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Overview Drone Services Ltd

Billingham, Teesside

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Overview Drone Services Ltd

Billingham, Teesside


Overview Drone Services Ltd are a fully insured UAV service provider who have permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to operate commercially within the United Kingdom. We provide specialist photography services which include inspection, surveying, 3D imagery, aerial photography.



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Working in different locations is always great but getting the drone in the air and taking the images is the best part of the job. It's always a good feeling to provide a solution by using the drone where access can be difficult. As an experienced inspector I always enjoy looking at different structures and seeing the varying details that our imagery can provide.

I've always enjoy flying drones, doing photography and as an inspector my skillset led me into starting up this business.

I love what I do and I will always provide a highly professional service. The company is fully certified and insured for your piece of mind.



Overview Drone Services provide effective solutions to meet your visual inspection requirements. We have first-hand experience of working in heavy industrial environments, COMAH sites, petro-chemical, construction environments, agriculture, residential and more. Using drone access for your inspection requirements doesn’t replace the more traditional methods of access (rope access, scaffolding, MEWP or crane services) but it does bring the added benefits of time efficiency and not putting personnel at risk of working at heights. We use our drones to gain access to difficult to reach areas in a timely manner and provide accurate data that is expected from this type of visual inspection. We conduct specific and detailed risk assessments for all UAV operations that we carry out. Please speak to us directly to discuss your requirements further.

Land surveying via the use of a drone involves taking a large collection of high-resolution images over a specific area of land to create what is known as an orthomosaic image. This image will provide an accurate and up to date overview of an area of land with detailed measurements of the geographic terrain. Where a general aerial photograph can take an image of a specific area, the impact of lens distortion can stretch the image and make reference points appear further away or closer than they actually are. The benefits of using drones for surveying includes: Volume calculation – Whether it be raw materials within heavy industry or an area of rubble, sand or debris our drones can collect the information to determine a representative volume of the stockpile. Orthomosaic Imagery – Gain a high-resolution image detailing an area of land with detailed measurements of the geographic terrain.

Our drone photography can capture many varying angles, provide high quality images in a controlled fashion and achieve a more complete perspective of an object, structure or landscape. Whether it be for general property or landscape shots through to photography for marketing and promotional purposes, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements further.