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Milo, Ohio


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3 October 2019

Our guests couldn't stop talking about the food trucks, especially the Paddy Wagon. They were easy to work with, professional and the food was delicious! Our other food truck ran out of food and left early but the Paddy Wagon was prepared and kept serving people for our intended time. We allowed our guests to make multiple trips so our cost was more than the minimum because we had people going back for seconds (which is what we wanted)! More...


Samantha D.

30 September 2019

Our firm, M+A Architects, recently hired Paddy Wagon to serve during a charity event with Habitat for Humanity. The event consisted of having the Paddy Wagon team set up on a closed street in the Linden neighborhood, serving over 150 firm employees, Habitat volunteers, and community neighbors. Anthony and his term served everyone with kindness, quickly serving the large group with no line at any point and ultimate efficency. People raved about the food, saving it was some of the best food they've ever tasted, truly making our event a success, which is unbelievable considering how reasonable the cost was. I can't say enough about how kind, accommodating and wonderful Anthony was. Highly recommend Paddy Wagon. More...


Linda S.

12 September 2019

Over July 4th weekend, we had the Paddy Wagon to feed 80+ family and friends.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, loved the idea and the food.  I would definitely use them again. More...


Hannah H.

5 September 2019

I hired the Paddy Wagon for a work event and the service and food were fantastic. Great service, great food, on time and efficient in getting everyone fed.


Mirabelle L.

27 August 2019

Their food is so good!!! Must try if you spot this food truck!!! Nommm I definitely think it was better quality food than a normal food truck. The beef brisket sandwich was delicious and so did the chicken wrap! Would recommend! More...


Ashley W.

13 August 2019

Woo woo! That's the sound of the Paddy Wagon saving my life after walking around so much at Comfest. Nothing but hearty boy eats! Welcomed by a nicely printed truck with a police bent on attacking your hunger! Locking it up and tossing the keys! I am joking friends (or is she?!) I ended up getting the Angus Brisket sandwich with sauteed mushrooms cuz I love mushrooms. Most meals come with pickles and chips. My sandwich was hottttt! Which I totally appreciate and my pickles were cold! Yummy! Luck also placed them next to the Jazz stage which was fitting! Hearty eats with hearty beats! 5 stars! More...


Randy S.

26 July 2019

My ol' lady and I went to the Paddy Wagon yesterday, and I gotta tell ya. If y'all haven't experienced it, ya should. Great staff, great food, the brisket is great. Vegetarian options sold it for my wife,  we loved it! More...


Liberty L.

9 March 2019

Their hummus was delicious! Thank you for also offering an option for vegetarians or those looking for a lighter option! The veggies were fresh and the hummus had amazing flavor. The service was great as well! More...


Lora Wayman

26 November 2018

Paddy Wagon catered our wedding in downtown Columbus. Zach (owner) went above and beyond to communicate directly with our venue to negotiate to park in our preferred location (rather than a less convenient location the venue preferred). During the wedding, they were so well staffed and served our guests very quickly. We received many positive comments on how great the food was. It was an affordable, super yummy, perfect option. Highly recommend. More...


Susan C.

12 November 2018

We had the Paddy Wagon for a birthday party.  They were really great.  Everyone thought the food was fantastic and a lot of fun.  The Deputies made sure everything went well and the service was fast! More...


Morgan B.

26 July 2018

I had the delight of getting the brisket sandwich at a food truck festival in Hilliard. I happened to be wearing my old T-shirt from my old restaurant and all of the crew recognized it. They were happy to talk with someone who had been in the industry, and described to me exactly why i would enjoy that brisket sandwich. It was really excellent. Moist, tender and flavorful. Sauce was perfect, sweet and slightly spicy. Pickle and chips were a perfect compliment. Watch out for this food truck. You don't want to miss that brisket sandwich! More...


Roni B.

16 April 2018

I used The Paddy Wagon for my baby shower last weekend and It was amazing! Seriously the best decision food-wise I have ever made! Everyone was soooooooo happy and loved the food. The service was amazing and honestly we will be spreading the word because it was OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Every single person at shower raved over and over how great everything was. I would love to leave a review on whatever platforms you guys generate business from and we will definitely be reaching out in the future for events and I know some friends will definitely be too. I can't thank you or the amazing staff you have enough please share this with them because they honestly made everyone's day yesterday with how great they were! I have people texting me today telling me how they are day dreaming about the food yesterday lol! The menu had something for everyone and the brisket tacos and sandwich were definitely big faves! The salad with beets looked amazing too. Actually if I could have tried everything I would have! More...



