifu and expensive-looking the flowers were for a minimum cost. With other florists I have been so disappointed.   They show you something large on their website and you get this small arrangements in a vase with inexpensive flowers for over $100. This time out of the 30 or so flowers received by the host, this arrangement from Papillon was displayed front and center as you entered the venue. I was so flattered. I will be ordering from them from now on. More...


Ronnie A.

14 February 2019

My boss asked me at 9:30 am Valentine's morning to have flowers delivered to his Daughter and they came through with flying colors.  Super helpful and easy to work with and the arrangement is gorgeous!  Thank you guys! More...


J G.

29 January 2019

I love this place!!!! We use this flower shop for all our happy occasions. The arrangements are always so beautiful, unique and over the top at a very reasonable price. HIGHLY recommend.


Paul D.

14 November 2018

I was very happy with the bouquet I got for my girlfriend. The staff was very nice and they also dropped the price for me. I would come back here again


Randy G.

30 October 2018

I echo the comments of others.  This place (hidden away, back from the street, but on the East side of Westwood Blvd. just south of Sprouts - which is on the West side) was a great find.  They take orders 24-7 and the owner lives nearby and will give you after hours service.  The prices are excellent and the quality of the roses I got for my wife (who is a real flower critic), were equally excellent. More...


Erika Zaragoza

22 September 2018

They did an Excellent and Beautiful Job ....


Borja Chelita

22 September 2018

Good customer service......
Thankyou Maria for your help


Marisol Ruiz

22 September 2018

I got a beautiful arrangement at an affordable price!


Thanya Reyna

22 September 2018

I ordered a beautiful funeral wreath for my God Father. Papillon flowers exceeded my expectations. Beautiful work and reliable service. Thank you so much!


Roxanne Ellison

22 September 2018

Excellent flower arrangements and great prices. They are truly talented! I highly recommend their services.


Luz Aurora Padilla

22 September 2018

Ordered flower arrangements for my dad's funeral and they were better than the samples in the shop. Flowers were fresh, prices are reasonable and they were delivered on time. Extremely satisfied. I highly recommend Papillon Flowers. Thank you very much. More...


Jun S.

9 May 2018

Great arrangements for a good price! She also threw in some free hydrangeas, will definitely come back again whenever my girlfriend gets angry with me


Diana F.

28 March 2018

Maria was amazing !! She made sure my bouquets and centerpieces looked exactly how I envisioned. Also fairly priced


Deborah C.

21 March 2018

This guy was the best!  Beautiful roses!!  I bought 20 dozen and only had a few fatalities.  I will definitely go back to him.  PS he also has the thorn strippers for sale too!! More...


Kayla A.

5 February 2018

If you're looking for an exquisite and tasteful flower arrangement, look no further! I wanted a beautiful and classy piece for my mother-in-law's birthday and was delighted with the outcome!  I've used various flower shops around town. Some don't use the freshest flowers and others overcharge for what you're getting. But Papillon is just the right combination.  The flowers are incredibly fresh and they work with your budget to make sure you get the most of what you want. Definitely give them a try! More...


Sengdao S.

22 November 2017

Overall, I was happy with the way all the flowers for our center pieces and on the wedding cake looked on our big day (they don't put flowers on the cake for you - you need to designate someone to do it for you)! Maria was INCREDIBLE with helping us make our vision come to life especially when we know NOTHING about flowers and dealing with all of our last minute additions/changes!  She even gave me her cell phone number so we can stay in communication! :)However, there was a mishap at the venue and one of our large arrangements broke/fell apart as they were trying to put them on the gazebo for us.  Thus, I've docked one star from this review.  BUT, Oscar, the owner, is willing to give us credit for half the cost of the large floral arrangement to make things right as it was no one's fault and was purely an accident. So, we will be coming back for the next arrangement we'll need for another occasion.Bottom line - Reasonable prices for great flowers! I would recommend eventhough there was an accident at our wedding but things happen! :) More...


Niki G.

3 November 2017

Best place EVER! They do THE coolest arrangements I've ever seen and I go hear for all my families parties. The best!


Sara H.

19 October 2017

I stopped in for a last minute bouquet and boutonniere. The owners opened up the shop for us at 8pm and are so lovely, very friendly and accommodating. Great customer service and quick. Beautiful arrangement at an affordable price. Definitely would come back! More...


Tricia S.

4 October 2016

After trying to reach the recipient to delivery flowers 2x, they accommodated the delivery a third time later in the evening on their time off. The flowers were beautiful. Thank you. More...


Sandra T.

