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PageOne Webs is a website design firm for small to medium-sized businesses. Our signature product is a multi-featured one-page website that is perfect for new or owner-operated businesses. Ou site has a ton of samples of work we've done for others.


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Ted Moorhouse

3 March 2019

In 2016, Cordova Pacific Capital was determined to build a website that would showcase our services in a way that would inspire confidence in our prospective clients. For that, we turned our attention to Garfield McCormick. We’d seen his work and had done some business with him previously, so we checked his current status.

What impressed us most was Garfield’s approach to web building. His focus was on the actions that prospective clients would take after finding and viewing the site. The Cordova site you see was designed to develop leads. It is easy to navigate, easy to understand and, in our opinion, stunning in its look and feel and quality. Certainly, it was well received by our market.

We would not hesitate to recommend Garfield McCormick and PageOne Webs for their talent, professionalism and creativity.


Ken Hallman

3 March 2019

PageOne made our new site and we couldn’t be happier. I think our customers feel the same way. We are getting a steady flow of leads and inquiries and I attribute it all to the new website. We have ordered WebVideos for the home page and for each of the services we offer.

Would we recommend them? In a heartbeat. We already have. We even added them to our site as a service!


Don Loewen

20 February 2019

We had PageOne create a new website for Loewen Paving after a local provider botched the first one. We didn't expect our site to look like this. From the moment it went live we have been receiving requests for paving quotes. PageOne (used to be called OnePage Webs) was easy to work with and we are really proud of our new website. More...

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The best websites are those that tell prospective clients who you are, what you do, who you do it for and how you do it better. Answer those, and you've given the prospect every reason to give you a call first. That's a lead.

Great websites anticipate what information a prospective client might need, then gives it to them. People use websites to identify providers. If you look a lot like a great provider, you'll probably get a call.

The number one question we ask before we start a site is, "If your new website could wave a magic wand, what would you want your customers to do, feel or think as a result of being on your site?" Purchase something? Learn something? Believe something?

Not every site sells things. A shampoo manufacturer can't sell shampoo from their site, but they can really generate interest in their shampoo so that buyers can visit any of the stores that sell their product. What do you want your site to do for you?

We love making websites. We love seeing dreamers succeed, and we love the look on a client's face when they see themselves on the web.

We also love seeing local businesses begin to reduce their dependency on print advertising. When our clients succeed, we succeed and we draw a lot of energy from that. We can't help it. We're web nerds.

Most successful web designers and developers are self-employed. This is an industry that works well for those that work well alone. We love the independent nature of self employment. We love meeting (and working) at Starbucks, working when we feel most creative, and seeing our good work come alive in a browser.

We've got a great little shop and a "bang on" collection of designers, writers, developers and programmers. We can take on just about any size of job and are always looking for ways to offer lower priced websites to folks who are just beginning and only have a few dollars to spend.

We also believe strongly that there is more to good looking websites than just being good looking. A website has a job to do. If it's not doing it, then we are going to have to have a long, long talk.



OnePage is a unique website style that is wonderfully suited to small, micro or owner-operated businesses. This $995 website has 20+ features to choose from including video, image carousels, feedback and more. The best thing is, the whole website takes place on one multi-section page! Whereas most websites rely on page-to-page links to navigate, OnePage simply scrolls up and down. It looks like a multi-page site, but it's not. Best of all, the site comes with a content management control panel so you can make your own modifications. It is interesting to note that our SEO Add-On ($249) often results in page one rankings for local sites.

MultiPage Web is a classic multi-page website, usually including a home page, an 'about us' page, a service page, a products page and a contact page. Most of the samples you see have added additional pages at extra cost. MultiPage webs are smart, professional and set the tone for interaction with prospective clients. MultiPage Webs include our SEO Add-On ($249 value) and one year of website hosting ($120 value).

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the principle and practice of optimizing a website to make it easier for Google to understand what it is you do or sell so they can pair you up with searches. If you sold roller-skates, you'd want Google to understand this so that they can promote your website to the next person that searches for roller-skates. Our SEO Add-On includes a $95 SSL Certificate and gives your site the basics needed to get you ranked high for searches in your area. Right now, our clients are scoring an average 97/100. This is excellent.