8 April 2018

I used The Paddy Wagon for my baby shower last weekend and It was amazing! Seriously the best decision food-wise I have ever made! Everyone was soooooooo happy and loved the food. The service was amazing and honestly we will be spreading the word because it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Every single person at shower raved over and over how great everything was. I would love to leave a review on whatever platforms you guys generate business from and we will definitely be reaching out in the future for events and I know some friends will definitely be too. I can’t thank you or the amazing staff you have enough please share this with them because they honestly made everyone’s day yesterday with how great they were! I have people texting me today telling me how they are day dreaming about the food yesterday lol! The menu had something for everyone and the brisket tacos and sandwich were definitely big faves! The salad with beets looked amazing too. Actually if I could have tried everything I would have! More...


Cassie B.

15 January 2018

Bang for your buck: 6/10Quality: 7/10Service: 10/10Ambiance/Location: 10/10Overall: 8/10The Paddy Wagon is one of those Columbus staples. Everyone knows about it and most have been. We enjoyed The Paddy Wagon at the food truck festival. D had had them before, but it was my first experience. D had spoken highly of the playing card system they use for their ordering organization, and he loved the legal system theme, especially "throwing the book" at an order (which means all of the toppings are added).Unfortunately we were a little disappointed. We shared a sandwich and the quality was okay and the portion was sparse. Our sandwich was more bun than it was meat. For the price, it seemed like an even bigger disappointment. The 614 loves The Paddy Wagon, and so we look forward to giving them another try! They have such a fun theme and the service really was lovely. We look forward to giving them a fair shake this spring! More...



25 October 2017

Great crew! Thank you for providing lunch to all our tenants!



12 October 2017

Paddy Wagon’s food selection and service was amazing! They were a huge hit with our guests!



16 September 2017

Was a bit late but was set up and ready to serve us extremely fast.



14 September 2017

everything was perfect and hassle free! guests were so happy with the food! this is the way to go if your looking for a food truck for any event!!



31 July 2017

We have used Paddy Wagon for our last 2 corporate lunch functions and have great success. They are a fun, professional group that are obviously very passionate about what they do and it shows. The 3rd degree grilled cheese is fantastic and a crowd pleaser, amongst many other items on their menu. We will be working with Paddy Wagon again for future events. More...


Cindy B.

13 July 2017

Great food truck! They came to our neighborhood for a food truck event. This line was LONG but the smell of brisket in the air couldn't be ignored. We probably waited a half hour to get to the front to order, but there were tons of people. I had the grilled cheese with brisket, caramelized onion, and mushrooms. It was on some thick toast, cooked perfectly. Completely amazing! I got some slaw on the side and it was great! My hubby had the brisket sandwich with mushroom, onion, pepper-jack and slaw. He loved it too. Both came wth a pickle and some just average kettle chips. Nothing to write home about there. This truck was certainly worth the wait! It is easily the best grilled cheese I've ever had. We waited about 3 minutes after we ordered to get called for our food. Several people before us were waiting quite a bit longer. Not sure what their hold up was. For us... it's a must stop and I bet it's even better late night! More...



24 June 2017

Paddy Wagon was incredible for our wedding datly. They were on time and the service was awesome. They made me and my new wife a special dish and took care of each of our guests with an amazing meal and exceptional service. Thank yoy again guys!



10 June 2017

Wonderful addition to our grad party. We enjoyed the interaction of the crew with all of our guests. Our guest's all expressed their enjoyment of the food and the variety.


Tiffany C.

19 May 2017

Everyone's freaking out about the Brisket, while I'm over here raving about the Chicken wrap.It's true--I've walked past this truck SO many times. When I first heard of this truck my thoughts were burgers... I guess because of the whole 'Paddy' or 'Patty' being burger slang in general, but there's no ground beef/sirloin to be found on this truck's menu. It's in relation to law enforcement. Clever.I don't particularly stray to bizarre artisan tacos unless it's coming from authentic taco trucks, so I passed on the brisket, but most everyone I know who has tried these swear by how tasty they are. I decided to hit up the Chicken wrap or 'Billy Club' in search for slightly lighter non-red meat fare.It did not disappoint, and it was massive! I probably could have eaten just half and saved the rest for later. It was also very simple. It wasn't overly sloppified with sauces and condiments. It's simplicity rang though, and even the peppered kettle chips paired up nicely. It was A-OK plus, and I would definitely hit up that wrap again. Prices are... average for food truck. Maybe towards the moderate side a smidge. More...


