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I'm the Chief Instructor with the British Academy of Krav Maga providing fitness, self defence and Krav Maga training for individuals & groups within London and Chichester (see www.krav-maga.org.uk)

When not doing this I'm also delivering kitesurfing and paddle boarding lessons too (see www.



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I carry out a movement analysis test first - nothing to severe, just to get an overall picture of any imbalances that need rectifying.

After this and through relaxed discussion we then discuss goals and put a plan of training together.

Train, train and train again (with appropriate recovery!).. Eat carefully, stay injury free and take time for yourself to relax and breath.

Seeing the changes we achieve and surpassing our expectations

The freedom to live my life as I choose although one has to work hard to achieve this first

My broad experience, personality and respect for all of my clients