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OWL Design

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire

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OWL Design

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire


Design services including

-Graphic Design
-Logo Design
-Branding Design
-Brochure, Leaflet, and Poster Design


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Upon receipt of the project brief, I will begin the creative process of researching the kind of company you are, your aims, your goals, the kind of people you are looking to target (if you already have an idea of this, do let me know as well). I am extremely flexible if you ever want to have a chat about specifics or if you want to give me free roam, but it's very important that I have a clear understanding of my creative freedom and the guidelines set in place.

As a general rule of thumb, I will spend 30% of my time doing analysis and background research, 30% of my time brainstorming, 30% designing, and 10% refining and presenting the finished product to you, but these may vary depending on a variety of factors of which I will explain to you if necessary. Should you want a detailed timescale for your project, I would be happy to draft one for you. I always want to make sure you know exactly what you get from me and that you have full confidence in my ability to deliver an outstanding product for you.

Overall, I greatly enjoy being able to express my creative abilities for any project that you might have. I pride myself on my hard work ethic, great communication skills, eye for detail, and perfectionistic approach to any project.

For all designs:

-Company website and/or company brand concept.
-Contact details of someone at a relevant department for close liaison.
-Depending on how much freedom you give me, I will need an idea of how you want your product to look like. This can come in many elements in terms of shapes, sizes, colours, images, text, and so on. If you have a good understanding of what you want, it will make both our lives easier and you will get a finished product faster.
-A deadline or timescale that you may wish to share.
-Any other useful information that needs to be displayed or something that you wish to share that could aid me in my designing.
-The required size and orientation.
-How you would like to receive your finished product (jpg, pdf, png, psd, etc.)

Honestly, the variety. Having done this work for many different clients previously, it's so interesting to see the number of different projects that people have and wish to share. I don't think I could ever work as a designer for just one company. I'm always eager for a new challenge every day and this work really helps to set that tone. That, and the lovely people who I can become in contact with just make it feel like less of a job and more of meet and greet with a creative element. Perfect!

Right now, this is really just a bit of fun and testing, to be perfectly honest. I have another job where I work as a designer for another company, but I really don't feel like it's that right for me. I love seeing my work flourish, inspire change, and really have an impact, which is why I feel this kind of work is right for me. I've always had a desire to be my own boss, set my own standards, create my own goals and aspirations, but also give back to my community in some shape or form. I wanted to test this out as a means of attempting to reach that goal. Whether or not I get there is one thing, but at least I'll have tried and helped others in that process.

The fact that this isn't my full-time job is probably the biggest advantage that I have over most. I don't have to rely on this work to be successful, which is proof that I do this because I really enjoy doing it. I might not have a Masters or PhD in Design, but what I can guarantee is genuine and honest hard work combined with an array of creative abilities of which graphic design is one of my strongest suits.

I have had several years of experience using Adobe Photoshop and can say that I am extremely adept at using the software.

I have made logos, websites, and done rebranding for an entire company and a number of small independent businesses, the former being:


Should you wish to view my other projects, I have a website and portfolio at olingawilliamleung.co.uk