Anna H.

29 June 2016

Their truck was off the beaten path at Comfest this year, near the tennis courts.  I ordered their vegetarian option, which was the pineapple tacos, with portabellos.  They were able to take credit cards, using their tablet.  Yay.  I'm not usually a mushroom fan, but grilled pineapple sounded so good I was willing to give them a shot.  They were so so so delicious.  They were perfectly grilled & seasoned, with great toppings and sauce that was a bit spicy.  I loved them and would absolutely get them again.  I'm glad I ventured over to that part of the park; they are a great food option for Comfest. More...


Michelle B.

14 May 2016

Now that we've finally got some warm weather, Columbus Commons has brought back food truck Thursdays! I believe it begins at 11am and runs til 2 pm. I guess I'm not only reviewing Paddy, but food truck Thursday in general. I would highly recommend arriving before 1:30, as food trucks may run out of food, depending on volume. I noticed at least 3 trucks shutting down shop around that time. There were 10-12 trucks altogether. All 3 of us made a beeline for Paddy Wagon. I really wish they had a burger on their menu, but my bourbon glazed brisket tacos were delicious. I paid extra to add pineapple to mine, but I ended up picking them off. They were clearly canned, and had a strange flavor. I will ask for light slaw next time as well. A little too much. The meat and sauce had great flavor though! Just a bit of heat which I loved. More...


Carla D.

10 September 2015

The beef brisket is delicious. I could eat it by itself but it was great with the slaw and some melted pepper jack. I agree with other posters that the size was fairly small (more bun to meat ratio), and you do only get 10 chips on the side. Service was quick but could have been WAY more friendly. I got the impression they were either really bored or just thought everyone was full of shit. More...


JaMalle F.

8 September 2015

I had Paddy Wagon during FMMF 2015 this past weekend, and I must say I was very happy with the quickness. I ordered the hummus with pita and carrots. The hummus was obviously home made. The consistency was thick but smooth. It was definitely something I would get again.Also, the guys working seemed super cool and their truck had a great design! Hope to find them again! More...


Karin G.

9 July 2015

The brisket tacos are delicious!  I highly recommend them.  My only complaint is that the food truck was late to a certain beer establishment we were at...it was advertised to arrive at 6pm and didn't show up until closer to 7:30pm, so our group was starving and quite tipsy off of just the beer and a few pretzels, but alas, there are bigger problems in this world.  Seriously, the brisket tacos.  Can't go wrong. More...


Mandi S.

27 September 2014

I got the 15 to life brisket sandwich (with no slaw bc, gross)! I nearly cried when I bit into my sandwich! A beautifully seasoned and bbq brisket wrapped in a delicious bun. And that pickle, omg, I have a soft spot for pickles and this one is an award winner. The salt/pepper kettle chips were the icing on this metaphorical cake. An excellent combo meal. More...


Gus W.

24 September 2014

I went back to Paddy Wagon again, since they happened to be at OSU East and that's close to work for me. I had to get the brisket sandwich again, because it was so good. I added bacon, which didn't add a whole lot to the sandwich, but that was fine, since I don't think they charge you for it.My buddy came with me and got the buffalo chicken wrap, but they were out of wraps, so he got it in soft tortillas. He said it was good and that the sauce was great. It looks like I'm 2/2 with this place now. More...


Mark K.

25 August 2014

Went for a bike ride after lunch downtown.  You know, to burn off calories.  And ended up hungry, so I stopped here for bourbon brisket tacos.Two soft tacos, tender brisket, fresh veggies.  A little heat, a little mess,  A nice little snack, and a reason to search out this truck again. More...


Brianna M.

22 August 2014

I had a groupon for Paddy Wagon just sitting around in my phone for some time but I finally got to use it recently at the CD 102.5 summer fest. There was a small food truck court with some of Columbus' favorites. I'm not going to count against them the fact that the lines were long. The trucks didn't open up until 5 pm so everyone was starving! When I got up to the window to order the workers were efficient, nice and moving things along as quick as possible. I ordered the 3rd degree grilled cheese, which I was super excited to try based on some reviews I read here. I can't complain, it was a good grilled cheese. Maybe I had my expectations too high. Or maybe I just hold a place in my heart for some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I've ever had and it just didn't make the cut. Don't get me wrong! It was GOOD. But not the best I've ever had. I also shared the brisket tacos with my friend. Those are worth talking about! They were full of toppings and meat without being overstuffed and gross. The meat was super tender and sooooo delicious. I can't wait to track down Paddy Wagon and have those again! What I think I like most about Paddy Wagon is that it is a food truck serving quality food without being so pretentious. Yes, there is the funny cops theme (all the workers have t-shirts that look like police uniforms). But the food is just really good, satisfying sandwiches, not some cute, pretentious little nothing on a stick. More...