2 October 2016

Decided to make my own centerpieces, so I just needed the flowers. I had no issues with my order, came under budget, and was happy with the service. I even had them do my bouquet which came out beautiful (would post pics, but I haven't had a chance to put it all together). More...


Houtan Y.

14 August 2016

They accommodated me with a bouquet for a funeral on their off day. Great customer service!


Oscar G.

4 April 2016

Found this flower shop online, it was close to home so I decided to try it out. I bought a nice arrangement for a relative celebrating a bday. It was very nice, very good prices and the flowers were fresh, they smelled good and they looked fresh for weeks. I was very pleased with their service as well, I was helped by a lady named Wendy and a young man named oscar. Both were very helpful , helped me pick out what I wanted and we're very friendly. I would definitely recommend this place for any event, if you need flowers, this is the place to visit. Located in downtown la, good place to visit .I highly recommend it. Good prices, good service, Thanks guys! More...


Alex Y.

13 February 2016

Great Selection of Flowers.Nice People Fair PricesQuality WorkGreat Service


Dustin S.

8 February 2016

They made an excellent birthday arrangement. Couldn't have been better. I will be going back in the future.


Marie G.

28 December 2015

My experience with this place was great...in fact I am doing my review today because I found out a family member passed and I want to give some quality flowers...Last May my aunt passed away and I ordered from a teleflora agent and the flowers were just expensive and sucky...When my mom passed in July, I decided I wanted to try downtown to get something wonderful but that wouldn't cost $300. I took the time to walk through the flower district different vendors... I liked papillon the best for the quality And price. I was able to customize the flowers color to yellow and add more sunflowers which my mom loves...I picked them up the day of the service to make sure they looked great and save myself some money...We didn't have a cemetery as my mom was cremated so I asked all the attendants to take a flower in remember ands and give it to someone they loved it or keep it to remember their own moment with my mom... As everyone left the service it was a beautiful line of 50 people holding Ecuadorean roses, sunflowers and such... It was the perfect way to end the ceremony...and EVERYONE loved taking the flowers with them and remarked on the quality. More...


Chris M.

15 April 2015

I am beyond happy with my experience here. I drove 40 minutes to find a floral arrangement for a funeral. I knew I wanted to have one made instead of just picking what they have there. I wanted something tasteful and soft in colors.The girl, I'm assuming a florist, was beyond helpful and friendly. They work around your budget. The didn't have one of the flowers I wanted to add to the arrangement, I asked if it will be okay to go to the other shops down the street and see if I could find it. She was totally okay with it. Once I returned with the second choice of flower I was looking for. The florist was almost done. I asked to make it bigger but because the roses had already been cut he couldn't make the height any taller. He suggested we make it fuller and it look even more amazing than what it did before. I will come back here for any floral needs I may have in the future. More...


Peter G.

26 January 2015

We ordered flowers for our engagement party from these amazing folks. We got exactly what we asked for and the quality was outstanding. We will definitely come back for the wedding! More...


Victoria D.

22 October 2014

I have to give a huge thank you to Papillon Flowers! They executed my vision for my 10/10/14 wedding and we were so happy with their service. Their delivery was right on time to our venue too. I can't say enough good things about this shop :) More...


Karen S.

12 August 2014

I have had multiple wonderful experiences with the florists at Papillon flowers. I'm actually surprised that they have the one star reviews. Their arrangements are very tasteful and beautiful, especially their orchid arrangements. My husband gets arrangements for my birthdays and anniversaries and they have always been on time and in great shape. They have answered any questions I have about caring for orchids and are always polite and accommodating. I would highly recommend them! More...


Mimi C.

15 June 2014

* LARGE PRE-MADE BOUQUET & FRESH FLOWERS ON THE CHEAP! * What sets this place apart is that they have really artfully put together, trendy bouquets on the cheap . They also have a large selection of fresh, non-bouquet flowers (wholesale and retail). I was looking around a few blocks and this place has the best selection in one place. Also ... they have the largest pre-made bouquet!! :) I know the motto is that the early bird gets the worm but if you're simply looking for bouquets on the cheap, my advice is to come later (1PM or after) when they're getting rid of the day's inventory $25 for a huge rose + stargazer bouquet (2x my size in width and looks like $100+ when in a vase), $10 for dozen long stems, $5 for variety bouquets, etc. Love that they also have plants and one of favs - peonies ... (these I think you should get at Trader Joe's because I think they're still cheaper there). Good location across from Mostakels!HAPPY FLOWER SHOPPING!! :)PS - Credit and cash accepted but they charge a fee if you pay by credit card. More...


Lynn N.

28 November 2012

beautiful flowers for an affordable price. Bought this for a friend's funeral.

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