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Andy Stewart

8 May 2019

Hari is a fantastic teacher. Highly recommend if you want to learn about proper nutrition, how to eat to improve your performance, body composition and overall health. His advice and meal plans are practical, easy to follow, rooted in experience and most importantly they get results (without starving, yo-yoing or extremes). Highly recommend. More...


Kamal Ubhi

25 September 2018

Highly recommended! I originally joined for the 6-week program and have signed up for another 3 sessions because I'm excited to see where I can go! Hari has been a key resource to help me clean my life style, understand which foods aren't providing any value and increase my confidence. This isn't a "diet" it's a lifestyle change :). More...


Mike Wronski

22 March 2018

I had a fantastic experience with PHC. What I liked about working with Hari and his team was the time he took to really figure out my needs and then design a program that worked for me. He does not rush you through the process and really takes the time to figure out what works for you.

Hari's encouragement and responsiveness throughout the program was really helpful. He kept me motivated and accountable, and I saw great results in a really short period of time (in terms of energy gain, weight loss, body fat loss, strengthened immune system etc). I'll continue to work with Hari moving forward because nutrition is so important to good health and my future goals.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hari and PHC.


Ralph Younes

20 January 2018

Hari and PHC have helped me with my health goals currently and over the past 10 years. Hari's professionalism and care for his clients is incomparable with others in his field. As you age, your body changes and requires customized planning to keep it at its optimal performance. Hari understands the process and knowingly creates protocols that serve in your overall current health. I am an advocate that if you take care of your health you will succeed in all aspects of life. The investment that I have made with PHC is minimal compared to the overall benefits it has given me in my daily life. I have succeed with work, family, education and more by keeping my health at an optimum level. A clever man once told me: sleep well, eat well and love well. Thanks Hari and the team at PHC. More...


Stephen Lau

16 March 2016

Hari is an absolute expert when it comes to food and how it affects your body. Thanks for your help.