Sara C.

16 August 2014

Husband had the 15 to Life; I had the grilled cheese. Best grilled cheese ever. EVER! Next time I'll add the brisket. Guys on the truck were fun and friendly. They carry the paddy wagon theme throughout the menu and I recommend anything with the 5-oh! sauce. More...


Monty B.

27 June 2014

The brisket sandwich was alright, probaby a 3.5 star, but I'm rounding up. The sauce was a bit sweeter than I prefer. It was greasy though as evidenced by the grease soaked bun and drippage all over the paper boat. Will try with bacon and pepperjack next time. I was ok waiting 5 mins for this sandwich, but if you wanted me to wait an hour at Columbus Commons on Thursdays, I'd pass. More...


Stacy G.

25 June 2014

Had THE BEST Portobello sandwich of my life from this truck!! Every ingredient complimented the other. It was so well balanced and every bite was a perfect bite. New to Columbus and will be stalking this truck for sure!!!! More...


Elizabeth P.

22 June 2014

The 15 to Life sandwich was absolutely the BEST sandwich I have EVER had!   Great job officers! We also had the grilled cheese.   It was fanatic to!   Great crispness on the Texas toast and the caramelized onion are amazing! More...


James W.

5 June 2014

Paddy Wagon is a fantastic food truck. I ordered the 3rd degree grilled cheese with mushrooms and onion and the special sauce.  Since that day I have been craving it daily.  It was a fantastic sandwich.  Their Slaw was also right on par.  I use streetfoodfinder to seek out the food trucks for lunch, and if this one is nearby, I'm usually game.  keep up the good work! More...


Stephen W.

5 June 2014

The brisket sandwich was great. The slaw and the flavor of the sauce together was a fantastic combo. Service took a while but it was during the Columbus Commons Food Truck Festival so there was a decent crowd. The only downside on the food was the bread the sandwich was served on was pretty generic and the chips that came with it weren't too remarkable. However the staff was extremely nice and overall this was a great choice for lunch and definitely worth the visit! More...


Angie K.

23 May 2014

The 15-hour slow smoked brisket is phenomenal. There was the exact right amount of spice and BBQ flavors. And the kettle chips are amazing! I kind of got ripped off on the chips (only received 7 little chips) and the fact that they were so good and I barely got any makes me sad. But for $7 total that sandwich alone was worth it. The wait time wasn't too bad, considering they are shredding the beef and toasting the bun fresh for you. More...


Emily L.

5 February 2014

If you get one thing from Paddy Wagon, make it the Bourban Braised Brisket Tacos. Everyone is doing it. Read the reviews. They were AH-MAH-ZING. The brisket was like butter the way it melts in your mouth. There is some slaw thrown in there for the crunch factor and the sriaracha sour cream sauce is something that should be on every food I eat. I want to hunt this truck down wherever they go. Eating those tacos was like giving my stomach a little hug. It just made me happy. That's how you know food is good. More...


Nicole F.

1 February 2014

3rd Degree Grilled Cheese. That's all I have to say about that. I've never had grilled cheese that tasted so good. It had caramelized onions, mushrooms and more deliciousness. The Bourbon Glazed Brisket Tacos were also equally amazing. Such flavorful food is hard to get from a food truck and Paddy Wagon accomplishes it with ease. Thanks to the Yelp Elite Country Jamboree event for introducing me to them. More...


Allison C.

8 October 2013

Good stuff. I've not had the brisket yet - every time Paddy Wagon is at my work I happen to be in the mood for something lighter, and the Billy Club wrap is always perfect for that.The main reason for my review is how masterful they are at making the wraps. I'm eating one now as I type and my keyboard isn't all gross! They're never a drippy mess and the ingredients are always there in the right amounts, though I do get extra 5-oh! sauce because it's delicious. The greens on it are always fresh and tasty. It's filling with a smattering of salt & pepper chips for $7, which I'm finding is a good deal as far as food truck stuff goes.Hopefully I'll get around to trying more items! More...


