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Paleo Brio Healthy Kitchen Restaurant

Sunset Village Mobile Home Park, Arizona

Paleo Brio Healthy Kitchen Restaurant logo

Paleo Brio Healthy Kitchen Restaurant

Sunset Village Mobile Home Park, Arizona


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Jeremy Kingsbury

2 July 2018

We really enjoyed eating here. My wife eats keto and I prefer low carb. She had a vegetarian bowl which looked very good and I had a protein style beef burger which was delicious. I also had to try the yuca fries so I went over my daily carbs but you should always try something new at least once and they were amazing. I highly recommend this eatery. More...


Fredrick Family

15 June 2018

Food was great!


Monika Joshi

10 June 2018

Amazing!! Food was really yummy and good portions


Michelle Tanaka

3 June 2018

Had a delicious burger with yucca fries. Yucca tends to be kind of tasteless, so I'm glad that the paleo mayo upped the flavor quotient. Just wish sauteed mushrooms were an option for a burger topping, my burger would then have been perfect!
Had great options for my entire family who variously eat gluten-free, keto, paleo and grain free.
Look forward to returning and seeing how the restaurant succeeds.


Kathy Robinson

21 May 2018

Love this new place! Food is awesome. Large portions. Nicely plated. Great service. Wish I didn't live 3.5 hr away. Or would be there often! But will definitely be back!


Mike Walsh

19 May 2018

The food was great with fast and friendly service. Plenty of options for everyone, no matter what diet you are on!


Janet Durant

18 April 2018

Wow! My mom and I went here expecting an order-and-go restaurant and instead were greeted by a vibrant ambiance in a sit down restaurant along with incredibly delicious food and drinks. Highly recommend this place!!!


Angela Ward

16 April 2018

The meals were so good after a long day if travel. We were lucky to make it for happy hour - which includes deals on drinks and on food! A diverse menu with something for everyone - keto, Paleo, vegan...Plus kombucha with vodka?! Yes please!
The decor is pretty fun - it's very dark on the inside so if you need to get out of the sun, this is the place!


Hilary Avalon

6 April 2018

Is the paleo diet just a flash in the pan? Not at restaurants this delicious, affordable, interesting and adorable! We return again and again! Something on the menu for everyone. You will love it. More...


Tracy Bennett

8 March 2018

We were visiting Sedona from San Diego and stopped here.
We both ordered the salads. Truly the most delicious ones we ever had.
We still talk about how delicious and fresh the food was.


Emily Karp

6 March 2018

Great food! Would highly recommend. All healthy, but cooked to perfection. Service was amazingly friendly and fast!


Kim Sieb

11 February 2018

I rarely splurge and go out to eat, but I am really glad I did here! The food is affordable, delicious, and healthy too! It seems rare to find all three options in one. (The atmosphere and the staff are lovely too.) More...


Hannah Bezona

21 January 2018

As an Autoimmune Paleo Protocol lady, this place was sort of eh. It definitely looked like a dark cave, and the food was okay. Most Paleo places I go to try to uphold a very nutritional, and uplifting menu and environment. I guess it just wasn't what I expected. However, our waiter was friendly and answered a lot of my questions about soy-free options and menu alterations. More...


Scott Conro

9 January 2018

Loved the food and atmosphere. Service was great and servers were fun. Will certainly be back next time I’m in town! Parking would be a little crazy on a busy night, but there is an attendant to help you out! Go here!


Maria Vejdani

4 January 2018

Our winner for best meal in Sedona. From the first bite you can tell the ingredients are high quality and super fresh. My husband and I both made our own bowls with very different flavor profiles and we both ended the meal equally satisfied. Taylor, our server, was super friendly and gave us great advice on some things to do in town. We felt like our bodies were nourished and we also had an indulgent dining experience. Highly recommend regardless of your diet. More...


Chris Marcinek

31 December 2017

We had veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. The food was delicious and the service was prompt and friendly. I highly recommend this to any health-conscious eater!

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