Natalie H.

13 September 2013

Best damn brisket in the land! Got myself a juicy 'ole brisket & slaw sandwich today and made a delicious mess of myself eating it. The meat was that perfect blend of crisp and tender, the slaw had a unique, tangy sweetness to it and the butter braised bun was also a delight. I often complain about how food trucks are so pricey, and then I find one that's super affordable and I wonder "how do they stay in business?" Paddy Wagon's prices are very reasonable for what you get. All I can say is they must make up for the low price by the sheer quantity they must sell. Yum! More...


Lauren G.

23 August 2013

Paddy Wagon's food is pretty darn good. The "15-to-Life" Brisket sandwich (quite large) and the Bourbon braised brisket tacos (small/medium serving) are fantastic. Toppings are very fresh. My friend loved the Billy Club Wrap. Prices are on par with all the other food trucks that visit OSU. More...


Christina C.

14 June 2013

Bourbon Braised Brisket Tacos. I REPEAT Bourbon Braised Brisket Tacos!!Holy crap, Yelpers.As you know, I eat out a lot. Like a lot. And have tried many an item from a food truck. Some are good, some are bad, and then some blow your mind and make you go crazy over your cravings during every waking hour of the day.During Park Street Fest this year the Yelp Columbus booth was delightfully located next to these guys. Between the intermidden blaring sirens and the incredible smells (both coming from the truck) there was no way I was leaving the fest without trying something, anything, from Paddy Wagon.Tacos are generally my go-to food on any menu. I just can never pass an opportunity to order them. So when you pair bourbon + brisket together... with "truck-made" pico de gallo, slaw, and siracha sour cream - YES, that's right, SIRACHA SOUR CREAM -I I knew I was in for something good.Well, it wasn't just good. It was delectable. It had to be something about the warm, tangy brisket paired with the cool, crunchy slaw and creamy sour cream that made me want to order 10 more. Every bite was as good as the last. You know those movie scenes when all else is quiet and there the character is on screen, he/she with his/her object of affection, and then maybe you hear some harps playing in the background Yep. That's how it went down - all in the middle of a busy street festival.Paddy Wagon: Your bourbon braised brisket tacos are totally the object of all my love and affection. I can't stop thinking about them!P.S. They use 100% locally-purchased ingredients. More...


Will P.

26 March 2013

very delicious burger.  had it at one of the food truck roundups on a scorching hot day.  Was the best thing i had at the roundupupdate 5/16/2013  Paddy Wagon was at the Columbus Commons Food Truck Market so I wanted to make sure they still deserved their 4-star rating.  Tried the 15 to life brisket sandwich and added bacon.  The sandwich had slaw on it and the bbq brisket/slaw combination was special.  This has been done with a few sandwiches I've had lately, but I think Paddy Wagon does it best so far.  I was thoroughly pleased with the sandwich and will be trying them again some time. More...


James S.

23 February 2013

To start, I had their Brisket sandwich and it was amazing. The brisket was cooked perfectly and melted in my mouth. Great price and value. I highly recommend their food and consider it the pinnacle of the current food truck landscape.  Can't say enough about the awesome experience I had and can't wait to go back to the Paddy Wagon! More...


Evalyn C.

29 November 2012

I was at an event at Zauber when I finally caught up with Paddy Wagon. Since it was a special event, they had some different items on their menu and they were fantastic. They had a portabella mushroom burger and it was phenomenal. They also had these wonderful pumpkin wraps. Yum-tastic! More...


Nicole W.

7 October 2012

Somebody dial 911!!! These burgers should be illegal! And to think they are sold in a paddy wagon!  I went to the Burger Wars event @ Zbeers. There were about 7 or 8 food trucks, and after perusing them all Paddy Wagon had (1) some of the most friendly staff and (2) the burgers I couldn't stop thinking about.After a long debate between the chili burger and the taco burger - I went taco. How could I not? This was a competition for the most creative burger.  The 2 patties were perfectly seasoned in taco deliciousness. What else is on this burger? Oh, normal things like sour cream, red onion, lettuce, and a CHEESE QUESADILLA WITH FRUIT SALSA!  Toothpicked in with a jalapeno. It was a bit of mess but totally worth it.  Plus, it came with a few chips - most of the burgers don't come with sides.  I'll be back for more P-Wagon. Alert the po-po. More...

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